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FOXPRO FURY WITH OWL, I use a dowel to anchor it and have a thick floor plate under the Foxpro the dowel goes into. I have the same set up with my Foxpro Scorpion caller.

Remember that it is always good to keep the battery’s warm, they hold a charge longer! If you do, so a cover helps to protect the caller and keep the battery’s warm 

I called an unlucky jackal that came to the distress sound, then saw this owl in the sand road, he was shot 5m from the owl, I watched him and his body language, I watched him approach from about 250m away, followed him with night vision, and at about 75m he stopped dead, and looked at the owl in the road, then trotted at an angle towards the owl, then all of a sudden he heard a loud bang and he was on his way to meet his maker !!!


Here is a good tip, try this, it does help, I use this often, and after a year I have realised it does really help your success rate to get better.

Just don’t forget to spray human scent evader all over that unit to hide your scent as when you set up the caller your hands and whatever is all over that unit, so use something to take away your odour. . I make that evader myself, and it works well. I make the owl look as though it’s sitting on top of a bush. If you can’t fit it to your caller put it on a long dowel and put it in the bush so just the owl sticks out and position the caller near the owl.


Owls are very curious killers, they love also to eat meat, lots of red meat, and often you will notice owls come in to distress sounds, often hitting your head! So, owls predators know are around where distressed animals are, so a jackal will approach a distress caller and then see the owl, they will be more at ease and not so on edge with all their radars on high alert, and will feel more comfortable, knowing the distress animal is close by! (Unlucky jackal) and this will offer you more time to shoot.

Another jackal I called in with Luscious lips, he came in like a steam train, and I watched him with night vision while my partner worked the chair, I told him softly “

hier kom hy” (“ here he comes”) and I could see that jackal easily in the night vision looking at that owl in the road just like the other one I speak of above, he trotted slowly towards it, and I started to kiss softly, my partner put on the red light and shot him easily at 43m. He fell and lay 7 metres from my owl set up.

I have used an owl set up, many times, I have NO hesitation that it does work, just make sure to spray anti human scent, as your hands have been all over that owl, and camo bag, the more time we take in preparation for hunting the more successful we will be.


Want a Foxpro Fury? Contact Joe at it

takes 5 days express courier to you!

See this caller and ALL the other models on my website you wont find a better electronic caller anywhere!

I am the official field representative in South Africa for the American Foxpro callers, and proud to be associated with the very best electronic callers in the world. See more of the products here

These two jackals we shot at dusk, we could clearly see them running towards the owl on top of the Foxpro Scorpion, it works! -- See the owl in my partners hand.



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