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About Us

My name is Gary Laubscher, after the military I decided to make the outdoors my living. I was shown the basics about predation and other wildlife and from that time (1984) I started getting more and more involved in the great outdoors. What started as a hobby fast became a full time business and soon I was taking out local hunters on tours. I then became a certified hunter, did a few courses and then started practicing my trade namely predator hunting and trapping. I shot my first jackal while on guard duty in the bush war in South West Africa (Namibia) in 1980 with my issued R1 rifle (serial no 308819) in 308 caliber (open sights), it ran past our tower at 60 meters as the sun was setting, little did I realize that was the beginning of bigger things! After the defense force I worked in property and then studied law as a sideline. I then worked for a large motor company worthless of mention here, and then I proceeded to launch Feather & Fur. I have never looked back since then. I enjoy every moment in the bush and to share in God’s great outdoors. Nothing beats seeing the end of yet another perfect day.

I launched Feather & Fur Varmint Hunting Tours and concentrated on taking out clients on guided hunts etc. It later became evident that South Africa needed to be put on the map with regards to predator hunting equipment. In 2002 for the VERY FIRST time in South Africa’s history I developed and started manufacturing game calls. I firstly brought out the jackal barker, then the Lynx caller and mouse squeaker. In 2003 I brought out the buck grunt caller, crow, geese and duck caller, as well as started making up Lynx cage trapping urines. In 2004 the electronics started to be marketed and now we have a tape and CD player. 2005 we introduced SA’s first locally built red light and it can be converted to fit a low recoiling rifle. They are rugged and very strong and superior in lens design to imported lights. Our latest predator calls are made in soft rubber. We are currently working on a collapsible lynx trap.

At Feather & Fur we have two divisions, the touring part and the game call section. We also concentrate on teaching farmers and hunters how to call etc. But I am very particular who I take out and all clients are carefully screened. What started out as a hobby has now become a full time business for me. I export call parts to the USA and they are installed into some American calls. We have a plant in Cape Town that manufactures calls and other parts as well as trapping cages. I am a promoter of various international calls and support them, such as Lohman, TNT, Haydels, Lemarr, Wileys, Yellerdog and Foxpro.

Besides four legged predator hunting I have a passion for crow hunting. I do this whenever I have free time, hence the name Feather & Fur. We have a family farm and also 47 others that we hunt on concession. We offer predator calling courses at the farm or other venues from Montagu to Sutherland. The predator calling 4 day course we offer is unmatched in South Africa, the course is exceptional and our success rate excellent on courses, on this website we offer a sneak preview, what you can learn on our courses you will not match easily anywhere else. We have no doubt that after you have attended a course you will feel far more confident and positive about predator calling. We include calls, CD’s and other items in our courses. See this web site for more information. We are totally focused on CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CONSERVATION and ONLY practice ETHICAL PREDATION REMOVAL.

We also have a shop and sell African curious as masks, eating utensils, elephant hair bracelets, and other genuine African items. SEE THE TRADE section on our site.

WARNING! If you are a bunny hugger this site is not for you! It is up to God to decide if predators are good or bad but it’s up to me and all my fellow hunters to arrange the meeting between them! If you want to leave hate mail don’t bother, if you are offended by my site its tough as you should not be here in the first place!

All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.