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Give this a try, it does work, I used this in Namibia, so I know it worked. Don’t offer comments till you try it, ok not every time, but you will get results.

Ok, so you call, jackals bark at you 300m plus away and you see eyes, so what do you do? They don’t come closer, they know of the set up! Slim bliksems!

Try this, (only two guys no more) climb off the truck, one guy carry a red light, and you a rifle and tripod with caller. Walk on the sand road about 250m. Remember jackal trot and they can motor, so they will make ground also, so walk about 250-290m, count the steps in your head as you walk quietly.

If the walking puts the wind in your face, then you have a 90% chance you will be successful, walk (not to slowly) and then when you get to 250, make a stand off the road, behind a bush. Listen as you walk for other jackals maybe close by.

Start calling softly with a food sound, and carry on for 20 min or how you feel, then if nothing stop for 5 minutes and go again for another 5. Then if nothing walk back.

This walking thing works, remember if a dog barks at you and you can hear he is running in and barking – some are very aggressive DON’T put on a light, wait you can hear him getting closer, just stay hidden, then when you think the time is right use the red light.





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