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Jackal Vs Cats

It is important to understand this very crucial topic - namely (canines Vs felines) as many hunters of predators don’t seem to quite get this, and you should!

Jackals are pack animals, just like Hyenas and African hunting dogs, they are social animals and enjoy other members company, and they because of this are very often easily called with vocal sounds of other canines, they respond to other members calls, ok so a jackal, he responds to other jackal sounds, and many times when we call we use this as an attention getter and then gooi food sounds, if you don’t you should!

A jackal will bark back and respond to you if you play jackal vocal sounds at various times of the year, matching that jackal cycle, like Jan to March around your farm at night sometimes may sound like a chorus, so this is why most times if I call I will start very softly with social attention getter bark or two, then put off and gooi food.

This photo is an old picture, but this dog responded to my attention jackal bark and within 35 seconds she was dead, showing an attention call is good practise. Just don’t overplay it, especially because you will scare away a year or two year old jackal, he will be scared this other jackal may injure him, and he wont come in, so don’t overplay the sound.


Now, the cat, these are solitary animals, most times will be seen on their own, (I don’t speak of kittens). And lynx / wildcat are not interested in second hand sounds, your cat at home won’t even look up if a cat meeeeuws on television, it isn’t interested in second hand sounds, it is a solitary “alleen loper” and is very elusive and not easy to figure out. It is NOT a pack animal and is totally different to a jackal in this respect with the sounds.

Cats like squeaky sounds, busy sounds and you will call him provided you call on dark moons, sit long and have patience.

But give the sounds of live cats a miss, it does not work, if you have used it and had success then that means the cat was very close and came out of curiosity just for the heck of it.  But generally don’t waste your time with second hand vocal cat sounds.

My website has some fantastic cat calling advice, look it over.


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