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Well how many years have you spent in the Karoo hunting predators? In all the years have you witnessed anything weird or strange? Mmmmm ……. Well I have!!! I have indeed experienced weird stuff – very weird indeed, and I have witnesses also!

       This is a posed photo; it is of no actual event we experienced.

After you read these few accounts and the presence of various things you will see that such things do exist, and not the imagination of a few guys out in the Karoo air at night. Some people think they only appear in the night as a feeling or part anxiety but whatever you believe or doubt reserve those opinions till you have read these small stories.

This is NOT a bullshit article, but things I and my partners have seen or felt, and believe me, till you experience this kind of thing you also will say spooks don’t exist! Trust me they really do. After I first felt the presence of something I told the farmer, and his wife commented “Don’t worry, we know about him, he or they have been in that house for many years”.

It is not my plan to make up stories and mention all kinds of untrue things that pop into my head here; what follows here is a true account of things I have experienced, I am not planning to scare the reader for fun, this is actual, and if you question this I have more than enough people who can witness my writings here!.

We hunt an area in the Karoo called Leeugamka, an old railway stop, this is the place I first experienced something so powerful it scared me to death, even now as I write this I still get cold feelings and have goose bumps on my arms! To actually feel something others tell you does not exist or to be scared of something you cannot see is very scary! It is hard to explain just what you feel but it is as real as real can be, I have related this story to a few people, many have asked to be taken to this farm as an experience but truth be told, I am not into marketing this place at all.

Not only have I hunted here a few times and experienced something that one evening but I felt its presence on a few sleep overs, I never thought that I would be intimidated by such things as they don’t exist, BUT I was, AND they say the human brain is a powerful thing, and that you can actually scare yourself easily as you think and expect the worst, but I tell you this – to feel that presence is very very scary indeed.

When you read about the 4th experience I had with that sound in the Karoo at night in this article, when you read it – THINK OUTSIDE the box, in other words think it is you out in the vast Karoo night, just you and nobody else to help, think how it must have felt to feel vulnerable and shit scared! Because man, I was shit scared! Not knowing what exactly it was that was close in our midst was no easy feat, it was good to know that soon after that we started the truck and drove away from that area, fast! I will never know what it was, maybe I don’t want to know either, let’s say I saw a weird thing – who would have believed me anyways, so to NOT know is actually far better than knowing.


After this first night experience, I then slept in the same room as my hunting partner and since I return to this farm often I still to this day will sleep in the same room with him, I am toooooooo shit scared to sleep alone -- so how’s that for honesty!!!!!!!!!!!!.

On my first experience I slept in a room in front of my partner’s room, it was I, him, and two friends. We hunted two bakkies and I returned earlier than my partner and his friend, it was summer and although it was at 11 at night the house was hot, very hot inside, as well as outside still, it was February, the hottest month in the Karoo in Leeugamka.

I came back and unpacked all my equipment and then proceeded to unpack my sleeping bag. I slept in a room directly looking into the kitchen, about 7 metres from it. The room I was in and all the others was very warm because of bad air circulation from being locked up all afternoon and evening till I got home. I had just finished laying out my sleeping bag and got into short pants when I felt a tremendous coldness in the room, thinking it was nothing I went into my partner’s room and toilet thinking a window was open, but everything was shut. Upon entering my room I immediately became extremely cold and actually put on a jersey, then after about 5 minutes I lay on the bed and straight away I began feeling a very powerful “druk “ feeling, a sort of pressure feeling on my body like somebody was pushing me from each shoulder each way to the centre of my body. I stood up and realized it was actually happening and not a dream, I still was very cold, extremely in fact. I then walked into the kitchen and sat down with the lights all on, I shouted into the room go get stuffed, piss off! To feel better and to know I was actually getting some sort of revenge. After about 15 minutes I went back into the room, and that pressure feeling no longer happened but I still got very very cold, I went and waited in the kitchen until my partner came back, man I never thought I would ever be so happy to see another human as that moment. I never said anything and at about 2-20 we all went to sleep; I was then so tired that I fell asleep quickly and noticed no coldness. The next night we hunted all night so I slept in the day and had no experiences at all.

