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This is an example, of my one camera, and what kind of battery life I get, as many guys ask me about how heavy they are on power etc.

Firstly let me say different cameras use different batteries, example, this camera I am quoting on in this article is a Moultrie 140 with infra red flash – it takes 6 big D batteries, HOWEVER another camera I use- a Bushnell Trophy (the latest model in 2010) takes penlights, so all you do is recharge them! So, it’s no big deal, but anyway here is your questions answered as to  how heavy they are on diesel….


November 12th / 2009 I went away on a calling course, so I bought a set of new batteries for that time, I bought them on October 29th / 2009. I put them in the camera and took about 70 photos to check all was working. I left them in the camera. Eveready GOLD, Power plus, 1,5V ( x6). I know these are not the best batteries around, but just see the results!

For the 70 photos below and the 950 photos it was outside in the ON position for over 8 days and nights in total.

In November I took about 70 photos on the course with the camera, and in December on a hunt over 4 days I took over 950 photos yes 950 photos! As it was a busy farm with plenty sheep, cattle, buck etc, so the camera was really busy. In January 2010 so far I have taken no pictures.

Today is January 22nd; on my trail camera the battery metre shows the battery level is 89%. Yes it still is at 89% in battery power, so it shows just how low these really are on fuel!

I checked on my battery metre by hand, and all the batteries (6) say the battery level is 1, 48 and one said 1, 49. (They are 1,5V each when new)


2009 - October 29th / 2009 BOUGHT NEW.

TOOK total about 1,200 photos.

 2010 - January 22nd batteries are at 89% still charged.

Total of 8 days and nights in ON position permanently.

Total power used in 3 months and 1,200 photos later - 11% FANTASTIC!!

So, if this is you and you are trying to save money- here you can see it does not draw much power at all, and if you are still unhappy, get trail cams with penlight batteries


Here is a model like the one I use, see all the info on it and the batteries it uses.

Bushnell Trophy Cam Scouting Camera

• 5.0 mega pixel color day shots / Infrared night shots
• Invisible infrared flash 24 emitters – 40 ft range
• Adjustable PIR (Lo/Med/Hi) out to 45ft
• Trigger Time - Approx. 1 second
• Time Out Delay between activation - 0-59 sec, 1-60 min
• Accepts SD Memory cards up to 2GB (not included) 
• 5MP and 3MP resolution settings
• 3 picture multi-shot mode
• Day/Night - Video Clips 1-60 seconds
• Date & Time Stamp on every Image!
• Time of Day Operation
• Battery Life - 1 year (mfg claim) ~10,000 pictures
• Runs on 8 AA batteries (not included)
• 6V external battery port
• Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 3" (approximate) 
• Weather resistant rubber gasket seal
• 2 year warranty
• Models 119405 (without viewer), 119415 (with viewer)

It is No 5 on this page down the list; also note how small it is.


This is if you set your trail cam on PHOTOS, NOT VIDEO, as a video setting will draw far more power, this is however just to illustrate how little power a trail camera draws.  /


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