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Here is a HUGE mistake many hunters make, OVERCALLING! Not every stand you hunt at is the same, everyone will get a different reaction from predators, some will answer back, some will not, some will come fast and bark at the same time, some will not, BUT what is always the same is DON’T do the OVERCALLING thing!

Jackal, listen to them at night, note how he talks to his mates, and corresponds – take note of his vocal sounds he emits, he never or hardly ever gooi’s a disco or continues to bark at an alarming pace.

So, you must copy his natural ability and try mimic his actions to hunt him, many guys are guilty of overcalling, I also was guilty of this but learnt fast!

Here is a style I use and it works for me, (while you read this picture a jackal hearing me at 1 kilometre away at night).


It is (January to April) so – I start with half volume on the caller and let out a jackal howl, a type of locator sound, just once, I then PAUSE the music. I sit dead still and wait, it does NOT matter if I get a reply or not, I sit dead still and make no more music. I wait for 2-3 minutes, then I again ad in a little jackal general barking, a social sound not aggressive just normal barking, I let the jackal bark about 3 times in quick order, I then PAUSE the music again. NOW think about it, if the jackal heard me at that first howl, and is committed he will come in at a pace, they cover ground fast or can do. So, he comes in and after 2 minutes he would cover 400m easily, so at 400m he heard another social bark x3 and it keeps him interested.

He now sits out at 400m plus, and if so you should have seen his eyes, if not it does NOT mean he isn’t around, you can miss his eyes or he may look away, or be in a donga etc, so be awake.

So, at 400m he hears the 3 barks, as I said I PAUSE that music, if he barks at me, I will drop my volume to a quarter and give him a quick single jackal bark maybe two to keep him interested, I stop music again and wait, I don’t play again. I wait at least 3 minutes, and if he don’t show I will start with food then, but if he does show, if I see he is committed and is running in I will not play more music and stop altogether, just using my mouth as a kissing sound to keep him on the right path so to speak. So, you bark, wait 3 min, bark 3 times, wait 3 min, and again a bark or two and wait 3 minutes, then gooi food, 3 seconds on wait 2 minutes en so aan.

If you call and nothing answers you, don’t worry, but if you call like this with these breaks after 8 minutes take note of a possibly sighting.

Some guys say if he does this you do that, if this happens do that etc etc, BUT there is no rule book, but overcalling is a problem. Some hunts if I sit at a place for 35 minutes I will in all that time maybe play jackal vocal sounds 5 times.

My food sounds I will let it play for about 3 seconds and stop, then again after a minute maybe 2.

DO NOT OVER PLAY SOUNDS; give predators just enough to keep them interested.



Here is a list of combos I use during the year that work for me. Also NOTE THE COMBO mentioned above

I play a food sound, let it play 3 seconds and wait a minute, I do this 3 times, on the 3rd attempt I immediately go straight into a fighting young jackal sound. (Sounds like a jackal stole another’s food)

I play a female jackal sound and a minute later play a jackal puppy that’s playing

Play a Alpha male jackal that has barked twice, then after a minute play a young jackal that’s a challenge sound.

Play a social jackal with two callers 200m apart.

Play a single jackal male jackal and a food sound 200m apart with two callers.

Play food and the 3rd attempt mix in with fighting adult jackals.





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