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Here are a few things that many professional jackal hunters don’t want you to know, or read about; here are a few things that will benefit you in the long run. Well, even a few so called professional hunters of jackal won’t know this, so they will find this interesting. Here are things I will share with you, and a tiny secret at the end, so make it 5, then next year I will give you another 5. And also a Foxpro sound that works well! A sound that has killed hundreds of jackal in South Africa! by many hunters.

This small article will open doors for you and widen your outlook into a professional predator caller’s world. I am mentioning a few interesting things here as in the long run it wont effect other hunters at all as the sounds are the important part, and that is the problem – getting sounds.

Have you ever asked a professional jackal hunter to your property and asked him to go call with you? Well, did the guy say he will go alone? Possibly so that you cant learn secrets from him? YES! Well, if that’s happened and he came back with a good kill of jackals, in an area that others just tried but shot nothing, then you must know he has secrets. Or on courses, many of these guys I can promise you WONT tell you this stuff you will read here now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HERE BEGINS THE INTERESTING STUFF! Stuff many people won’t want to be published!

Now, firstly, the market is flooded with sounds, cd’s that many sell and many people copy them from friends etc, the market is flooded with cd sounds etc. These are basic typical everyday run of the mill sounds, these sounds are being used by thousands of people in SA at night, and for many many jackals, they have heard these sounds far too often, so your success is far less as they know it’s you and they know it’s a cd. Especially if you don’t know how to hunt and you educate the dogs.

Also the lighting, I know a guy in Namibia that used a blue light, another one that used a white light over full moon and he claims it works as the jackal thinks that white light is the moon and all kinds of crap. The lighting many people don’t know how to use, one guy I met in 1995 I called with him, 10 minutes into the hunt he switches on white lights and scans, then goes back to red and all kinds of amazing crap, so, by not knowing about lighting will educate the dogs again.

So, here we have so far 1- SOUNDS and 2 the LIGHTING.

Why do you think they invented NIGHT VISION? Simply to have control over the darkness and to outwit others – simple. This goes with LIGHTING later!


Now you will enter the professional jackal hunters world, if you can see the sounds that a professional uses it’s not what you will have in your bakkie, this I can promise you. It is sounds ONLY HE HAS. These sounds are not for sale, and are not found on the internet or taken from another cd someplace, these sounds are HIS. If he shows you the sounds he uses and you listen to them, I can almost guarantee that he is telling you a lie. I have sounds that I recorded at various farms and game parks, and these sounds I use, the one is a jackal that’s wounded, another that’s wanting to fight etc, and I tell you I don’t play these sounds when with other farmers or hunters, then I use normal sounds found on the market. My Foxpro is loaded with many secret sounds, sounds that kill for me. I was in Durban last year, in Mooi River – I was tempted to take my sounds but decided not to and keep them clear of all ears.

Now you say-  how do you get them, well easy - go to a shop and buy a digital recorder and set the sensitivity not to high and record sounds when you hear them. Then load them on cd or callers - they are WAV or MP3 files. If you want one - I can get you a top class quality digital recorder for R1800-00. It is the BEST quality you will ever get. Push record, and play it back – simple stuff! You can play it back through a Foxpro or other amplifier. I will even get you’re the wire that is uses.



Here is a trick professional callers use – They record a jackal answering their call at night and then play that sound back straight away, on a digital recorder its fast, push record, stop, and push playback, through a Foxpro caller on a AUDIO setting, it’s immediate and the reaction is amazing – try that! Then use that sound you recorded again at another area. Compile files on computer and soon you will have a collection of sounds nobody has.

Then, delete ones that are not clear, always having the recorder nearby. This does not just work for predators, big game also. When you play it back and you have success write down the sound you used and what date, then you know what to play for next year!

Then the LIGHTING ( see tips at the end of article)

Now this is another trade secret, ESPECIALLY FOR EDUCATED JACKAL, enter NIGHT VISION, INFRA RED and hunting in total darkness. Many people think a red light is infra red – simply put – IT IS NOT!

