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Here is a story about a person who decided to slander

This is all about GOOD SERVICE and the BULLSHIT a person talks when they have nothing better to do with life. Amazing that some people have nothing to do except sit at home hiding behind a computer thinking up crap to smear others with; also amazing they think that the people involved with his slander / smear campaign won’t find out.


This is to show you that although we as Feather & Fur offer top class service and promote top class calling items, as well as make top class cages, chairs, lights, urines, hand calls etc, we still come across such dribble  that some people say about us, in fact this is the first time I have encountered this, and I have been in this business for over 20 years, but it shows you just who is out ready to pounce just like a jackal!, although we have never had any dealings with this such person, this individual decided to slander us anyway.

I am placing this on my site so hunters can see exactly how people with small minds think - I have no problem placing this on my own site as it is all crap anyway and I have nothing to hide. The person who thought it good to slander me is just a person bored with his life, sitting on a forum and bitching about anything to stir up trouble; he must really be angry with life. He comments on our service/products, but he has not seen anything we have manufactured in the past 3 to 4 years.

I am including his name here as he decided to slander our name. He claims our products are cheap, and he burnt his fingers buying from us, but it is amazing that he could have burnt his fingers when he has never bought anything from us at all. It is also amazing that he says our products are cheap, but we get good references and wonderful feedback from happy clients nearly every day that are happy with our products and service.  The truth is that if I had to publish all the references I would have to open a separate section on my website, but anyway this was his choice to start this campaign.

See the contactable reference at the bottom
that I received just 2 days ago.

I find it incomprehensible that such a person tries to smear another professional with such drivel. Maybe he is bored with his life and needs some excitement, so he chooses to knock us; however it would be nicer if he decided to give hard facts and not shoot off his mouth.

He comments also on our site as giving not such good info and advice, but our website is far superior to most other predator sites in SA and abroad – prove me wrong, show me another site that can even try to compare with ours about jackal and lynx control, and the wealth of info we offer is totally unmatched by anybody else locally. What we offer the general hunter nobody else can match - we cover a massive spectrum of interesting topics, including trail cams and night vision; at this time (2009) nobody covers this locally, but this ‘hero’ says what he does and tries to bring us down.

Maybe this person should wake up as his coffee is cold, think outside the box and see that other people can see through him easily, as one person so finely put it to me: “You can see the way he writes. he is short a beer in his six-pack”. Most the others said just forget him, and that he isn’t worth the time of day.

Here is the forum on which that he claims all these amazing facts. Maybe you also know him. If you do, send him our regards and tell him to wake up. Maybe he likes slander – the wheel turns!!!

The forum started like this - a person mentioned us and the hero responded as follows:


Gaan kyk by die man gee heelwat raad oor maniere vir nagsig en hoe om dit goedkoper te bekom.......


Pasop my vriend.......

Mooi loop
Francios Marias

Ek dink jy weet, hoev jou niks te vertel nie.....


......hoe om dit goedkoper te bekom

Goedkoop is sy produk se middelnaam.....


....heelwat raad....

Raad, daarvan het hy baie, jammer net nie altyd van die beste nie...

Ja, my vingers lelik gebrand.
Mooi loop
Francios Marias

Amazing he claims all this, but he has never bought anything and he also never answered the emails I sent him; maybe he should grow some balls seeing he talks so much.

Here is a reference of a few days back, from a person who also says our products and items are bad – yeh right! (He is contactable – not a ghost) unlike the crap Marias wrote.


DECEMBER 27th / 2009

----- Original Message -----

From: LEON HENRIKO _ Namibia


Sent: Sunday, December 27, 2009 5:57 PM

Subject: Excellent Service received from Gary Laubscher ( )

Hi Gary,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service, specialist advice and products I recently received from you.

I have tested your equipment including the Luna SB 50 Night Vision Binoculars with the Laser Extended Range Illuminator as advertised on your site and it is really impressive !

The illuminator made it easy for me to pick up eyes at a distance of over 400 meters and at 250 meters I could positively identify my targets with ease.

