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All items are as new condition, and most are large or extra large. They have no flaws and I would rate them at 99% to 100% condition. Some are NEW and never worn, here are a few extra pieces of apparel I am willing to sell individually as I have doubles, and some of them in triple, so grab while you can, International camo is not easy to find in SA at all.

I can supply a photo of whatever you wish to see. Just tell me what number you are interested in. The price I have noted is what it costs to buy it in America and ship to South Africa. These prices are NOT NEGOTIABLE at all. Most of my clothing is unique, it can’t be bought in SA at all, 99% of it you wont get here in SA.



1.  Natgear bibs full top and bottom, extra large NEW (American camo) R950-00

2.  Tiger Stripe full top and bottom. Large as new. (American camo) R1300-00

3.  Dar Dan Enterprises. NEW. Full overall camo. (American camo) R900-00

4.  Genuine German tanker camo overall, size medium. As new. R900-00

5.  Dutch long camo pants. Large as new. R450-00

6.  Namibian camo bush jacket. Condition 65%. Large - NOT faded. R400-00

7.  Mossy Oak camo extra large T Shirt. BRAND NEW. R 470-00

8.  Natgear Large T Shirt. (American camo). BRAND NEW. R500-00

9.  Dutch EXTRA Large long sleeve shirt. As new. R500-00

10. Bushlan Texas camo long sleeve shirt. Brand new. R600-00

11. Seclusion camo bibs. INSULATED. Very warm. BRAND NEW. R1300-00

12. Natgear camo bibs, warm winter bibs. Full cover. BRAND NEW. R1100-00

13. Mossy Oak camo forest floor, long sleeve shirt. Brand new. R450-00

14. Desert camo USA Iraq, 3 colour desert camo. GENUINE. As new. R650-00

15. Seclusion long sleeve T shirt, BRAND NEW. R450-00

16. Natgear camo full suit overall, large. Brand new. Top class camo. R1200-00

17. Natgear camo long sleeve shirt, brand new. R450-00

18. Mossy Oak, hardwoods green, long sleeve. Brand new. R450-00

19. Vietnam tiger stripe camo, full suit. Top and bottom. As new. R1300-00

20. Desert 6 colour choc chip camo, top / bottom, Iraq camo. As new. Extra large. R1400-00

21. USA Marines, rip stop, full suit, top / bottom. As new. Size extra large. R1400-00

22. Chec desert camo, large top / bottom. Brand New. R1200-00

23. Dutch camo bush jacket, brand new. Large. R750-00

24. Dutch insulated bomber jacket, as new. Thick jacket, amazing! Top class. R1300-00

25. Hunter bomber jacket, extra large. As new. R400-00

Let us know what item you are interested in, I will send a photo. The items are sent with a courier from Cape Town. Courier costs R60-00 per item and is sent overnight postage to you.

Happy hunting!

Call 0824853885 to place orders. First come first serve, prices are not neg. This camo you WONT find anyplace else in South Africa.

I am not on line most weeks, only weekends, so rather call, rather then to leave a message.


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