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The reason is simple, you ask why? – well, if you mount a electronic caller on your chair, the sound moves, in other words if its mounted to a chair and you gooi the bunny blues at night as your chair turns while the sound is playing the sound will also change - it will sound like a rabbit or so is moving around from a distance as the chair turns thus changing the sound waves.

In the photo above - 12v small battery (9cm long by 4 cm wide!) – has cigarette lighter socket and terminal clips, mp3 player for sounds, patch cable to connect mp3 to amplifier, amplifier is made in South Africa, NOT china- speaker is a siren converted to 15W. This can be mounted to a swivel chair easily.


Play a sound and turn in a circle, and ask your partner to stand 100m away, it sounds like you are moving around, and this makes it more realistic, if a predator hears an animal in distress and it appears to be moving around it will appear to him as far more realistic.


I make up these chair mounted callers for this very purpose, I make them to order, or if a client wants another style or design I can also make that up, depending on the time at my disposal, but generally it will not take long to build if you want one within a day or two 

Here was another made to camouflage criteria as suggested by a client.

If you want to get yourself a JAKKALS SKIET STOEL electronic drop us a call, I will be able to tell you if we have a spare model in stock.

I like to use a MP3 player, it is smaller than a cd player, sounds are far clearer and the caller won’t easily let you down as it has NO moving parts, unlike cd players.

PERSONALLY – I have a normal caller to hunt with and on my chair I have one of these. I use what I make, I don’t just sell them.


I do not want to commit myself to a specific cost here BECAUSE, to give you an idea these small 12V batteries at my second last purchase cost me R65-00 each - now 4 months later I just bought another batch and they cost me R95-00 each, so the cost will change if I put a specific total here. The cone speakers at security shops 4 months back cost me R50-00 now they are R85-00 each, however it’s the hand made German amplifier we make up that is the main outlay, and the retail price of the caller will have to be quoted the day you enquire. 0824853885




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