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Booster Boxes for 2006

Photo of a Booster Box connected to a MP-3 as example.

With our BOOSTER BOXES you have a variation of options that you can utilise. It was our idea to make up a booster box that can help the farmer or caller. Most people have a cd player with a direct link to a built in amplifier. This is fine BUT it limits your usage and ability that you get from your caller. You therefore don’t get the full usage from your caller that you are using.

With our BOOSTER BOX you can connect up a cd player, cd walkman, cassette player, MP-3 player, Foxpro, Cass Creek electronic, or even a walkman radio to the BOOSTER BOX. This allows you to be able to use a variation of calls whenever you wish.

This design is another first for South Africa; in fact this has become Feather & Furs SIGNATURE SERIES. We have tried to make the units very compact and they are fitted with a 100W amplifier with a free floating base for less static. The unit has been customised to get maximum volume without distortion. The amplifier is also set in our electronic division at a set output to protect the speaker from possible damage.

The speaker we use is a customised car alarm siren; we remove the mother board and fit a single stage runner to the now customised speaker. It offers 15W of genuine output and is very loud if so required. I normally run mine at half volume at night; this is by far enough volume. In windy areas a little more volume is better.

What I personally like to do for a night hunt is I leave the speaker on the unit, I don’t remove the speaker, BUT I run out the amp lead and sit it atop the bakkies bonnet, then the amp lead is long enough to get back to my CD player or mp-3 when placed besides me at the back of the truck.

The complete unit hardly weighs anything at all, and is small and handy to carry; it can also be left behind a trucks seat.

For those of you who want to make your own system, I have one like this that I use on our Land cruiser, I fit the amp at the back behind the wheel arch, fitted to the metal, I run a long lead under the trucks rear and fit a speaker to the rear under the spare tyre area, another speaker is fitted in the engine area, and my power lead from my amp to the battery I have spare under the rear of the truck, SO when I arrive at the hunting spot, I just plug in my MP-3 player or CD player to the lead that I have from my amp that sticks out near the wheel arch. This way I have no wires lying around anywhere!

To load the mp-3 if you desire to go that option is simple, you load your sounds to the computer and then download them to the mp-3 player, I have a model that allows me 5000 songs, I have 15 cd’s of sounds loaded to the unit. But the clarity of sound is superb, and also a mp-3 is far better than a Cd as you don’t have any moving parts that can get damaged or get dirty.

Our BOOSTER BOXES are a good option, and they work! We are very proud of our new 2006 Booster Box product – another first in South Africa! Proudly designed and manufactured by Feather & Fur in Cape Town.



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