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If you need a rifle scope contact Richard Sanders at 0823120035, he has various models on offer. This particular one has a illuminated crosshair and good optics in pitch dark, the ideal accurate range with this is 100m. This is a Night Vision unit.


This is a topic I have mixed feelings on, some people like them, I personally do not really like a night vision rifle scope and I will tell you why I say this;

Ok, some night vision rifle scopes have a typical crosshair in the shape of a      at the base and the thin hair is directly above that V shape. So you have a triangle with a hair directly above it, this isn’t an accurate scope in my opinion and I find it hard especially that the point of aim is most times on the tip of that triangle in many of the scopes.

Typically what you need is a scope with a normal crosshair that is illuminated and also at the same time it must be night vision, like this model above. LUNA PRS-40.

This model has an extra IR illuminator and can fit an extra one also, it is strong and the only drawback is weight.

BUT then besides the crosshair debacle, we have another issue, - RANGE!


Many hunters have a predator rifle, dedicated for night predator jag, and we spend a lot on all the extras that go with it, silences etc etc. And we can use it in daylight also, and at night with a red light we can shoot out to 250m with ease with most riflescopes.

Now, this is the problem, with a night vision scope, you are limited to range with a general priced 1st generation night scope on your gun, you can get them for about R16,000 a really nice model, but when you call and an animal stands 140m plus and more away you have a problem, you cant shoot accurately ( I am not talking about expensive 2 and 3rd generation rifle scopes). So what now?

You must now have a dedicated rifle for under 120m shooting and another for over 120m shooting both with night vision, the one under 120m will cost about over R16,000 and the 2nd generation around R80,000.

So, what it means is basically you need two guns now, one with a normal scope for long range and the other with NV scopes for over 120m.

So, because of this I don’t like a rifle night vision scope, as you will call and a predator sticks at 180m , you cant shoot, but a normal riflescope with a red light you can.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, me I will go with a normal scope.


Here is my style I use; Hunting style, I scan with Night Vision, see him approach, when he is close I put down NV binoculars, pick up rifle, switch on dimmer, it is already set low, then I turn it up till I see his eyes ONLY, I follow him in and when close, I kiss kiss, he stops, and I turn up red a little and bang, off goes red light and I carry on all over again.

Personally I don’t like a NIGHT VISION rifle scope, you are far to limited with what it can do. ( I speak of general affordable ones, not R100,000 scopes)

One day when I can afford a R100,000 toy I will buy a really good scope, till then I will use a normal scope as mentioned above.

If you want one like above call Richard, for the money the above one in the photo is great for a range of 120m.

Richard Sanders is your man; he is full of valuable information and will offer excellent advice.








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