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This will fit the general makes of night vision on the market today; it is an amazing devise and until you actually see what this can do you will never really understand the power of such a small devise.

This is a LUNA EXTENDED RANGE INFRA RED LASER – see here for more on this devise, it makes night vision adopt another life it is so bright, a truly amazing item.

1st Generation Night Vision is Misunderstood

Do you own night vision and are you happy with the performance ?

I am using my Cobra night vision binoculars here as an example. The laser is fitted on top, the laser can be set so it is dead in line with your binoculars line of sight, you set it like a rifle scope is set – left and right, up and down. It comes with a key to sight it in. My laser was dead on the first time, so I never needed to.


As you can see the devise is small, it has 8 brighness settings and can be set in the front also for a more accurate image of an animal.

Here you can see the front and the dial to set it for a more detailed image of your target. NOTE the Serial number!!!


Here you can see the bracket, it screws directly on top of your NV unit.



Here you can see the threads on front that you turn to zero the laser in to aim correcly with your NV unit, mine was dead on first time, I never had to sight it in at all.



This devise is amazing, and to call predators at night  and use NIGHT VISION you quickely find out they approach faster, come closer and also have no idea that they are being observed.

Last week we went calling, one place at 350m a jackal came over a small koppie- it ran down the side at an angle and I picked him up within seconds at that distance, when he was at 100m from me I could see him so well that if he had one ear missing I would have been able to see it like daylight, that is how good this laser is on the above binoculars. But to pick up eyes out as far as 450-500m is childs play with this system, and to see his actual body from 250m is very easy.

This devise is totally awesome, I told my wife to take an apple, orange and a tennis ball, and she can pick one, hold it up and at 130m I will tell her what she is holding, in pitch darkness, well that was easy!

Whatever NV you have, buy one of these, it will make your NV get a new lease on life! It is like making a bright day brighter.

I always say you may have hunted jackal for many years, BUT until you try with NV you havent hunted a jackal yet, it is awesome to use top class equipment.


Buy yourself a Luna 5 power binoculars – Model LN-PB5 that can screw in the mentioned laser a Model LN – E – LIR Extended range laser infra red illuminator and you have top class NIGHT VISION equally on par with 2nd generation equipment but a lot cheaper.

Richard Sanders is your guy for these, call him at 082- 312 – 0035 I can tell you that after you try this is pitch darkness if you say no it isnt good then you are only cheating yourself, this set with the binonocular and laser is awesome.





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