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We have a new division that purchases used equipment that is directly linked to predators, such as buying second hand FoxPro’s, cd’s, electronic callers made by Feather & Fur, NOT other locally made models. We also buy used hand calls, lights, dimmers, chairs, hunting equipment in good condition ( not arms and ammo) and also camouflage clothing in excellent condition ( not faded or ironed). Camo netting is also bought. See latest available list below.

We are expanding our business and also will soon be interested in second hand bakkies, quads, and even farms that you wish to sell in the Western Cape. Drop us a line anytime. We also buy in bulk from shops closing down if you stock equipment or calling things. WE DON’T BUY FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION, nor empty cases as its illegal to re-sell.

WE DO NOT BUY LOCALLY MADE PREDATOR CHASERS, equipment that makes noise and chases away predators, as many of the models have problems with coils and regulators that break and get damaged in sun, heat and bad weather.

PLEASE NOTE; These items below are second hand, most of them refurbished and cleaned up, no matter what they are, we dont offer any warranty given or implied. All goods bought as is.


If you have a Foxpro and need it to be programmed we can load sounds for you, as long as you supply your own sounds to me on MP3 format. Simply send me the Foxpro with the sounds. WARNING ; I will not re program your Foxpro with Foxpro sounds from my library as this is against ethical rules. If you want Foxpro sounds purchase them from Foxpro and bring them to me or send them to me, I will then load them. I am the official promoter in South Africa on these units and must respect American policy. I charge a standard rate per hour of R250-00 an hour, as I will have to take time out from the factory and help you, I do not operate after hours. It will take about half an hour to load sounds and then also print labels.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep on updating this page on sales items, so enquire if you want an update.

As said on my PRICES page, we do NOT give warranty on electronics and lighting including chairs, as these can be damaged because of handling, also please note that on courier services, the sending of the items carries no insurance from my side, we take NO responsibility for items arriving possibly damaged on the other end, by ordering with us it is understood that you agree to these terms.

Here is a list of items currectly available, some items are on consignment.



1.     FX5 Foxpro camo  +  FX5 long range remote R6900-00

2.     Foxpro 532 demo model with remote R2500-00 (Old technology)

3.    Cass Creek electronic callers Predator R1300-00

4.    Cass Creek electronic pig boar caller R1300-00

5.    Electronic with swivel chair R2900-00

6.    Camo clothing full suits R800-00 imported

7.    Camo pants and shirts imported R400-00

8.    Swivel chair R1200-00

9.    Red light - 170 diametre R775-00

10. Lohman, Haydels, Sceery – many imported calls R250/ R350 Also custom hand made models(+- 400)

11.  Foxpro camo carry bags R300-00

12.  Foxpro caps x 12 = R150-00 each

13. Jackal skins ( full ) about 240 from 2008 harvest R300-00 each

14. Caracal skins ( full ) about 34 from 2008 harvest R300-00 each

15.  Cage trap Caracal R1500-00

16.  Local Booster Box R2500-00

17.  Local built electronic caller with battery R2700-00

18.  Large camo collection as new ( +- 50 pieces) R3700-00

19. Massive stock clearance of CD’s repacked, plastic covers replaced, was damaged en route to shop, Cd’s themselves all in good condition, huge selection. Selling in sets of 6 in set. R700-00

20. American calling DVD’s R250-00 each

21. Batch of 4 local calling DVD’s ( F&F) R340-00 each.

22. Elephant hair wrist bracelets R40-00 each – Extra added Special Item

Watch for updates;



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