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Using trail cams can help a hunter a lot, here is a prime example of a trail cam and how it can assist you.

Study these photos carefully, and you will see a pattern, and this will allow you to get inside a jackals brain and possibly outsmart him, with this info you have TWO CHOICES;


1 – Call at this time or close

2 – Sit at this area at this time without calling and observe and use a cover scent to hide your presence.


Note the time this jackal passed the camera, also note this animal is totally relaxed and is moving very slowly, this is why the camera never fired till he got really close and nearly passed by totally, telling you he is totally at ease and relaxed.

NOW see this photo, that at 7-57 they are here, and as the above photo shows, that at 8-10 they still were around here at this location, that’s 12 minutes in one location and in the early daylight and easily 4 together. The one closest the camera seems like a female, the two sniffing are young dogs.

So this tells us at this time we can possibly call the next day as they are around at this time. NOW see the next photo;

Here we have an adult jackal, possibly a male looking for food, but also early daylight – BUT see how long he stayed here – 8 minutes, this was in an area very close to the other jackal pictures, this is very likely the father of those other 3 young dogs and partner of that female.

Here he has left BUT still stops and turns to have another look OR maybe he is looking at another jackal, I will say he is suspicious about something in this photo as his head is slightly at the side of his body, he isn’t looking straight at the camera area.

Here is an idea of range from camera to white smelly marker to bakkie.

Look also at the weather, it was overcast this day and this explains a lot as to why the jackals are active.

This camera does not have a temperature metre.

So, study a photo you get, they reveal a lot, and from this it tells us that those top jackals are active early morning, at ease, don’t move much and can be called early morning. It tells you how many are around and what they are, puppies, grown ups etc etc …..

Happy trail cam hunting!

Trail cams tell you a lot, now imagine you ran a video not photos, amazing what you would get then on the trail cam!


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