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LEES !!!!!

TIPS THAT WORK -- This will help moerse baie - Lees en jy sal sien as jy dit probeer dit werk duidelik

TRY THIS !!!!!!

Ok, your battery on your caller or Foxpro is going flat and it’s about 30m away from you, the remote is failing to work its signal, what do you do?

Well, put the caller on metal, and you will see that you get more range, put caller closer to you say on the bakkies roof, it will get a signal and also after you turn down the volume a little, you will see it still gets fantastic range because its on metal.

Do this, put a caller on the sand and put up the volume a little, now walk away till you can’t hear the sound, mark that spot. Now put that caller on the bonnet of your bakkie, and walk again, you will still hear the sound way past the other mark you made of the place it was on the ground. SIEN IS GLO!!!!!!

It is the same principal as this, if you hold a hand caller with a glove and blow it, it is very muffled and dead sounding, not crisp at all, NOT take off that glove, and try again – WOW!!!! Now you have crisp, sharp sounds that travel far!!

Putting the caller on metal allows the sound to travel much further, it gives far more range, and by putting it on sand drastically reduces your range capabilities. Even by placing your caller on a rock gives it more range than having it laid on sand.

REMEMBER don’t put your caller to loud, its not natural, play it at a volume that you think is easily heard by a human at 300m, then a jackal will hear it easily at 600m – don’t over play sounds to much when calling a jackal and try play a distress sound as you think that small distressed animal would with his small lungs.



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