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This applies to a distance not further than Laingsburg from Cape Town. Because we are offering it as a free service we must stipulate rules.

Due to a fantastic year in 2008 of calling predators, we are offering a deal of a lifetime to 5 farm owners. This deal is not to be sneezed at.

We are willing to offer you a free sweeping of your farm, within the mentioned limits. Because it is a free service to the first 5 interested people, here are the rules; It must cost us nothing as it’s a free service.

1.   I am collected and returned to Cape Town after the hunt

2.   It is from a Friday to Sunday ( 2 nights)

3.   It is only offered at times I agree to because of the moon and also it must be when I am available.

4.   Will be both night hunting and also if possible windmill hunting

5.   You supply proper sleeping quarters with hot water, electricity and food

6.   I will use new equipment and sounds for jackal (that NOBODY else has in South Africa!)

7.   I must agree if the client mentions a place to call, the location is very important.

8.   It will be ONLY two of us on the truck at night.

9.   The one morning we get up early and make a calling stand at a place before it gets light.

10. It must be agreed that – I will stipulate what sounds we use, the kind of lens and other vital pieces of the puzzle that brings results – and that all fur taken is mine!!!

11. Lastly it must be at a farm that is not shot to pieces and not on a farm that all the jackals are slim geskiet. It will not help to keep it quiet and not tell the truth as it will take just 10 minutes to sum up a farm and know the real story of what is happening on that farm.

If you are interested call now at 0824853885 – You won’t easily find a professional offering a free service!


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