Your shooting chair with lights works perfectly on my Land Cruiser pick-up.

Your calling CD's and DVD's which are really informative and the detail experience and tips you share is very practical and it works !

My compliments on your excellent networks and speedy delivery service.

It is a pleasure to do business with you and I hope to see you soon.

Friendly Greetings          Leon Henriko          Professional Hunter

So, Franc - I hope you get the picture, if not, and you still can’t understand, come and see me, I am sure we can work it out nicely between us, man to man. Instead of hiding behind a computer, get a life, do some good and become a better man. Stop trying to slander and bring down a business who offers good service and also manufactures some of the nicest equipment available, and if you still have slanderous intents lets see what you can manufacture, design and make and last of all lets see your great website – get a life! You must be a pretty sad case if you go this route to slander others by name.

Here are two letters he decided not to answer.

----- Original Message -----

From: Gary

December 12, 2009 11:47 AM

Subject: Read please

Mr F Marias

Please note that I am writing this to you in a friendly way, although I find it very hard to understand the logic here in actions mentioned against

I have been informed via a client of mine with a link to a forum in which you comment against after a member asked about night vision and was directed to our website. You comment that he must be careful etc.

Mr Marias, I would strongly advise you to please stop warning people against our website as we have never done anything against you to deserve such comment. What info have we ever given you or what have we sold you to deserve such a comment? It seems you have an axe to grind? What product did I sell you that burnt your fingers? Tell me and I will return your money!

You have no idea as to our service and what our website can offer; your claims make me very sad that one outfitter can knock another without reason. I would strongly suggest you not mentioning us in a bad light and refrain from such comments. I would never mention you in a bad light publically.

Mr Marias, this has hurt my feelings and I can tell you this, the wheel turns. I never did anything to you to mention me with such contempt.  Mr Marias, let's be civil here and not knock others. This is unacceptable and I am in twos and threes regarding this matter.

Let's respect each other.

G Laubscher

That got no reply, here is another try

                                  ----- Original Message -----

From: Sandra Ellis

Sent: Sunday, December 13, 2009 9:56 AM

Subject: Last correspondance Cc

I last spoke to you near 3 years back, I never sold you squat but you comment on bad products. It is totally unethical to mention us this way and totally unacceptable, I never did you any harm. However, I am not going to get into anything with you, just remember the wheel turns, in fact its already started. You make comments on a site and warn people to be careful, I find your actions unacceptable and this matter is not finished. I don’t know who you think you are, but you seem to have issues, sort them out!  

This has hurt me badly, seeing that you as a professional will go that low, we can both play this game. If you have any decency you will change your attitude and edit that post, my word my man - what did I ever do to you, that 3 years later you make such attacks on me ??????????????????

Show me what you bought that burnt your fingers? in the past 3 years you bought SQUAT, you make up lies and spread crap about a person. What did I do to you to deserve that on a forum?.

What products do I have that are bad? I have a red light ( sold over 300 without any complaints, new hand calls thats better than most imported stuff, lures, cages and chairs. All top quality stuff, I suggest you get your facts in order before spreading crap all over the place, but as I say we can both play your game.

G Laubscher 

It is a sad day when a person decides to knock another without reason, and to publically slander another ! BUT by doing this you get a very true reflection of exaclty how a person really is, in this case you can judge for yourself.

If you go on a public forum and mention a persons business in a slanderous way then you must expect the wheels to turn, until this individual decides to remove his slanderous words from the forum this will remain on this website.

I am not mentioning the website this belongs to as this is a personal attack on AfricanPredator by Mr F Marias - it has no relavance to the forum website owner and I am not in the business of naming others publically.

Finally - this part of his reply really bothers me ; Ja, my vingers lelik gebrand

If he burnt his fingers buying our stuff why did he not complain the next day, or cancel the order or demand his money back.

The reason is ; he never bought squat but decides to rather slander us, the man has issues, a grudge and an axe to grind, it must be really bad to be Franc Marias and to hide behind a computer, but now people know exactly what his true colours really are.............. every story has two sides!


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