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Here are two neat photos of critters; the first is of a jackal that’s very CURIOUS and CAUTIOUS, very!

This was taken on my last hunt in the Free State, I set up cameras on travel routes I suspected of being busy with predators – we got more than we bargained for!


Study these photo’s carefully; firstly it only gave me ONE picture not more here, after my camera fires it sets for another photo with movement again in 30 seconds, by that time this jackal had gone! Telling us he is highly strung and extremely nervous. I had juicy bait in the centre but he was not interested at all.

Note how outstretched his neck is, e wont go an inch more, and is trying to get a good scent / idea of what’s on offer. This jackal is highly stressed out – it was very close to a cattle dip, so this area had many natural smells around – buy maybe he got our scent when we made this set up, who knows……. 

Mr Aardvarkie!

Note this customer, this is the first one I have got on my camera; note how he is smelling the fish on the ground we used as a lure – that’s not his diet! It surely must have smelt pretty bad to him.

Another photo !!!!!

This guy had no idea we caught him on film, he has just come from the farm shed and that milk he is holding is taken from the shed without permission, now we will see what he has to say!

He had no idea of the camera as we camo it away pretty well. It is a wise move to hide it, it is an expensive toy – so these cameras can give you more than you bargain for!

I really love setting these cameras; you never know what you will capture on film!!!



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