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Well, this is an article to illustrate how indeed times have changed and the costs and how they have escalated. You will enjoy this especially if you have hunted jackal for over 20 years!

Firstly let me say to the farmers reading this, are you one of those who want jackals killed BUT you don’t like to pay? Yes? If yes read on friend, and after this you will have a different outlook regarding jackal hunters and what it actually costs!

After some people read this they will say “well why don’t stick to that old way and save R90, 000! If it works then still use that R147-00 method”, then I will say this, fine then why did you upgrade your farm bakkie 7 times in the last 20 years? That also worked! Or why did you upgrade your old 10 year old computer? Same thing, times change and we must change with the times and adapt or we will be left behind in jakkals kak!


Here is my Lohman MVP-4 one of the greatest hand calls I have ever put in my mouth, this caller called in hundreds of predators, and it can be seen opposite a new model. I used this call for 7 years. It is now also in my show cabinet. I used 2 in total over the years.

This Lohman MVP-4 has many many cuts in it to show kills, it also has cuts on the barrel. Each cut symbolizes 10 kills; it was one of my greatest calls ever. It has 3 settings; you just turn the dial, long range, short range and a coaxer.


Here is a photo of a new model in its box new from my collection. I personally will rate this caller as one of the best if not the best caller I ever used, it also has a double stainless steel reed, it is an amazing call, on my very early VHS videos in those days as far as 10 years back then rated it as the best call, and that was 10 years ago.

LOHMAN MVP-4; One of the finest game calls I ever used!


"Yesterdays Jackal Hunter"

Let’s start by going back about 15 years or so, I remember personally when I went calling and I think frightened all predators away! with the dumb things I did, I had to spend “HUGE” money on equipment, let’s see what I bought back then.

I needed a light and that cost me about R75-00, it was a simple CHINA job but was good enough, then a red lens, uuummmm well, I bought a Perspex lens in red and fitted it with elastics for a bracket etc, man it was high tech stuff indeed! That cost about R12-00. Then I bought a black open reed call and that was R60-00. (These items I still have today in my display cabinet!) So, I was ready, aaag no man- nearly forgot, a man needed cool camo net to hide that bakkie! So, I organised a few pieces from a friend, the cost was zero. This was about 19 years ago could have been 20 I am unsure, but it cost me in total R 147-00 to get going! Man I remember I could hardly afford to buy this stuff, it broke the bank for sure.


With this equipment I learnt, and I took plenty or let’s say PLENTY of critters with this simple mouth call, and HIGH TECH red light, I never had dimmers, chairs and kak, nix’s! Just this high tech equipment, I had an old 3-9x32 scope and used it on a few guns, I never had money for other scopes and guns, in fact I loved that scope so much that years later I still mounted it on a 223 and still used it often for fun, I still have it today! I had an old 22 Hornet I used as an introduction rifle, and with it the 3-9x32 and that call and red light many critters perished.


I cut my teeth on hand calls, and used them all the time for over 14 years, I had never even heard of an electronic, wat de fok is dit! Ja, so I carried on and on and would gooi as much as I could, it was amazing especially knowing its you calling a critter and not calling it with a machine.

My point is back then with a hand caller and a hand held red light many critters perished, all I needed was somebody to hold the light while I shot, it was technically very simple, that was then it was cheap and simple. R147-00 to hunt jackal and cats, the only thing to suffer was the ears, today I suffer because of all the years of blowing a hand caller, but man I really could blow a call! Many clients commented how I called for easily an hour straight awaiting a cat on a stand.

"Todays Jackal Hunter"

So, enter the modern era, today we are sitting in a better situation, and also a far more expensive one. Although many farmers still expect or want jackals killed for free while they own farms worth millions, and offer a sheep as payment or such bullshit offers, hardly ever wanting to pay in hard cash, some do but they are few and far between.

I am going to use myself again in this segment of this article, just like the first part, but notice after 20 years how much more it costs to hunt those jackal that we called back then for R147-00! I really am enjoying writing this article! I want to plant the seed here and wake a few asleep farmers who still think jakkals jag is fun so it should be done free, believe me many think like that!

I hunt crows professionally, I kill over a 1000 crows a year, do the maths, work out all the ammo I blast away, BUT most of the farmers say to me “ it is fun to hunt them, so why should we pay”, yes facts! They want the vermin removed BUT think I must pay and be the loser, and they sit with farms worth millions, and I go back home poorer every time! CHARITY IS FINISHED O BROER!

