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Farmland Assessment



New for 2010 is an all-new development, totally new to the South African farmer, but this will give him a true indication of jackal / cat activity on his farm and it will tell him when will be the very best times to remove them and will give him a wealth of information.

The programme in the form of a template comes on a CD that you can load onto your computer and print out as required. You will have all the documents printed out and after a year, if you have recorded the necessary data, you will have a complete insight into your farm and it will have a wealth of information.

Gary at Feather & Fur has been working on this programme for the last 2 years and has also tested it for results. The information that the farmer must fill in after every hunt will benefit him hugely at the end of the year when he looks at the completed chart.

The completed chart will show a pattern and tell you exactly in detail what you need to know about your farm and predator movements etc etc.

Here is a basic idea as to what it is all about:

1.  Print out the wall hanger chart, two of them, one for no moon and another for a moon hunt, and hang the two charts behind your door.

2.  Print out two of the 2-page printout for each month;  all in all you need to print out 12 x2 (24) forms.

3.  Every hunt a week before new moon and another hunt a week after new moon (the same month) fill in the two charts (in other words you will need to hunt twice a month).

4. After the hunt transfer all your data to the form behind your door.

5.  After a year study all the months and see what this reveals about the general hunts and what stands out; you will notice a pattern  about when and where is the best to hunt, etc.

You will need to be disciplined to fill in both forms every month (twice a month) and not miss any; if you miss a month or a hunt the chart will NOT give you a true reflection of your farm, so you need to complete these forms properly, and after a year it will be worth its weight in gold.



It was my aim to devise a system of data that produces an end result after a year, showing the owner what he can do to remove predators. You need to be dedicated to record the data properly. This template will no doubt be copied by a lot of others in the industry and also extra additions added, but this original system has been tested and it works.


The template sells for R250 for the CD            

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