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Almal soek die antwoorde

I see this EVERYTIME I go call at farms, without fail, this is a fun article, but man so true! I am not criticizing here this is just a little fun about real facts!

You arrive at a farm to hunt, and you meet a group of lets say 4 other hunters, jackal hunters, not just any hunters, I speak of the jackal hunter, we then go inside the farmhouse and you put your bags in your room. Then you meet everybody, socialize and have coffee and rusks with the guys and the farmer. Great fun, then you get up and say “guys I am now going to go get the bakkie ready for tonight”.

OOPS! Ha ha, then if you turn around and look back you will note that all the hunters have also stood up and are following you, if you have 4 jackal hunters sitting with you in that farmhouse, after you walk to your bakkie to get it ready 6 of them will follow you if you get my meaning, within no time they will encircle your bakkie like jackals after a wounded Steenbuck, and they will look and steal with their ears and eyes as much as they can, why

BECAUSE WE ALL WANT THE ANSWER! What answer do you mean? We all want to know the answer to how to always call and kill Mr Jackal. Every jackal hunter seems to think the other jackal hunter has the answer, almal soek die antwoord.

After the 6 jackals have surrounded your bakkie, within a few seconds you will have to start answering questions from every angle and person in that group, almal soek antwoorde.

I don’t think any other type of hunting will compare to jackal hunting in terms of questions and general comments, manne kan vir oor 8 ure praat oor jakals jag, this subject wont tire!


Everybody wants to know the answer

Almal soek die antwoord

Everybody wants to know the secret

Almal soek die geheim

Truth be told there is no secret

Waarheid is dat daar is geen antwoord

The rule book says you can never tell

Die boek se jy kan nooit se nie

Truth be told their is no book

Waarheid is dat daar is geen boek nie

So, after you have taken 3 hours to prepare your bakkie ( what normally takes 1 hour) because of all the questions and hunting stories that have been swoped while you tried to prepare your bakkie, it is soon time to go “klap hulle”.

Anyway, you know the rest and how it all goes, but man you can be assured that when you all get back that night everybody will encircle everybody’s bakkies as they arrive to see who shot what! Ja jakkals jagters is n ander breed o pal, maar darem n kwaai klomp fokkers.

Then we will all go inside after everybody has had the chance to tell his story of how he klapped, moered, shot stukkend his jackal etc, after we all are inside and the brandy is out then the long stories will start, from one hero that will tell you how he shot a jakkals stukkend at 500 metres in total darkness with a common normal day range finder, to another guy who missed a jackal at 20 metres etc and so the long stories will come out, chances are the beds wont get used this night!

Dis maar net n klomp nuwe stories te vertel om n ander ou se bakkie wat volgende keer kom jag!! En dan sal hierdie klomp jakkalse hom wil uitvra oor die antwoorde en as hy hulle het.

It is all a vicious circle ou broer, mostly all just bullshit baffles brains! BUT no matter what, jakkals jag is spuls lekker! Gooi!

Most jackal hunters think the next jackal hunter has the answer, or knows the secret – the truth is that actually there is none.



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