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FOXPRO - Spitfire Digital Caller

Remote Control & 24 sounds

AT ONLY $199-00 THIS IS A GREAT DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The All New FOXPRO Spitfire features a high efficiency horn speaker with powerful amplifier. Includes 24 high Quality FOXPRO Calls - YOU JUST SAY LOAD GARY’S SOUNDS AND WE LOAD THEM. User reprogrammable. The Spitfire is designed to play fxp and mp3 audio files for superb audio quality. It also comes standard with FOXPRO's TX-24 remote control--one of the industry's best remote controls. Features include A full LCD control which displays the name of the sound, the ability to instantly change to any of the 24 sounds programmed on the unit, volume “Up” and “Down” controls for ultra smooth transition in volume changes, volume level indicator, low battery indicator, a Pause/Mute feature, volume indicator, & Aux control for the ability to remotely control FOXPRO's Jack-in-the-Box decoy

Key Features Listing:

        Single high-efficiency horn speaker (includes external speaker jack for additional speaker if desired)

        Auxiliary Jack (to connect to a devise such as the Jack-in-the-Box Decoy or Mr Mister scent mister system)

        Includes 24 Calls of your choice

        User Reprogrammable. Plays .FXP and MP3 audio files


Operates on 4 "AA" batteries. Features low battery indicator

Compact Design Size: Just 1.5 lbs with batteries installed.

 Approx size . Length: 7 inches x Width: 4 inches x Height: 5 inches.

Key TX24 Remote Features:

Large LCD Panel. Displays the name of the sound

Send button to activate desired sound. Sound Up/Down buttons,     Volume Up/Down buttons, Volume level indictor, Low battery indicator, Mute button

Remote Control operates on one 9- Volt battery

The Spitfire is made in USA!

To place orders contact Joe directly at the following address

Ordering from South Africa is easy, he will send you the invoice, take it to your bank and they will do an electronic transfer – DONE!



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