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Philadalphia & Colesburg

I want to share a cat story with you, my best ever cat called in, and then show you an even bigger cat called in.

My biggest cat was in Philadelphia Cape Town, a farmer had been suffering with stock and cats killing them, so I targeted this farm.

It was without a doubt my most productive cat area ever, on 6 hunts we called in 4 cats. BUT THIS CAT! Was the best one! They were all with hand calls.

I went out with a friend after 10 days of heavy rain - it was decided that the critters must be hungry this first night of open sky so we took a chance, he had a Toyota 4x4 Double cab 2,3 petrol, and man that night I saw it goes just about anywhere! We went through water, mud, slate and was like the camel trophy! We made a set near a water catchment area in open country to one side, trees the other and a sloping mountain on the other, about 120 metres from the wash. Cat area with plenty cover.

After calling 30 minutes with a hand caller I heard birds flushing, then saw a set of red eyes running in, at first I thought it was a buck, it ran like crazy, I can still see it in my minds eye. It ran like no tomorrow, very UNLIKE a cat! At 30m or so I actually shouted at it! It stopped and Sean drilled it, as we approached it the size was evident, this was a female, a massive cat. We weighed it at the farm at 60,2 pounds this is very big for a female.

Sean had said to me he wanted to get a good mount of a cat, and I told him to be patient and not take the first one we called, BUT this cat had not much bullet damage and very little patching was needed, today he is proud to have that cat in his lounge.

When you are all wired up after the call, and get down to retrieve the cat and you stand over this you can imagine how little chance if any at all an animal stands once this cat has him in its sights, the lynx is a savage killer, and extremely powerful, it can also jump and spring mighty high.

Here is my biggest called in cat ever to date, I very much doubt that I will get another this size or bigger. Sean is holding it above his head and the front paws are nearly on the ground. The cat was 32 cm wide at the width of the rib cage when lying on the floor 

After we loaded it up we never hung it from the side of the truck as we did not want to damage or stretch the skin at all, in case it complicated the taxidermists job, so we lay it on the rear tailgate – it was slightly to long!

I love calling cats, they are elusive and NOT predictable like a dog, your dog at home, you call him - he wags the tail and comes to you, NOT a cat, he will first think! Then maybe come over, just like in the wild. Here is my biggest so far.

Now for an even bigger cat. This cat was called in Colesburg. It was taken by Brian who holds up the called cat. This cat was called with a favourite caller I love to use, the Lohman MVP-4.

A huge Lynx. When I look at this I think MOUNTAIN LION. Look at the rear paws!

Two pretty big pussy cats, now imagine you are a Steenbuck!!!!.


Cat calling tip, if you are calling and in the distance you see eyes, then after a minute or so they vanish and are gone for 5, 10 or 15 minutes then bang! You see them again 50 yards closer then that’s a cat! This is how they operate. They blink slowly and not often like a dog. If they blink fast that’s a sign that your lights to strong and they will or could vanish permanently. The big cat I called ran in – very unlike a cat at all.
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