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I am often asked how you actually age a jackal, well it is really a simple process, and you don’t have to be a dentist to do it!

To be able to age a jackal will help in determining how many predators you have on your property and if they are adults etc. If you are successful to call in a male and female and after that find a few spoor of others and the months are January or February you can tell what they are and if they are family of the two adults you killed. So after finding more jackals tracks and you call in and shoot one you can do a test to see the age of the dog. It will tell you if you have other adult jackal on your property if this one you are about to check is older, or if it’s a young dog, so by checking the ages of the dogs will tell you who is on your property. REMEMBER those days of a pair of jackal that have their own areas are GONE!!!! This is no longer true at most places, many farms have seen an outburst in jackal numbers, one client of mine told me he saw 9 jackals in a group attacking a cows calf, all of adult persuasion.

Excuse my crude drawings but I am not much of an artist

NOTE THE ABOVE DRAWING; See the different terminology and wording; Lateral lobes, Central developmental lobes,upper Interiors and bottom Exteriors – take note the differences.

Learn how to age a jackal, its fun!

Here is a very easy way to tell the age of a dog, you always begin ageing a jackal by the bottom jaw, jackals have 6 top interior incisors (developmental lobes) and 6 bottom exterior incisor developmental lobe teeth, and have 2 canines on top and bottom that are used to rip and grip flesh firmly and puncture and damage the preys windpipes etc.

 The bottom developmental lobes (exterior incisors) is your starting point, the two central developmental lobes will be healthy and white after 1 year old and will be about 3mm long.  The top interiors of a healthy jackal that’s two years old will be 4-5mm long. After 3-4 years the two central exterior developmental lobes will wear down, then after 5-6 years the one on left of them and right (the lateral developmental lobes) will wear down after 7-8 years and the ones on far left and right will be worn down after 10 years. 

Then the top interiors, the two central developmental lobes will wear down after 11 years and the two lateral lobes will be gone after 12-13 years. After 14-15 years the left and right developmental exterior lobes will be gone. By this time (if he is still alive) a jackal is really old and will soon die. What you can do is to keep many of the jaws of dogs you kill, and you will after a while note the differences. For cats it is best explained that like us humans that after we get older our teeth recede, this is true with cats, you will notice that a cat with an age of up to 4 years will have a gap between the incisors and the fangs of up to 2-3mm away from fangs but older cats will have a larger gap.

If you can do what I did, I kept many jaws from various ages, this gives you an idea as to teeth wear and tear and also makes a nice conversation piece.

REMEMBER ; If you shoot a dog, look it over - if its bitten on the face, under the jaw, on its sides ; - that’s a sure sign it is indeed an intruder dog, if you shoot a dog of over say 3 years old and if its in good condition, chances are you killed the resident local ALPHA male dog.


This is but a general idea, here follows a series of skulls I have just finished preparing for sale, I collect skulls and furs to sell, these are a few nice clean ones.

After the cleaning, glueing, spraying  etc this is a good few nice examples that follow, I enjoy making these up, especially on rainy days, it keeps you busy!

The watch gives you an idea as to the size of the skulls,  man that baboon is a big fanger!


YOUNG Baboon - I dont know the age, I am not good with these.


4 year old Groukat


..... year old Black Backed Jackal – WHAT SAY YOU? .......

Very young Silver Jackal – AGE .................

Pied Crow – 75 years old – only joking! I dont know – he was adult size when I shot him.

Look at this photo, you tell me what age this jackal was. This was taken with a top class camera. If you want a close in zoooooom, let me know, I will send you a mail with one, and you can zoom right into his mouth, and you can see everything thats going on inside it. Then you can tell me his age.

To appreciate this photo you need to see it close up and zoomed in, if you want to see it just ask, I will mail it to you.

Happy ageing!

All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.