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Jackal Hunting Rule Book

There is none! One guy will say when you shoot a jackal, gooi a fighting jackal next, then another hero will say, this other guy says if you hear a jackal bark don’t bark back, just gooi kos o broer, another will say that if you hear a jackal bark then you must burp, if you get my meaning. It is always what other people tell others, almal het die antwoorde or they think they do!!!

BUT truth be told, there is no definite answer, what works one night will not work the next night generally no matter how you call, same as a guy will say when you gooi kos, and get nothing coming in after 3 minutes, switch off caller and wait 10 min then gooi again, but again this may work once but it wont work again every time, and then maybe it will never work at all.

TAKE NOTE; predators answer a call 99% of the time from curiosity, hulle nuuskierig - they don’t always approach because of hunger.

So, keep to a jackal breeding cycle, match his sounds or sounds that will match that time of the year, and see what works for you.

If you call and whatever you did worked try it again and maybe it will work again if you are lucky, it won’t work every time.

EXAMPLE; A guy sent me a sound he compiled, he claimed it killed nearly 99% of every time he used it, I used it for 3 nights as a test, I called in ZERO with it.

I have called in many jackal with a social bark, then OFF the caller, then gooi kos and call for a few seconds, wait 15 seconds, dan weer kos and that’s how I carry on, if nothing I wait 3 min and go again, this style has worked ( BUT NOT ALWAYS) but if cat calling you need busy active constant sound, otherwise the pussy will lose interest fast.

There is no RULE BOOK to how they reply to you; it all has to do with the mood of the animal, temperatures and the wind conditions.

REMEMBER THIS; If it was this easy we would have no jackals left to kill, if all these guys with amazing ideas and what to do – if they have the answers of what to do when – then why do we still have jackals? Simple, because there is no rule book, it is a constant challenge, if it was that easy we would be jackal free in SA but we are not, proving that they are survivors and no matter how man persecutes them, they will still flourish and the challenge will remain with us forever.

I also offer advice on sounds, but I can tell you what works on a farm in an area at a certain time of the year will never work the same all over SA at that exact time, so you must figure it out yourself.


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