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From one person who has experience with NV and tested good and bad models read this- you must be careful of your choices, you won’t have another chance.


Here is a scenario, you go in a shop and see NV equipment, you firstly stand a 99% chance the salesman will not know much at all as now in SA we find many people employed, are in positions other than because of their knowledge if you get my meaning, so customer relations, service has gone to hell.

So, you ask the salesman his / her advise and get whatever answers, you are running a dangerous line between being given good advice and being led astray and ripped off by a salesman who just talks, says what he or she has heard or read on the box that a NV unit comes in, he sits in a job for little pay and isn’t dedicated to the business at hand, all they want is a sale and commission, so watch it!

DO NOT BUY NIGHT VISION from a stranger or somebody who you can tell by his answers is vague and not at all qualified. Night Vision is a subject that’s requires a lot of technical detail, and most local salesmen are not going to give you that professional advice in a local down the road shop, prove me wrong….DONT BUY NV equipment from a shop selling general stuff – rather buy from a NV expert dealing in NV equipment.

REMEMBER once you pay and walk out of the shop, that’s it, if you get home and you are not happy, 99% of all shops will NOT allow you to bring it back, we are talking of equipment worth thousands, and most won’t allow refunds.

So, you walk in a shop, a young salesman in his teens or early 20’s helps you, you ask him / her about the models, from single tubes or double, technical info etc, REMEMBER you cannot test it out to see what its like, so you can easily have the wrong idea of what light it throws or don’t throw. The salesman also must throw light on the matter to help you (excuse the pun) but most cannot as they just work in the shop and don’t know much. If you buy a NV vision unit like you see on most Hollywood movies, that you can see so clear and far etc, if you plan to buy and think like that you are in for a rude surprise, don’t look at such movies and expect that result in real life.

So, you are confused by lots of things, totally thrown in the deep end, and you need help. Example head mounted 1 power NV is totally useless for jakkals nag jag, it is not powerful, tubes to small, and light is not good, it is made to drive in Hummers in wartime, and you must also be careful in that application or you can take a corner before you actually get their! So, getting advice on NV before you buy is MOER BELANGRIK!!! To many people, what they see in movies, what they think NV can really do, and what money can buy can be dangerous.

So, ALWAYS make sure you are directed to a professional who can give you concrete hard facts about the models, and tell you good from bad, and what the unit can or can’t REALLY do – such a person referred to you and a person you can trust.

If you don’t you will throw your money down the drain and you will buy rubbish, especially if you buy NIGHT VISION BLIND! Do not take a chance.

I am not saying all salesmen are under qualified – never did, but many are in local shops – be very careful what they claim various models can do, reading a box will not help you at all if you are trying to getting hard true facts.

Knowing what various generation models can offer, ranges, light, bad makes of NV and good and bad points are necessary, and generally in a local shop you won’t get this info easily. I personally met a guy in a large outdoor shop, he knew ZERO about NV, it was actually quite funny what he tried to put over as knowledge, but this is dangerous to a buyer who has no idea what to look for. I am in my opinion I would rate myself as 95% qualified to steer a buyer in the correct direction and will be able to answer most of your questions.

I am open to you if you want to ask questions, no problem, as you can see by my site I promote and believe in Cobra and Luna NV equipment, simply because some of the models are top class and only a fool will argue that point.

BUT do not buy blind and take a salesman’s word on it, unless he seems to know his story, you want to test a salesman? As him who makes the intensifier tubes on the models inside the binoculars and do you get many different manufacturers? If he knows that he is 30% of the way to being classed as pretty well informed. Before he answers you watch his face – it will tell you within a second if he is knowledgeable or not.


I was born lucky, I have a built in radar, if I feel in doubt it means there is doubt, if something is off I get a feeling, but many people are taken for a ride at some stage in life, so be careful, especially with regards to NV, a buyer can be overwhelmed with all makes and models. DON’T BUY BLIND!

You can call me anytime to discuss models and makes etc, I will steer you in a correct direction. It is better to speak to a person who knows about NV and the good models and WHO DOES NOT sell the stuff, if he is offering advice and not selling then he has no financial link to sales etc, if not me if you are referred to a reliable source then great.

BUT be careful, go into it with your eyes and ears open and don’t get led astray by smooth talking salesmen many who are only interested in sales / commission and not about service or advice. I am open to calls anytime if you are confused or need help.

I am not saying all salesmen / woman are bad, uneducated or reflect them in a bad light, however many are and this could cost a buyer dearly.

I say this often, to a jackal / predator hunter you haven’t hunted at night until you try with good NV, it is amazing and it opens up another world. BUT buy right, get good advice and don’t take a chance with what a person will spin you to make a sale, be careful, NV is expensive, you must buy once and buy right!


This is to just give a basic idea of a typical good night vision unit, this is Humphrey, our family cat (very loved and spoilt), as an example, look at his eyes, caught here on infra red light from my trail camera, this was taken at 5 metres, but this isn’t about range, I want to show you his eyes, as you see them in this image you must on a good set of night vision pick up eyes like this at 300m easily, without an extra IR laser etc just the built in IR sensor, just this and the NV binocular on its own. If your binocular can do this eye robot thing at 300m the binocular you are using is at this stage passing the test. You must see 2 eyes at 300m not one eye. With general good NV you can pick up a predators eyes fast while scanning with the binoculars, you don’t need any red lights.

The big difference between models, names and generations is the image you can achieve at various distances, this is the point that the binoculars all begin to show huge differences, but at 300m on average you should be able to spot eyes like this fast

As an example, in December 2009 I started using another new set up, an infra red laser illumination devise mounted on a binocular, Luna’s latest model, it is awesome, and here is a reference from a client, who bought the DVD on Night Vision we have , he bought the same model as me from a person qualified to sell NV, read what he says below, this was a client who had no financial connection to me for any sale of Night Vision, his opinion on the Luna with laser is as he says…………..



All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.