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Do you want to kill more jackals?


Well, if so read this – LEES!!!!




A jackal is a pack animal, it responds to vocal sounds of other jackal, same as any canine, being pack animals they are attracted to vocal sounds unlike the cat, a cat is a solitary animal, it is mostly on its own, so therefore DOES NOT respond to other cat sounds, like a hunter I know who tells clients to buy the cd’s with cat sounds as he calls more lynx with a lynx sound – this is my response to that statement “BULLSHIT”. Total crap, fabrication of facts, total rubbish at its finest, whoever thought up that rubbish must wake up because his coffee is cold! I am not talking about larger predators, lions – cheetah etc, I am speaking of small cats.

Have you ever hunted Namibia, have you ever seen how after a Hyena starts its vocal chatter, how many gather together so quickly? Again pack animals responding to a vocal sound, the jackal is the same just a vast bit smaller in size!

Also remember a predator does 99% of the time respond to your call and come in because he is hungry, he is curious to see what’s the deal and what’s going on, he is just curious that’s all, that’s why he comes in, and then the 1% of the time he comes to eat that sound you make etc.




So, we must use this to our advantage, and use it as ammunition, use a general jackal sound to start a hunt to get a dogs attention from far away, bark 2-3 times and put it off for 30 seconds, then do it again, and again, and only then go to a food sound after your 2nd or third attempt.

Use a jackal sound nobody has as well as a nice food sound also not used by other hunters, and see how you do, just try this style of hunting, you will see it really works well.

Have you ever seen Americans calling Coyotes? They often use vocal sounds to call them and that is all, so again a pack animal answering a call.

We can never stop learning, but use what a jackal gives you as ammunition to kill more of the bastards!




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