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Please don’t waste your time sending hate mails. Rather go and read a magazine or take a walk or do something, but stop giving others problems because you don’t like what they do. If you don’t like it go visit a gardening website or something else.... I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY – GET IT??

This is directed at certain members of the public who occasionally seem to get the urge to write and leave messages on our system, because they don’t like what they see or read ( heavens knows why they visit the site anyway if they don’t like it), but it’s all just to stir trouble when all could have been left alone.

Let me make myself very clear on this

I DON’T CARE what you say or comment on, so I hope you understand that. I do what I do just like a person working in a garden pulling out weeds; he does it because there is a need for it and he has the time and the inclination to do it. I do this as a business and also because it’s interesting to me and millions of other hunters.

If you have a problem with hunting and killing, stop eating meat – meat from an abattoir– meat from animals that suffered a lot more than mine do as they are stressed and know what’s about to happen.

Remember, if you complain about killing and hunting, but you eat meat, you are nothing more than a hypocrite – the difference being you hunt in a supermarket and I in the bush; you like your meat vacuum- packed and cleaned, but just as dead as mine.

So, really - stop sending the odd hate mail, I really don’t care what you have to say, whether you are a ‘bunny-hugger’ or just a downright trouble-maker with nothing more to do but look for trouble. Go and read a magazine on mastering the universe or something while you have a braai with your friends and eat a roast at Christmas, but whatever you do stop sending stupid childish hate mails. Get a life!

It must be really sore on the feet having to go barefeet all day, as leather shoes are also made of animal hides, so enjoy your life and stop making the hunter’s life a problem.

BELOW AN EXAMPLE OF HATE MAIL from people with nothing better to do but cause trouble.

Enjoy this particular letter –

You say in your website that it`s up to God to decide if predators are good or bad. Surely you killing them, means that you`re deciding for God that they`re bad? Or are you letting it up to God to decide if they go to predator hell or predator heaven? I think it just would be better if you said on your website that you care more about money than wildlife instead of  trying to find a way to justify what you`re doing. Maybe that way you wouldn`t illustrate to your clients that you`re not too bright. And please do reply to this, your attempt to say something intelligent would only humour me more. Timothy Leslie

It was best said from a friend of ours on this particular letter 

Wow, the compassion is really coming through on that one!

Get a life

So, stop sending these mails, I really dont care.


All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.