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These calls are an awesome addition to anybody’s call collection, so collecting or calling they are awesome!

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Remember we must not think that because we have a good electronic caller - so to hunt is easy! It all depends upon you!


About 25 years ago, I had not much spare cash, I was studying law and also doing a gunsmithing diploma at the same time, so after work, I went home, trained in my gym and went back to the office, and studied till late, as (it was quieter at the office after hours). Then after that had supper and so my life carried on, and in between I went hunting - as much as I could get in.

I had not much spare cash due to studies and other overheads and I called with hand calls and then used a normal big ghetto blaster that you buy at Makro or such places, a big one with a tape player. BUT although I used a tape and a basic radio I still managed to drop many predators with such simple devices.

So, my point is – DON’T think if you buy a R8000-00 Foxpro or similar that you will call more than the other guy with a normal radio! NOT SO, unless you know how to hunt, that expensive machine you buy won’t help you at all, unless you know the basics.

You can own a Maserati or Lamborghini but if you can’t drive it – it will stand in your garage and get old and dusty, same thing, if you have the equipment it means ZERO unless you know how to use it and hunt properly.

THE BEST caller made in the world isn’t going to bring you success - unless you know the basics!


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