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Are you anti 1st generation NV? Read On !!!

I am not saying I know everything about NV, I have been using it for a few years and different models etc, but what I will say is this! I challenge all the ANTI 1st generation NV people to take me up on this! Many say save and buy second generation rather as 1st isn’t good enough, well READ ON! This system is better than many 2nd generation units in my opinion.

Night Vision is very misunderstood and often underrated, especially 1st generation equipment, and here I challenge anybody to challenge me. I will say that I am willing to put myself in a vulnerable position and say that – I challenge anybody that says 1st generation is crap and not worth it and that what you can see at night is limited, I challenge you today, I will invite you to visit with me, and I will take you out on the farm, on a PITCH DARK NIGHT - NO MOON, and I will hand you my Cobra Meteor binoculars or my Luna binoculars

( BOTH 1st generation) and I will fit it with the above laser infra red devise. And when you look through that binocular if you can say to me man that’s crap as I told you before then I am willing to give you a cheque of R100, 000 how’s that! I challenge you! Come anytime you want, I will wait for you. I remember once I read on a forum a guy claiming that he hunted with red lights and killed jackal, and then used NV but he had no real better results, then all I can say is you must get good equipment for NV and learn how to use it, and your results will be far better. You cannot compare red light hunting against NV, using quality NV is simply far superior.

To witness the above devise mounted on a 1st generation binoculars, like mine I can see a jackal in his full form at 120m coming into my call IN PITCH DARK SKY CONDITIONS, I can pick up his eyes at over 400m away, and when he comes in at about 170m I can start to see the image. (Without a narrow centre circle of light) So, come on and call my bluff! If you do you will lose. If you want a challenge come to the farm and we check it out, after that night if you still are ANTI 1st generation NV you are only bluffing yourself! And that’s a fact.


To witness top class equipment like this laser is amazing, TAKE NOTE – this is not a red dot or green dot laser, it is an INFRA RED laser that throws a circle of light inside your circle of light from your binoculars, so in other words when you look through a binoculars it has a round circle of a picture, now this is the same EXCEPT inside that circle is another circle of infra red white light that throws a long tube of light. And it is like a L Force light, you can turn the head and it makes the light beam close in or get smaller or larger. But the more you turn it in the further it throws a light inside your binoculars to a longer range and the tighter the circle the more clearer the image, so at 100m with it turned say way in you can see a jackal clearly with no problem at all. It’s like a television, the more pixels the clearer. So by bringing in that beam of light you get a longer range and clearer picture.


Again I am willing to lay claim that – if we took all South Africa and put all the hunters and farmers in a big hall and one by one they went outside and looked through the binocular on the darkest of nights, when they came back in I tell you that all the jackal and pig hunters would say I WANT ONE NOW! Nobody would say its crap – when you look through this it is awesome.

This laser with infra red to be pretty blunt is DAMN AMAZING! It is fantastic. It is like looking down a pipe and the closer you go down the pipe the more you see out the front, that’s an easy way to explain it. If you hunt a jackal but don’t use quality NV you haven’t hunted a jackal yet, and when you try this you will NEVER hunt with red lights ever again!

I was taught as a young man the following two things in life

1- Never comment on something you know nothing about and 2 - if in doubt there is doubt so be doubtful. BUT with this system, I was never in doubt and to all of the readers of this, if anybody reads it and questions my statements here, all I say is until you try this don’t comment on it, but trust me, if you don’t believe it, I am open to that challenge any day! Come and I will show you what 1st Gen can do, this concept is awesome.

I mounted this laser on my Cobra Meteor, and man I will keep it on for good! What I can see is amazing, the one test I looked along a farm sand road, the road we walked out to 140m before it hit a corner, and with the laser on I could see clearly to the turn in the road, anything coming into the call I would pick him up straight away. I was next to a tree line on our left, those trees ranged at 150m, with this laser on the binocular I could see the stumps of the trees as clear as day in pitch dark, and if I made the laser white light in my binoculars smaller the quality is so good that I could count the thick branches on the left and right of each tree. (In pitch darkness at 150m). Again if you think I am joking, you can challenge me any day to prove it, now ask yourself a question - if you can see so well on a pitch dark night, how well will you see on a moon night!


Until a hunter uses NV for predator hunting he will not understand what he is missing, it is entering into another world, and when you see at a distance those huge glowing eyes approaching and you watch him come closer you can tell he has no idea what is watching him, just remember if you are in the Vrystaat, and call open fields, make sure to place that caller far away from you so he cant see your bakkie standing in the open while you scan with NV, as its open not bushy like the Karoo.


December 12th / 2009

Here is an article from last week when we went out, it is on my website but read what I said here, I was using this system this very night with Daniel, man what a seriously awesome devise!!!!.

Well this was indeed fun, a good friend and I decided to get out and test new Night Vision equipment, we had Luna Binoculars 5 power, new night vision rifle scopes, monovisions, and a few other varieties of expensive stuff to test and see what we will use in 2010, stuff changes so we must keep with the times.

We went to a farm that has given me many cats over the past years; I have hunted it from 2001. We made a stand off the road 140m from the point of a crossroad, and all around us open fields, except for cover and trees dead ahead. (Cat areas)

We never had a rifle as we never planned on hunting, and just opened the back of the bakkie, and pulled down the canvas, and waited for nightfall and the darkest of skies, it was pitch black so we begun, and tested all new models and other exciting models including a new laser device that extends NV even much further than normal. (This we now ALWAYS will use).

After about 3 hours of testing what each unit can do, I said to Daniel, well we need to test it on a bat eared fox as they are plenty here, and when you call them they stand for a long time offering a lot of time to look at live animals and take photos or just observe with night vision models, they offer you a lot of time to look and observe and test NV equipment on so it is a good animal to practise on generally.

So we each picked up a set of NV equipment and stood at the back of the bakkie, the night was pitch dark, ( December 12th -2009) , so at 9.40 I put a new call in my mouth, I had just finished putting it together last week actually, a new model.

I called catty style with it, an open reeded style, and both of us scanned with NV, after 20 minutes I picked up eyes at about 120m looking from the tree line area, then it walked towards us, at about 100m I turned on the Infra Red Laser and centred the spot of infra red light on the animal, I could see the lynx easily, it came closer and at 21m it stopped dead for the first time, it turned and looked left and right, and Daniel and I could not believe that here sits a very prime lynx, 21m from us, and we had no rifle. We had no choice but to kill it with some very choice words until it got tired of this rabbit and moved off.

I have called many cats in my time with hand calls, and this was the first one I called without a rifle, next time we will have a gun! Even for testing………

Anyway, we will get him next time! But that’s Murphy’s Law!


Interesting again on this hunt, the cat was called in windy conditions, I have called the majority of my cats with a wind blowing, and again proving cats cant smell you, this one had a breeze blowing in his face from over 120m to 21m for over 10 minutes and still he came and looked in our direction.

BUT because you use Night Vision they come real close and are not troubled by any lights.

Night Vision RULES!!!

Pussy cat won this round!






My personal opinion; 

Best value for money is Luna Binoculars with laser IR

Luna LN-PB5

(The above laser fits this model)

I have tested this model and later bought one, it is strong and has amazing clarity at night, a top class night vision binoculars and with that laser its better than some 2nd generation units.

Richard stocks a large amount of NIGHT VISION equipment, he also has the above mentioned items – other equipment he has that I think will appeal to the farmer/ hunter is the following.

Remember the MONO (single tube) night vision units are cheaper than binoculars but they strain your eyes, it is better to go with a double tube.

Here is an idea of a few other products he offers.



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