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Far too few farmers are willing to pay for the services of professional jackal hunters, most want it for free, when they hear a hunter is coming to a farm close by they are quick to say “ Ja, hulle is welkom om hier te kom gooi” – BUT they don’t enquire as to costs, and when you tell them the price it is “ Nee dis ok, moenie worry nie”. Not all of them but most are like this. I have been doing this for over 23 years I know exactly what I am talking about.

Let’s make a simple calculation here;

Let us say I am asked to hunt in Upington, so my fuel from here (Montagu) is R3400-00 (return trip).  Then my food for 3 nights will be at least R800-00. The wear and tear on my bakkie in total is at least R2000-00 for that trip (over 3000 kilos) including riding on the farm over rocks etc. Then my equipment, battery’s for night vision, ammunition blown away, and all my equipment I use at night for hunting (latest value R109, 000). So lets say in total so far is R 6200-00.

Now I ask R500-00 per jackal, so I have to kill 13 jackal to just break even to cover my overheads, but lets say I only kill 13 that 3 nights, so I drive home and worked the guys farm for ZERO financial gain, so is it worth it? – NO !!!

Many farmers don’t seem to grasp the fact that this is not cheap, it is expensive to go and work farms.

Here is a perfect example, last week in Free State, I gave a course, after it was over we are invited to go shoot at the one guy’s farm, he again never asked or offered fuel money or asked what we charge, but I thought ok he paid for a course I will let it go.

On my first stand it began to drizzle with rain, I stopped calling and went and fetched my Foxpro ( I paid nearly R10, 000 for it) when I started packing up closing up rifles etc, he said in a sarcastic way I never showed him my night vision set up and why I stopped calling. I then stripped my moer, totally lost control en het hom in sy moer gestuur op sy grond voor 5 ander manne.

I told him does he think I am his junior? I am not paid to call and kill jackal here, he offers ZERO, but I must leave a R10,000 Foxpro in the rain, use night vision that cost me R52,000 plus R200 battery’s on his farm in the rain and he pays for Zero, then I go home and he does not give a shit about me anyway and what damages I have. Ek het hom in sy moer gestuur, but this is typical of many people who own farms, soek alles vir fokol. But I must go and call and use my equipment that’s worth R109, 000 for free at night excluding the value of the rifle and the bakkie.

This was said to me on a course we recently gave by another plaas boer, he admitted it, he said to us that many not all of the farmers are a weird lot, they are not willing to pay for information BUT after the course, they will ask their friends who attended the course “ wat se daai man op die kurses” hulle wil nie betaal nie maar soek die inligting verniet.

So to travel by car isn’t worth it because if you travel far, and don’t make any profit what’s the use, no sense in that, so I now fly often to places and they supply a variety of things that cover many expenses I have.




A big jackal like this will cost a sheep farmer a lot of money, this guy was 8 years old, imagine how many lambs etc this boy has killed in those years.


I am not saying everybody is like this however many are. I have met these kinds of people my entire calling career, and it breaks you down! I even spoke to a lady who owned a farm, she said because I do a course at her place I must charge the clients to shoot her jackal at her farm!! NO JOKES!




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