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Here I have included two extras I use now recently, it helps a ton! I have used them for about 5 months, (2009) and they help my night vision set up.


This INFRA RED SPECIAL FILTER THAT LOOKS LIKE A NORMAL GLASS, is very nice and it looks like a normal torch from the front BUT it isn’t at all, it is infra red and when on you cant see any sort of light at all, it is only visible through night vision binoculars etc. I use both the normal IR filter and then also this, I always have both with me in case one breaks down, then I have a spare. I bought this from a company called TACTICAL 4 YOU in Japan; it cost $15-00. Locally it would have cost R2000,00 ( yes that’s correct!)

Then next I also added a pressure switch, this turns on the back of the Sure-fire torch and you simply touch the switch to turn the torch on, the original one on the Sure-fire you must turn to put the torch on, so this helps a lot and its responsive. I like it far more than a turn on torch.

This is just to show the switch that fits on the Sure-fire rear with the pressure switch shown, when properly assembled I fix it to the right side for easy finger pressure.

I also bought this at the same place, it costs $11-00 from Japan, if I bought it locally it would cost me about R1600-00, a huge saving indeed -- it pays to buy overseas for most things, you save thousands of Rands.

Below are a few pictures of the units and a final showing the NV binoculars with the pressure switch set up ready for action.

Here we have my 9P Sure-fire with a pressure switch ready to be fitted to the rear, having a push button switch is FAR easier than a turn on torch. The moment you release pressure it switches off, thus saving a lot of battery power. This one fits all my Sure-fire models (9P and G2)

Here is the NV with pressure switch fitted correctly.



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