Take note I am NOT going to mention a bakkie or a rifle as this is a personal thing everybody feels different about, also it has very far and wide, different prices. I will mention myself today and what I hunt with and costs to call jackal today (maybe after this a few farmers will see why it is common knowledge that a jackal hunter should be paid). As said before some do pay but they are hard to find.

A friend of mine used his bakkie since it was new on farms till at 223,000 the 250D motor decided to blow, it cost him R35,000 to redo it ( no Turbo) and he is short R35,000 it was used to drive on farms, hunt all night, drive over rocks and uneven terrain all its life, and now HE ALONE must fit that bill, so as I see it – it is only fair the charity stops today and farmers who before expected FREEBIES start to contribute to costs as they get expensive.

This is a photo of a lens I used over 19 years ago, and then this was high tech! The good old days!

Man this was high tech stuff, when I made this I thought I was just the worlds best designer, it will always bring back memories, I always kept this lens as a reminder of how it was then – how much more simpler it was those days!!

Man, check out that cool bracket! And designer clips holding on that elastic! Those days I will never forget! Check out that crude silicone! NOTE that circle of Perspex from the heat in the centre because of all the years of use; I basically could not afford another lens then, so used this for many years! How times change.



I am a professional, and make use of top class equipment for my hunts, and this is my personal outlay to kill jackal

Ok here goes, LIGHTS, now I need a good light to scan with and I have two choices to buy ours with a red filter at R850-00 or an imported one at about R2500 -00 with a red lens. (AFTERWARDS WE WILL AD IT ALL UP) Without this I can’t do much and need a red light.

I need an infra red lens on a larger 250 diameter light for my Night Vision; this lens is found in SA at around R2300-00. The torch is about R2000-00.

Next a shooting chair, these are available but let’s say you build one to specs, it will cost to get a professional one about R5500-00 or more, or a simple version at R2500-00. Mine is about R4500-00 with extras on it. Dimmers R400-00.

So far we have R2300-00, R2000-00, R4500-00, R2500-00 in total R11,700.

Next an electronic FOXPRO caller, I use several but this is today, I use three on a hunt, a FX5 that’s R10,000 then a Fury R8000-00 and a Scorpion R7000-00 this is with import duty and taxes and postage at R10 to a single 1$. ( TAKE NOTE; I have not mentioned a R8000-00 CS 24 Foxpro that I also use)

Then we need 3 hand calls, I use Lohman and my own, lets say the 3 are valued at R750-00 if I bought them and at a new price.

Next camo for the truck, a piece of camo netting at a local supplier gives it at 15m x 2m this is R6000-00. It covers the truck perfectly.

TRUCK PRICE AND WEAR AND TEAR as we drive over rocks and bad roads on a farmers farm – (I am not including those costs here).

2 car battery’s for red lights and large infra red torch on chair at night R1200-00.

Small CV123 A batteries for NV it takes 3 each night – so that’s 6, they cost R50-00 each. Total is R300-00

Next is my NIGHT VISION. Now this is fun, the unit with extras, illuminators, screens and filters ( excluding wear and tear) R38,000. This is a very realistic price you cannot replace it for that!

Next, clothing, I have an imported long john and custom overall made for cold weather and other imported clothes in summer, cost on these two is R3000-00.

TRAIL CAMS x 2 ; Moultrie cams R6000-00.

Next we look at GENERAL, this is all the small stuff, like torch for walking in bush, bulbs, tape, and bullets used, electronic caller chargers, pen light battery chargers, cell phone used to call each other while on hunt etc, let’s be realistic and call it R200-00 for that. NOTE; I am not going to value a rifle and truck here, just the other stuff, also NOTE all this stuff IS used at night on a hunt, I am not adding something that is not used.

GRAND Total of R 90,150-00 is what I hunt with at night.

(REMEMBER the quads value, rifle and bakkie not mentioned here)

So, looking back at R147-00 compared to today at R90, 150-00 do you not think that this deserves to be looked upon with respect and when a jackal hunter wants some sort of contribution it should be given? Far too many farmers take us for a ride, offering sheep as payment or some bullshit; some even say they will give free sleeping facilities while you stay at them, I mean, man come on!

Far too many it seems think all these things are free that I mention above in yellow and blue, and what gets to me is many cry poverty but buy new bakkies every year, it costs a lot today to travel, so let’s be respected.

TAKE NOTE; I do not say all farmers are this way, but many are! As a person offering a service we should be respected and given proper reward - see my costs here, this is an idea as to what we charge – and no I don’t take sheep as payment!

This photo shows that old scope I used years back, I put it on this rifle recently and still use it now and again, who says you can’t kill predators with a small objective! Called this cat in with a hand caller and shot with my 223.




All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.