I can tell you that I could feel the pressure and coldness, and at various times I could feel that evil in the room, it was very scary and I was worried that whatever it was would return and do harm. At times I could feel that whatever it was, I could feel it as if it was in my face staring at me – you know that feeling you get when somebody is looking at you for an extended moment, or when you know somebody is staring at you

without permission or so, I could feel it’s presence in that room and the coldness and pressure was very uneasy and scary. To say I felt very small and intimidated is an understatement, it was damn scary, and being up against something you cannot see is not nice at all. Notice how often I use the word SCARY in this article, you had better believe it – I WAS SHIT SCARED!

On my following trip I decided to keep a Bible in my room and since then when in the house I have had no bad vibes / feelings or effects.


My partner arrived home at the farm with his friend in the night and he observed a donkey that was in the courtyard and appeared to be caught in the wires of the diamond mesh, he and a friend grappled and held the donkey for over 10 minutes trying to release the donkey from being entangled in the fence. The fence totally closes in the farmhouse. This house is vacant and nobody lives here only us on weekends as we sleep in it when hunting. We told the farmer the next day about his donkey we set free after a long period, and he said “well we don’t have donkeys, never did, nobody lives in that place, and no wild animals either”. And that place is fenced in, and no neighbours have donkeys either.

So, my partner and his friend washed his hands for a hour after that! This is no bullshit story, just real hard facts. The farmer knows of such things and knows first hand it spooks in that place. He and his wife sometimes sleep in it if they work in the house etc, and have seen different things also. This house is a spare empty house that is about 30 kilometres from the main farm house. The farmer has seen a person in the same area also before while driving closer to the farm with his bakkie, and it also vanished before he got closer, as you don’t drive in a straight line on a farm road to the farm it winds, and you keep losing sight of the house area.


Behind the house is a slight hill,  and if you climb to the top on a bright moon night you have an amazing view, my partner and his friend and the farmer climbed to the top, and looked down to the house, they got a fright when they observed that the house was on fire, they ran down and when they reached the bottom and came around the corner of that hill the house was perfect and it was not alight, this is a real true story and NOT just something thought up


Till today I often think about this episode, and wonder what actually went on that night, I was a worried man this night, I thought that we would not see the sun rising the next day, it was weird, but something my partner and I will never forget, we speak about this night a lot.

My partner and I headed along the sand road behind the farmhouse to a jackal-hunting spot about thirty km into the middle of nowhere. We were waiting for nightfall and prepared everything. It was about 15 minutes before we wanted to start calling that, in the far distance, I would estimate at about 2 km, just above the ground, we saw a hazy, blurred white light. I mentioned to my partner what I had seen, and he had a good look himself. He commented to me that he had been on this specific farm for over five years, and until that day he had never seen a white light like that in the middle of the Karoo at night. We are sitting miles into the bush on our own; nobody is around those areas, just sheep, buck, cats and jackals!

The next day we asked the farmer about that specific white light and he told us that there was nobody on that farm or on the other farms with helicopters or aeroplanes etc, but this was not a moving light, it sort of hung in the air. The closest farm to that white light was over 30 kilometres away!

Anyway we watched this light for about 10 minutes, it got lower and lower very slowly and then was gone. This is in the middle of the Karoo 30 kilometres into the bush and it is home to NOBODY. It was just us, the night stars and the darkest sky. It was in the air for a long time. And anyway, 30 kilometres into the bush nobody would be in a helicopter at night anyways plus in that clean air that’s totally pollution free we would have heard the engines anyway if it was a helicopter, it made NO noise at all.

We spoke about it for a while and it was very weird, the sight of that was not a bother to me and it was not scary, BUT THEN - THEN we suddenly heard a sort of like a tik sound, very softly and it was about 30m from us. It was like a tik tik tik tik sound but a very fast TIK TIK TIK sounding sound, it would go short bursts then long, then shorter , long longer and short or whatever, and carried on about half a minute, it was strange. It was like you see on television, when you see space people talking, that kind of weird sound. Have you seen Mel Gibsons movie SIGNS about those 000 in his fields, that critter made a very similar sound to what we heard? It was not birds, I have been in the Karoo for years and heard all the different beetles, bugs and critters, this was a very UN natural sound, totally different from anything normal, my partner still till today says he will never forget that sound, it was a metallic sound or close to.

