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Jackal & Lynx Gland Lure

Jakkals LOKAAS


Here is a mail from a friend, this tells you everything, why jackal gland lure works, try this on your next hunt!

----- Original Message -----


Sandra Ellis

Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2010 8:29 PM

Subject: RE: lure


That stuff works pretty good.  We were hunting the other evening and a coyote worked his way about 75-yards downwind of us, smelled us and left.  I popped open a bottle of the lure put some on a cotton ball and let it waft downwind.  About three minutes later, Mr. Coyote showed his eyes again.  Big mistake for him as I put a 6.5 Grendel round right between his glowing eyes.  Nighty night Mr. Coyote.  My hunt partner was amazed that the scent brought the coyote back…......................I was too.


We use parts of jackals for various things, from putting in cages for trapping to putting in a bottle to hide our scent downwind when calling etc, BUT whatever you want it for, here is how to make it.

First how to get it out of an animal, well sometimes after you shoot a jackal or cat it will shit itself, so keep a bottle handy, or simply push hard on each side of the vent at the rear and see what comes out. OR lay the cat / jackal on its back, make a very shallow cut (don’t cut deep) and make the cut about 4 inches forwards from the vent at the back. Take out the bladder and intestine.


Take a needle and syringe, and feel with your fingers, locate that bladder and insert the needle and suck out the urine. Remember this urine isn’t cat SPRAY that he sprays out to mark territory, it will smell different. Keeping urines and jackal waste in a bottle made into a gland lure will give you excellent cover when calling, placing two / three bottles downwind from you will help hide your presence. It is worth the effort to make your own.


3 Jackal waste contents (INTESTINE) or

3 Jackal rectum contents or

3 Jackal bladders

Mix in with anal glands

Now, mix together in (warmed liquid) honey paste; add in 15ml gelatine to preserve the contents. Add in raw SEAGRO or rotten eggs. Let it ferment for a period of 8 months in a natural sealed setting, be careful to release gas often in a plastic container.

When mixing it with the honey, throw a bottle with honey in warm water so it’s gets into a runny liquid and then quickly mix it in with all the other lovely fragrance ingredients.


When you skin a jackal , remove that anal area – The area of anal glands is located on each side of that anal opening.
Make a deep cut all around that opening. Now, pull out the anal glands and about 4 inches of intestines. Take also any droppings found in that intestine. You can remove the bladder or syringe it out. With female jackals take the vagina as well as the reproductive organs.

Mash it all up and place in a bottle, mix it with the urine and a little paste. Leave this about a year to reach a peak in stink. MAKE SURE TO REMEMBER to leave that top a little open to breathe as gas will build up inside that bottle.

YOU DONT want that bottle exploding near your car, bakkie or inside your house! The smell will never go! Dont bring any smelling things in the house.

This lure I make up, is so strong smelling that after I put it in a thick sealed plastic bottle within 10 minutes the smell goes through the plastic, thats how potent the smell is.


Remember to ALWAYS use rubber surgical rubber glaves when doing this crappy job, be careful of open cuts on your hands etc, take precautions to not get infected. If you suddenly start getting hot and sweating this is the first sign of a bacterial infection, go immidiatly to the doctor.

ALSO, put it in a place that the flies cannot lay eggs on it, and keep it in a dry area, or cover it with a mosquito net. Prevent contamination as much as possible.


   This is an idea of location of the various innards.

Dogs and cats are pretty easy to get urine from with a needle and syringe; you can feel with your fingers for the bladders and insert a needle easily.

A TIP to hide your smell when calling is to use vanilla essence and spray on yourself and bakkie or smoke your cloths over a fire, that smoke confuses a jackal’s nose pretty well. Rubber is excellent and the more rubber on you and your truck the better.

ROTTEN EGGS, this is an old trick for a trapping lure, and this to can be used as a scent hider, throw 12 eggs in a bottle, let it rot and use it with a lid open.

Rotten eggs smell really bad when left in a bottle for 3 weeks, so make sure you don’t contaminate any area or you will be sorry, the smell is intense!

RED BAIT, ROOI AAS is possibly one of the best cage trapping lures I have used, it works like a bomb, to get cats into cages it’s a great tool. Also placed downwind will hide your scent and I haven’t found it to be a problem while predator calling, it does not spook predators at all.

It is pretty easy to make your own, well, you cant exactly make a mess of it if you get my meaning, so next time you kill a jackal, don’t throw it in the bush, use the parts and use it to help you on a upcoming hunt, try this, you will see using a scent hider downwind really helps.


Well as you can see, the Humph also likes the smell! This works well for cage trapping. Trying different ideas will benefit you, if you don’t try it you will never know

Hope this topic helps! It surely stinks!


To end here is a funny story- I made a batch of 12 bottles of this smelly stuff, put on labels and put in the garage, the next day 7 of the labels on the bottles had been eaten partly off from mice, showing you that even mice are attracted to this smell.



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