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Jackal Control - 2009 ETHICAL methods.

Gary Laubscher

I wanted to share the latest news with farmers for jackal control, here it is, an all new development and it really works, and it also has sounds not heard in the Karoo before!!!

I have been involved with predator control for over 20 years, and the latest technology that is now offered makes targeting jackal and cats on farms with sheep loss and troubles, so much easier. It is unlike poison that besides the fact it is barbaric like snares/ gin traps, this new technology is target SPECIFIC.

This is my awaited Foxpro Fury, the first one to be used locally. We used it for the first time in the Northern Cape and managed to remove 12 jackals in 2 hours; it was easy to use and worked with sounds not heard before by jackals. The caller has genuine jackal sounds NOT simulated and crystal clear distress sounds.

ORDER AT talk to JOE!!!


For educated jackal, that has heard all the sounds in the night, this is the difference between the old and new era, new technology with new sounds.

I ordered my Foxpro Fury and received it within days via speed post, the first one to be used locally, and found it to be really worth the wait! A machine loaded with new technology – the days of old CD’s, wires, separate amplifiers etc, are GONE! Now we have together with GREAT SOUNDS have a really small, compact caller, with built in 2 speakers, built in amplifiers, battery area, and a memory bank to take up to 500 sounds!!!! The remote control is an amazing extra and can also be programmed to play a calling sequence etc, it can do so many things – jackal control will never be the same again.

The secret to calling in a jackal is that, in the Karoo most farmers are using old cd players, and they are using thousands of sounds every night on the cd disc, however Mr jackal has heard these sounds far to often and knows it’s a false sound, thus you hear farmers saying “hulle kom nie in nie” or you see eyes 400m away! The secret to calling a jackal is sounds, use sounds nobody has, and these units have sounds nobody has on CD in the Karoo. The sounds are only available to be played on a Foxpro Fury and are crystal clear sounds

STAND ASIDE POISON, snares AND GIN TRAPS – HERE IS THE SOLUTION. Using the sounds recommended you target the species you are trying to call in.

The latest technology is in the form of an electronic caller, and comes with space for 500 sounds of your choice, but when you receive it – it is pre loaded with all the sounds you will need. It has remote control that can be custom set up to suit every farmer and style he chooses. You can do so much with the caller and using the sounds recommended you target the species you are trying to call in.

Using technology like this you now target a specific animal, unlike gin traps that are barbaric and also poison/ snares, this offers the farmer the opportunity to call and remove jackal ethically, until you try this amazing device you won’t know just how nice it really is.

I will strongly suggest in investing in such a unit loaded with the latest high tech  sounds and the nice thing about this caller is it does NOT HAVE WORKING PARTS! Unlike an old cd player that has mechanics that are moving and can break, this caller has no moving parts, just a straight forward computer that takes sound files and if you want you can load all your own sounds on mp3 format to the caller. You can load all software for free so loading your caller won’t cost extra, but as I say it comes standard with many sounds you will like.

How I see it is, I buy a caller I can use for many many years, and if I need more sounds I just load more, not that I will need more than 20 sounds but lets say I do, then I can load them and if I want more sounds also not heard in the Karoo, I can go to FOXPRO’s sound library and listen to the sounds, then decide on what I want and it is as simple as that, or load my own cd’s on mp3 format to the caller at home. After this I will never need to buy another caller ever again, because it doesn’t come any better than this!


This photo was taken on a recent jackal sweep on a farm in the Northern Cape; a total of 12 jackals got removed in 2 hours. This is a stock standard Fury.

Using this machine is so simple but really very effective. The DVD’s mentioned also have a section on them that show how to load this machine with extra sounds if you want to add in your own.

The Foxpro Fury is next to my hand in this photo.


The other development for 2009 with regards to farmers suffering with stock losses, are two DVD’s designed not only to educate and teach new farmers in South Africa but to show exactly how to trap ETHICALLY without having to use GIN TRAPS and snares!

The two DVD set is set out to give easy to follow instruction and how to call jackal with calls and at night, and the trapping DVD is structured to put across the point that if you know how to trap you wont have the need to use poison, snares and gin traps – (both these three mentioned are in any case NOT TARGET SPECIFIC).

For the new farmers in South Africa attention to wildlife and conservation is very important and the more we pay attention to ethical methods that we use to remove problem animals the more we will be able to sustain a good balance between problem animals and innocent ones, because using poison, snares and gin traps causes large spread damage to all Africa’s wildlife.

This new set of DVD’s shows and explains all you will need to know about combating predators. For more info contact me on 0824853885 -Gary Laubscher .


We are selling 4 hand calls in a package at R795-00 or apart at R395-00 each, great distress callers! All different styles and sounds.





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