I said what the fuck is that! In my scared voice, knowing what happened at that house, now this!!! ,my partner said I don’t know! It was close to us, he was also very stunned, I said quick turn on the red light, we turned it on but nothing, but you know as I am sitting here today writing this, just before I heard that tik tik sound behind us I am sure I heard a sound in the bush, just never gave it much thought. We saw nothing, we never called, and we packed up and left fast!

This night we never used night vision, isn’t that an amazing coincidence? Till this day I am almost sure we had close contact with something very weird that night, just how close whatever it was to me or both of us, I will never know, maybe whatever it was – was closer than we will ever want to know!

This isn’t a bullshit story; I won’t take 4 hours writing this article if it’s crap! Trust me I have better things to do with my time than spin crap stories, these stories are factual 


The farmer slept on his own one evening and it is a long house with a long passage, he slept in a room at the back of the house and from it on his bed he can see the kitchen, the distance is about 28m to the kitchen. His room light was off but he left the kitchen light on, he bought a packet of cigarettes and another article I now forget what

he told me it was. I think he said it was a tin of coke; it was in a white packet on the counter in the kitchen. He said he head a noise from the kitchen and looked into the kitchen, he noticed the packet was not still and then it was as if somebody picked it up and threw it across the room, it went into the lounge and smashed the window, ( that till today he never fixed).

He said to me that he was so shit scared that he waited for the noise in the lounge to be consistent and he ran down that passage and out of the kitchen door, he said he had never been more afraid in his whole life. (The farmer is not a drinker)


The farmer told us that if we listen carefully some evenings we will hear strange sounds from the roof, it is the same sound that when somebody throws sand from a spade and it hits the roof and slides backwards, that’s the exact sound I heard on warm nights, coming from the roof but nothing is inside the roof nor is it at all windy, and no draft is blowing through the structure, but you hear that sand sliding now and again, late at night on warm evenings. This is a sound I am sure has a pretty good explanation but so far I have no answers, but it is directly linked to the famous house so I have my feelings on that one for sure, it is not a scary sound but then again not a normal sound, it does not go on a long time, just a few times now and again some nights.


The house is actually in a very nice location, and is close to the petrol station and very close to the N1 – a really lovely location for sure, and it is often rented out, however like the last person, a single lady that worked at a local shop, she never stayed longer than a month, I wonder why! All I know is that man I will never sleep in that place alone, not for anybody. Even in the day when I am in that house I make sure I am not alone and at night I now never sleep on my own, call me a bang broek, I don’t care, as I know what I have witnessed and it isn’t a joke.


For some humour to end the article, the farmer is an ex Koevoet soldier who was in wars and done a lot, he was on that farm night hunting, and was using night vision, and he had the caller next to him, and while he looked through the NV lens he saw a blur and the object got closer but fast, it smacked him in the face and he got such a fright he fell off the chair and ran away from the bakkie, later on due to the damage and his face he worked out it was an owl that attacked him, BUT he said he thought that spook was now out of control and he panicked! – well think about it, you are all alone out at night, you know the area is spooked, you have actually witnessed his actions, now something you cannot see suddenly assaults you, man I would shit myself!

I have other stories regarding this house and others close by, but I will not mention them here as to many of the readers will think it is really nonsense, I will agree even I had my doubts about ghost stories, until I witnessed events myself, now I know they do exist.

Or let’s say a PRESENCE does exist, lets leave the words Ghost out, so the next time a person says they saw or felt a presence you can be 99% sure it’s the real thing, I have no reason to take hours writing this article knowing its all crap, I felt that I would share my experiences with the reader here.

If you have also had an experience with some sort of presence send me your story and I will BY ALL MEANS publish your story with mine. I know for a fact that somebody out in the Karoo would have at some point in time – drop me a mail and I will publish your story.

All these years later after my first experience with that presence in that room alone that night I still today when telling that story I get cold knowing just how scared I was. It was frightening and I am by no means shy to admit I was so scared I was barely able to think straight – to be scared of something you can’t see is not funny. Until you experience that you will never know exactly how it feels.

Please take note, no part of this article may be copied, reproduced and published in any material and form whatsoever, as we have been approached for its rights a few times by various publishers, this material is not for sale or exchange, it is the sole ownership of Feather & Fur.

To end this is not a joke or a hoax; these are real comments from a Karoo farm in Leeugamka – Western Cape / South Africa.

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Gary Laubscher


All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.