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This is a general advice article to get the first-time sound programmer off the ground and to provide a simple explanation if you are having trouble loading sounds.


The first step is to go here and download your FREE sound programme software; once you downloaded this
you are ready and set up.


Now, once you have downloaded this, purchase this flash from Foxpro and an extra memory card so you can have 48 sounds on hand. Purchase this:


So, now you have a programming kit and have downloaded your software.


Put your memory card into the flash drive USB adapter kit you have bought and put it in the USB connector on your computer.


Push the small card into the flash drive and stick in the computer.



Now, an icon will pop onto the screen at the bottom like this. See the green arrow above on the left, all computers may differ, but generally look for another thing suddenly appearing. Now you know the computer has identified the flash drive.



Click START and then MY COMPUTER; it will either say REMOVABLE DISC or will say SP1. Now you know the computer is reading the files properly; if your computer says only REMOVABLE DISC rename it SP1 or it may not read the file properly and you won’t be able to load.



Go to START, click, then go to ALL PROGRAMMES, then click on the FOXPRO icon or file. It will open, and now look at the top right, match the SP1 file with a driver; all computers will show differently, but here is mine. “H” drive, when I click on it all my sounds will show in the right listing and the others on my computer in the left side.




Now, look at files in sounds at left and double click on a sound you want and the sounds will start to pop up in the right side. Then you will quickly learn how to move them around and list them nicely - it is pretty easy to do, you will soon see. My computer shows the file as H drive; just go through them all till the sounds open up.



Then click COPY TO CALLER when you have all your 24 sounds listed; click PRINT LIST for the remote and then click DONE, take everything out of USB and whalaah! DONE!


This is easy, put in the patch cable in the remote on the side, and in the AUX on the Spitfire on the side. Turn on the REMOTE; then switch on the Spitfire; now it will say TRANSFER, and in a few seconds it will say REMOVE CABLE. And you are done. Now the caller will correspond with the remote and you are ready to go call!

Hope this helps!



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