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Read about our custom callers below!

Feather & Fur is often asked to make up special callers as per customer specifications; here are a few photos of an order that was completed by us. The client wanted a small unit with BUILT IN battery and mp3 calling system.

This is what we made him, he provided the drawing and we made it up to those standards. If the client is prepared to run the risk that the completed unit is loud and a good caller we can approach the idea. WE DO NOT however put our names on these units as they are not proven to be fault free. They can only work and operate as best we can make them to. They CANNOT compare to our own products we manufacture. – (See last photos)

Made the slim 3cm deep box and planned out insides. Used tiny 12V battery and drilled holes and fitted motherboard. Soldered all wires and completed amplifier layout. Designed and cut out the speaker holder. Box is 1 inch deep.


Fitting wires to speakers, power cables etc, and fitting mother board to box. Doing all fine settings to tuning and volumes, so that all mp3 sound frequency’s match the amplifier and that no distortion takes place at high volumes on the mp3 player. Then drilling holes to align the box and speaker when closed.








Fitting and applying resin to bracket and speaker and later putting on primer to coat speaker and box with black coating and then applying the camo spray ( if required). The speaker is a standard car alarm siren that is converted by Gary to a 15W speaker.

First coats of protective paint and undercoat to box and speaker, then connecting up the MP3 again and making sure it all operates properly. I check this about 6 times throughout making the system to make sure it all works well.



Can be used from the trucks lighter socket OR also from its own tiny 12V battery built in.

Here is another model I made up, I take pride in making all my callers one at a time, and personally every caller I put out is another unit I am proud to put my name on ( if I use my own parts ).

This one is a TOTAL package, has a battery, caller and speaker – you need no more things, this is complete – ready to go calling!!!!!!!.



This system is LOUD! I make use of a 45 W amplifier, run a customized car siren to a now 15W speaker, and it is run off a small 12V battery.

Want one?????????

It is well worth the money, no two callers are the same, a collector’s item as well as a predator killer! Proudly made in South Africa, - all hand made by Gary.

Thanks for looking!


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