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Due to the severe increase in the steel prices in South Africa (August 2008) we had no choice but to put up the prices of the cages that are manufactured.

For those who have bought the cages before you know FULL WELL the quality of the workmanship that goes into manufacturing a single cage, it takes many hours of hard labour to produce such a cage, and the end result is very pleasing.

The cages we offer are top class.

This Rooikat / Lynx cage is manufactured to a size that we have used for years, 1,600 long by 650 wide and 650 in height, the complete structure is very strong and heavy, it won’ easily be thrown over, the doors are made to work as a double setting or a single door can be set. For Rooikat it is better to set two doors, so he can see through the structure. DON’T camouflage the cage; just leave it natural when you set it in the bush.

For trapping information see this article of mine here, it gives good instruction on how to trap.

This photo is an example showing the two cages, and the large difference in the size.

GROUKAT CAGES;   Here is the smaller cage, size 1000 x 450 x 450. R2, 200-00.

 We are still offering our smaller cages, ideal for nuisance animals, as well as a good size to trap Groukat / African Wildcats etc, even small lynx. These can be bought standard or in camouflage finish, the choice you decide on has no effect on costing. As you can see the side mesh is smaller in size. They work on the same principal with two doors. Price on these cages is R2,200-00.  For orders please take NOTE of the GENERAL comment at the end of this article.


We offer each cage we sell with a bottle of cat attractant and if you wish to purchase more they sell at R250-00 per 500ml. These lures have worked well in South Africa for trapping cats, and we have many references that prove that point.

All lure liquid is hand made by Gary in the workshop in Cape Town


On a special order we can make you a cat paw stamp, this is used in a cage on the sand to make it look like other cats have been in the cage, and it works as a lure to get cats in cages more easily. This is a trick used by trappers worldwide. Cat paw stamps are R250-00.

 GENERAL ; If you need cages we supply them as follows;

It is recommended that a farmer with a 1000 hectare ground get 4 cages to cover the area, so for every1000 hectare times your area by 4, this will tell you what amount of cages you need.

Orders are subject to 4 cages at a time or more on a single order, no less. It is no use setting one cage on a huge 3000 ++++ hectare property etc, the more the better!

Gary Laubscher

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