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BE WARNED ; Importing of military equipment is walking a thin line, some things are illegal in SA, so as I say in this article, make sure of what you plan to import, this article is just to show what equipment is really needed to range a predator accurately at night in pitch darkness out past 500m.

I have been asked my personal opinion regarding RANGE FINDERS and exactly what they can do at night, well I have a family of military mad people, and the collection of military hardware is mind boggling, from Willys jeeps to semi suto rifles to all kinds of military hardware all legally owned ( including Range finders). My cousin is also a total nut when it comes to military stuff and he has stuff one can only dream about.

Here I have a few of the military weapons owned legally, a M-14 in 308 calibre and an Armalite AR-15 in 223, these are real weapons not toys.

A client read about a story on the internet regarding a person who claimed that he ranged a predator at close to 500 yards and shot it with a light calibre at night, well possible BUT to range that actual dog NO SIR unless he owns military spec hardware at a value of over R90,000-00 and I can bet this individual does not judging by the people I have spoken to that know him very well, it’s a matter of bullshit baffles brains…... as usual ……..

Not only because you cannot range a dog at night as it moves to much and the eye is to far so the crosshair will cover the eye totally and an accurate reading isnt possible etc, but many other factors also play a part – read on…

A jackal is a NON reflective target, and if it moves or stands at the slightest angle you wont get a return beam to your range finder, also the cross hair is thicker than the animal at 500m and you cannot get an exact accurate fix on it, also, at night with any of the locally available brands you cannot range that far especially in darkness. Most these units cannot even do this in daylight, see reviews on a forum below, and these are professionals and unbias opinions. The units mentioned below however are top class makes.

See the other R100,000 unit below, capable of NIGHT RANGE FINDING.


But even with this, you will find it hard to range an eye at over 400-500m as its so small and moves often, in my book its NOT possible, I also spoke to a sniper who specializes in night warefare, and he said to range anything smaller than the width of two showboxes at night without proper reflection is basically ZERO at that distance, but out to 300m it is possible….. Unless you range a larger object  WITH A FLAT SURFACE nearby and take a reading from that.

Newcon Optik LRB 20000A Laser Range Finder 20000 Meters

  Military specs bi-ocular

  Intended for ground surveillance

  Measures angles

  Ranges up to 20 km

  Weighs 2.5 kg


The unit is a military specs bi-ocular intended for ground surveillance, observation of individual targets and measurement of distances up to 20 km. The range finder with the optional angular mount is designed for referencing targets' coordinates and is capable of:

  Measuring distance to the target

  Measuring horizontal angles and magnetic azimuths

  Measuring vertical angles and angles of elevation

  Determining targets and landmark polar coordinates

  Polar-to-rectangular target coordinate conversion

In addition to military purposes, the range finder is useful for many civilian applications: for geological and engineering surveillance, repair works, maritime navigation, meteorology, tourism and more.

Product Features

  Up to 20 km distance

  First or last target selection

  Illumination for dark conditions

  Digital data output

  Measuring range, meters - 100 - 20,000

  Magnification - 7

  Field of view - 7

  Range accuracy, meters - 5

  Dioptric correction, visual channel, D - 5

  Laser wavelength, nm - 1.06

  Output energy, mJ - 15

  Minimum eye safe distance, meters - 2,000

  Pulse width, ns - 6

  Beam divergence, mrad - 0.6

  Power supply, V DC - 12-14.5 or 22-29

  User-displayed information

  Data exported

  Size - easily fits in a standard backpack,mm - 225x215x110

  Weight  - 2.5 kg



A radically new design from Vectronix offers security forces a universal optronic device to support them through the full spectrum of a 24/7 deployment. MOSKITO includes all the essential day/night viewing, measuring and geo-location functions in a most compact and user-friendly package. Like the highly successful VECTOR Rangefinder Binoculars, MOSKITO measures range, azimuth and vertical angle.

In addition, it incorporates the latest image intensifier technology for night time viewing.

Rapidly varying light conditions, especially in the urban environment, demand an optical day viewing channel plus a quickly activated night channel. MOSKITO’s night channel uses an autogated image intensifier tube which dynamically adjusts itself to different levels of brightness.

 R100,000 plus import duty

It is technically impossible to range a jackal size animal at night in darkness with a local well known brand of range finder that is far away, close ranges out to 250m is however possible, far to many aspects present problems for ACCURATE range estimation. The biggest factor is a reflective target that must be dead still and offers you a flat surface to redirect that beam back to your range finder, basically it is impossible with local brands, as all of them every maker uses the same intensity laser in their models.

Don’t be fooled by the bullshit some people talk. The way it is possible is if a dog is standing near a big tree or door size object and you take a reading from that, But to range the actual dog size critter at night accurately at over 500m  - with local brands, no ways!

SEE this website below, you can get a PLRF-10 at 4000 Switzerland FRANCS! Imported with taxes equals R70,000-00 !! But as an exotic item you will have to ad on many other costs, so have close to R90,000 when you order this – if legal

This will make as of today 2009 / July it is 1 Frank to 8 Rand. So a unit will cost R30,400 PLUS import duty, plus Valorem Duty, tax on Valorem , and postage costs ( very high), so you can say to ad in total 65% more is about pretty average, so a unit will cost you about R80,000 landed legally in SA if possible, if it is legal to import such military hardware – you will have to check.


14.2% Ad Valorem Excise Duties Products Duty

Perfumes and toilet waters 7%

Beauty or make-up preparations 5%

Fireworks 7%

Apparel or clothing accessories of furskin or artifi cial furskin 7%

Air conditioning machines 7%

Refrigerators/Freezers 7%

Dish washing machines (domestic) 7%

Line telephones with cordless handsets, loudspeakers and amplifiers, sound and video

recording or reproducing apparatus7%

Cellular telephones, still image video cameras, other video camera recorders and digital cameras 7%

Domestic radio-broadcast receivers, reception apparatus for television, video monitors and video projectors 7%

Motor vehicles (sliding scale) Max 20%

Motorcycles (200 – 800cc) 5%

Motorcycles exceeding 800cc 7%

Water scooters 7%

Photographic cameras, camera lenses, binoculars, monoculars and telescopes,

Cinematographic cameras and image projectors 7%

Firearms 7%

Video games, parlour games, other games of skill or chance 7%

Golf balls 7% 

REMEMBER purchasing expensive imported technology is a risk due to warranty claims and returning things etc as you will pay again to import it back etc, plus postage back and forth is extremely high, and also it may get stolen. For all its worth at the end of the day it is better to pay more and try buy it locally if at all possible, and if not and you want to import make sure its legal whatever you plan to import! No fun buying an expensive unit and it getting confiscated by officials and you lose all your money. MAKE SURE OF YOUR FACTS and if indeed what you plan to do is legal.


All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.