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“FOXPRO CS – 24”



As you can see this is a very compact caller, it is very close to the FURY in fact extremely close with all the features, only a few things are different, BUT it’s a CUSTOM CALLER and they are made on request! This is cool!!!!

I ordered a caller for myself for 2010 - I wanted to spoil myself, to hunt with something different for a change, I decided to order a custom job - happy I  am, - not because I am a field rep for them, but because I really am happy!.

It is very similar to that FOXPRO FURY, most noticeable difference is the remote isn’t that easily switched on and it cannot be turned on by mistake like the Fury, also the caller is basically all electronically put together INSIDE a STEEL SPEAKER of considerable size, I ordered a 20W but you can buy larger if you want. All the electronics are at the

back in a protected shell.

It has a U shape frame that is adjustable for angle and next to it is a holder that holds 10 penlight batteries; the rear has an extra jack if you want an extra speaker – however that is not likely

I really like this steel casing and it’s basically damage proof, it has an ON /OFF switch and an AUX jack to ad a moving decoy or to plug a patch cable into if you load your own sounds (this is also different to the FURY). The FURY does not require a patch cable to load sounds to correspond with the remote. This is one damn cool caller and it is Foxpro electronics!!

The caller has a small aerial the same as the FURY, and is out of harms way while in transportation, the ON / OFF switch is protected behind the Aerial when folded down

To load your own sounds if you like is as easy as dialling a phone, it takes up to 500 in totals so you will never need more space. I have a sound on my caller it is 3, 42 MB long- a massive file, and it fits easily on the caller, the caller has a 4 GB of memory.

I really like the remote (the same as the FURY) as I can have many PRE SET channels, and two fast ones, these I have as follows;

PRE SET Channel 1 – Jackal mellow dog that’s very calm and talks softly for an attention getter

PRESET Channel 2 – A nice rabbit that I use as a follow up sound.

So, at a stand I hit channel 1 and then 2, simple, no messing with other buttons etc. The next hunt I program another distress sound.

Pretty straight forward here, you can see the X ON / OFF switch and two jacks, the caller is nice and light, not heavy at all.

This photo shows how it looks when folded up or closed, it is nice and easy to transport and has a neat carry handle that converts to the angle bracket when you call. I like this call a lot.

Here is a final photo of the two remotes, the only difference is that INPUT JACK, and otherwise the FURY and this caller are pretty dead on. The CS -24 is very much louder and as I say you can order them with even bigger speakers!

Notice the first remote ( CS-24) remote has an input jack, unlike the other one ( FURY) has not got it. The two callers are both great units, this new one is louder ( CS-24) and is built into a steel speaker system and is bullet proof ( as a manner of saying) as it’s in a steel casing, I am busy with a new DVD and will feature this new caller in it for sure.

Other differences in these two callers is this; – the remote does not have the FOX FADE feature, nor the SEQ feature and the AV feature also is not to be had. But it has many more sounds or can take many more than the more expensive units, ordering this one is actually a better option in my opinion .

ORDERS contact and speak to JOE, he will ask you for a street address, telephone number and credit card number and in a few days you will receive it, it normally takes 5 days speed courier from day the unit is made, this is a custom unit.  This unit is CHEAPER than a top of the line FX5 caller- So it’s a great deal for sure, plus the FX5 only gives you 200 sounds and this gives you 500- And it is also still cheaper. GRAB ONE!

PRICING; It is hard to guesstimate the price in SA as the RAND changes with value against the $$ everyday, but generally I will say R5000-00 will cover it. Just ask Joe to load Gary’s sounds, and then it comes to you with all the correct Jackal and cat attracting sounds you will need at no extra charge. REMEMBER the secret to calling Mr Jackal is to use sounds not many others have got and to play sounds Mr jackal has not heard often if not at all, far to many people play the same sounds to often and Mr Jackal has wised up to them long ago! Remember prices exclude postage / import duty.


I like the fact that it has been built into a steel case, and is hard wearing, it is strong and well made, and just about the same size as the other FX series callers, the big display in RED and the fact that I can change the volume levels in 2,4,5,6,8 10 etc is a big plus, also that I can dim the remote for less light- I look 4ward to many evenings out with this caller!


Here you can see how the remote lights up in the dark, the green is LUMINOUS and easy to read, the red face can be dimmed or made brighter, you can read what number is what sound, you just turn that knob on the top to scroll down or back on that list till you get the sound you want, then depress the knob to play it.

The remote is big and a nice size as well as the battery compartment is easier to fit batteries into compared to other models.

I have used the other model with GREAT SUCCESS in the past and this new caller FOXPRO  CS-24 is now going to be my caller of choice for 2010.

The remote has a battery metre, clock, dimmer, and you can customize the caller from the MENU function on the remote to suit your needs!



I am a firm believer in covering everything when I go calling, not only because it makes it just that much more harder for predators to see you, BUT also the warmer we keep an electronic caller at night the longer a set of  batteries last, I also do not cover a unit with cloth or tape as that will in fact muffle a caller and hold back much volume, also it makes the sounds more thick sounding or as if they have too much BASS, without material / cloth applied to a caller it allows the sounds to be far crisper sounding!

The more attention to detail we administer the more successful on a stand we will be, I am from the old school, and pay a lot of attention to the original set up – it pays to do so, that first stand at night is your most important one, so prepare correctly for it! Arrive at your spot at dusk not with you’re white truck lights on!, camo up, get ready and sit still and await nightfall. When you want to start first look around then start very softly with a calling sound, look around and after 5 minutes start to only then up that volume more, but not toooo high! Rabbits etc have tiny lungs not 700 pound lungs!

Here is a photo of the CS-24 with my favourite OWL set up; I always use an owl on my first stand. Go to this link for OWL DECOY to see exactly why! It works well!

Here are a few pictures of the other Foxpro caller brought out in 2009, the FURY, it has the same looking remote

Camera went off fast here, a BOO BOO photo - But ok besides that

I have just received my new CS – 24 and have only tested It out at various ranges and a few different degrees, it is all in top class working condition and I will soon get to put a few drops of blood on it, so watch this space for soon to be published photos – I cannot wait to give this call a whirl.

This caller is basically the same to load as the FURY on the computer, except with this remote you need a cable to program that remote to be able to TALK to the machine so to speak, look at my DVD we have on sale if you need to actually see in real life how to load it, or click here, this will explain in an easy to follow fashion. Remember that cable you only use once if you change the sounds, never again, it is just to program the remote to correspond with the caller that you have just changed sounds on.

BUT as I say when you order a Foxpro they will load my sounds for you automatically, then it comes to South Africa with African predator sounds, the Custom caller comes with 50 on the unit as standard and the Fury comes with 100. But if you want to ad your own it is easily possible, you get software from Foxpro FREE, you download that from the website



ORDERS – TAKE NOTE: for orders, when the caller is made or if already made, or if you order other production callers it will take 5 days to you with speed couriers, totally safe, do not stress with having to give a credit card number to Joe, it is totally safe, I have worked with them for years.



All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.