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FOXPRO LOADING and how to go about it!


You got a cool Foxy, but you don’t know how to load the sounds? Well, if so read this OR simply buy my DVD and I will show you step by step! This article will help you the easy way, the easiest way I can explain. I decided to put this on the site due to a few enquiries.

This article applies to the following:






Here goes,  first you need to download this FREE software from Foxpro, it’s the LATEST SOFTWARE ( Dated 15-3-2009) and is great to load your own sounds. Click this link to download NOW!!!!!!!!!

Ok, next, now that you have downloaded that above software, look at your computer UNDER ALL PROGRAMS – You will see a link called FOXPRO.

Now go to MY COMPUTER and create and open a new file called SOUNDS. Now go to your sounds on your computer then right click on all your sounds you have and copy each one and paste them in the new SOUNDS file you have just made. REMEMBER all your sounds need to be MP3 format, if they are not they wont load to the Foxpro callers.

Right, now – connect your FoxPro with the patch cable, connect it to your USB port on your computer and the other side to behind your battery holder. Then you will see a little ICON at the bottom, it will pop up, just watch as you connect your Foxpro watch the bottom right of the screen.

Go to your ALL PROGRAMS index and open that FOXPRO file, it will say BACK UP files, CLICK YES, after it saves your sounds it will open the Foxpro software to allow you to load sounds. Now you will see this in front of you.


When you open it your end you will see your FOXPRO’s sounds in the right block, it shows blank here but yours will show sounds.

Look at the right side, it says SELECT DEVISE and it will be on “C”, normally you will need to go to H. Then when you open H all your sounds on your Foxpro caller will run up the RIGHT HAND BLOCK. All your sounds in your SOUNDS folder will appear on the LEFT side. Now you can work as it tells you, INSERT, or MOVE UP, MOVE DOWN etc, if you want a sound from that left block DOUBLE CLICK on it, and it will appear in the RIGHT side. So, carry on and arrange your stuff as you wish. Play with this loading page and play around, within 5 minutes you will have mastered it easily, it’s very easy to use. You can shuffle the sounds and form your own custom list; I call it “wiggle and jiggle” just move the sounds till you are happy!

Then click COPY TO CALLER, after it runs across on your screen and is finished click DONE!!! BINGO !!!!  KLAAR!!!! GOOI !!!!! You can also click on PRINT LIST, that will print out your sounds and you can stick it behind your remote to look good. Here are a few lists on some of my callers


This is an idea of labels at the rear of the remotes. The original Foxpro labels will look more uniform and will be black and white.



TAKE NOTE, if you want a Fury, Scorpion and FX5 you will need to set the remote to be able to “talk to your machine”, you just do this once and never again unless you change more sounds to the Foxpro caller. But after the machine is loaded with sounds you need to program the remote so they can talk to each other so to speak.

See a display of my remotes below

As you see this photo – left is a regular416B , FX3 remote, it don’t need to be programmed to correspond with the caller, But the Scorpion  ( centre) and FX5 right, however must be programmed. These two remotes have a BIGGER window with sounds and other info shown so they need to be set to correspond with the caller, just do it once and that is it.

The FX5 – Scorpion – Fury have a screen that lists a clock, sounds, battery metre and a bunch of other stuff, so it needs to be set to correspond to the caller, the FX3 you must remember what sounds are at what number, unlike the others that tell you on the screen, example 004 – Crazy Critter and 020 – Nutty Nuthatch or however you have programmed them, when you order it new they are already set and require no more attention from your side – UNLESS you change your sounds again


Here goes again, ok – THE SCORPION, on the side of the unit it has an AUX port, put a patch cable in it and into the side of the remote, put on the remote and push the selector knob once, the next move is to switch on the Scorpion inside the unit with the tiny round red switch and you will see the TRANSFER OF SOUNDS TO THE REMOTE taking place, when done, ( watch it scan across left to right) pull out plugs and put of Scorpion – DONE!

 The ON / OFF switch shows at 12 o clock above the red wire in the photo, I love this caller, for more on these callers click and see here below!

Next the FX5, ok now put the patch cable in the AUX port on front of the caller ( SEE TOP PHOTO) and the other end in the side of the FX5 remote. Turn on the FX5 remote and push the selector knob once, and then push the DOWN arrow on the FX5 and at the SAME TIME turn the FX5 on. Watch it again transferring data and then when done take out wires and put off caller – DONE!!!!

Next the Fury, NOW we DON’T have a patch cable to work with, turn on the remote and the caller, scroll down to TX 5 Configuration, click on it with the selector knob, and follow what it says- Look for UPLOAD SOUND LIST, then it says check if Fury is on and are you sure to transfer data, simply scroll down to YES and push once on the selector knob. You will see again it runs slowly left to right across the remotes screen, when done it will tell you and simply put off everything.  When programming the remote for the Fury make sure that the remote is within 50cm of the caller, otherwise it can’t read the data given out of the Fury caller. So, that’s it - done! KLAAR very simple. GOOI 



You only have to program your remote once to correspond with the caller, unless at a later stage you again change your sounds, the time that the unit stores your sounds before it needs to be re set is 100 hundred years, so we have no trouble in worrying about that!


Foxpro FX3, the front is very similar to that of the FX5. The FX3 is possible FOXPRO’s best seller ever - 32 sounds, remote and as normal comes with all the sounds you will need, simply tell Joe to load all my sounds for jackal / lynx hunting. They have GREAT African sounds.


Foxpro FURY remote, this unit it TOTALLY different to the other callers.

My personal opinion is if you can buy the FURY it is cheaper than a FX5 and far better! This caller is so advanced it far out ways other options that you may think of
buying; the Foxpro Fury is the KING of all electronic callers


2009- Sounds I will suggest for jackal and cats are;

         Nutty Nuthatch **********

         Crying Jack ************************

         Flying Squirrel

         Scrub Hare Distress *******

         Calf Bawl

         Luscious Lips ***************************************

         Springhare Distress

         Lightning Jack ****************************

         Lil Jack

         Fawn Distress

         Jackrabbit Distress

         Crazy Critter

         Lucky Bird

         ALL FOXPRO’s Jackal Sounds

This is just an idea, but Joe will know to put these on, if you buy a FURY you get a ton of sounds with the caller, and it can load 500 sounds in total.



This hunt we shot 12 jackal and a cat in 2 hours before the rain, the FURY works well! You can see it next to my hand, the unit is lovely, see more here ;

When you buy a Foxpro, it is all loaded already and ready to go hunting, it is only if you change the sounds that these above steps need to be done

I personally load my machines with a standard system, so no matter what caller I am using, the pre sets are all the same, I have the first 4 sounds on all my callers the SAME! So, no matter what remote I use, they are the same programmed sounds.

1.    Jackal Challenge

2.    Jackal Social

3.    Jackal Wounded

4.    Food sound

5.    etc, etc, etc, etc

This is a standard feature on all my callers, it helps block out confusion, if I load all the remotes with different sounds I will get confused, this way I don’t need to think!

Below to end is just a photo taken from the shop; it shows one of my displays with a few Foxpro callers on sale as well as hand calls 4 sale.

Shown are the FX5, FX3, Scorpion, Fury and an older 416B



All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.