This is a very involved topic, but I will attempt to keep it simple and discuss a few small things used at night, WITHOUT RED LIGHTS. This is good for catching poachers and to hunt areas secretly, then nobody knows you are around.

THE CHEAPER alternative is to just use a normal NIGHT VISION MONOCULAR, these are cheaper and good to scan with at night, without a moon you will see eyes easily at 150m normally, with a moon 250 and more depending on the power of the Monocular. You call and watch him come closer, then put on a red light and kill him. This is the simple way. MONOCULARS tire out your eyes fast; your eyes are under strain when using night vision. You may develop a headache half way through your hunt.

Then, a better option used is buy a BINOCULAR night vision, a good one is a model I use - Meteor Prowler 5 power, it’s the ultimate for scanning, but this is NOT ALL, now get an INFRA RED black lens and fit it to your light.  Without the infra red at night you will see eyes at 300m, with the infra red on you will see eyes over 500m away. And at 150-200m you can see all to well at night with that set up.

Then also what’s used is a rifle scope with night vision, a Cobra is ok quality, so you call, see him approach with the Binoculars, then when close switch to and shoot him with a night vision scope while watching him with infra red, NO RED LIGHTS at all. The INFRA RED light is on but you cant see anything if you look at the light, its totally dark, it matches up to your binocular as you scan and helps you see far better at night.

This is another trade secret of professional jackal hunters. This is very cumbersome and is a time taker, it takes up a lot of time, and your jag stoel looks like a thing out of star wars! BUT it works, a predator never knows what hits it, just don’t let it get to close as it will see you, as normally the red light keeps you from being seen, now its just you and darkness and the predators!

I love watching a jackal come in to a call from far (in darkness), on one hunt I watched a cat come from over 600m away in total darkness, and we shot him 5 metres from the Foxpro!

My cousin was with us one night, he laughed so hard I was pissed off, the chair with two rifles, one on each side, an infrared light, another red light, another white light and the night vision scopes, laser pointer on chair etc and then the person with a big binocular, I must admit it does look funny BUT heck it works!

Using your own sounds on a hunt is amazing, you can tell instantly that these dogs have never heard that here before, its unique and something other guys don’t have, SO you have the EDGE so to speak, I hunted an area in Namibia 3 years ago, the farmer said “ hulle antwoord maar kom nie in nie”.  I went out with the manager of the farm and after 2 minutes shot my first dog, that evening we got 7 before the moon came up after 10-30, I was NOT using Night Vision just my own sounds, I have an aggressive jackal on my Foxpro, it kills period!

Yes, nearly forgot the third secret, DRAG a dead dog with stomach slit open behind your truck from stand to stand, then when finished hunting drive back the way you came from, chances are you will see a jackal.

Now my telephone will ring and the hunters with these secrets will crap all over me! BUT hey, in the end we are all fighting the same war, so try these 2 ummmm 3 things! – Gooi !!!


We called at a spot one night in an area near Outdshoorn, which was called by another hunter 2 weeks back, he had no success, he hunted on a large moon, BUT we picked the night before new moon, this gives you the WHOLE NIGHT of NO MOON! So you can hunt long hours. We made the set up in an area near a jackal kill, and then after it got dark I let out my aggressive jackal sound, after 2 minutes we klapped the first dog, then put off everything, all we then did was for another PLANNED 10 minutes was to sit tight and just watch with night vision. After about 5 minutes we saw eyes about 300m out, I dropped the volume very low and again sent out an aggressive sound into the night, the dog started coming our way, and within the next 2 minutes he to was dead. That was two dogs in the same spot, both called with sounds nobody has.      POINT PROVEN!


Here is another secret of mine that I am willing to share with you; this is a secret that if you use it you will see IT WORKS!



I have proven this over and over; it’s a secret I have been using in my arsenal of tricks for years! I can promise you this; many so called jackal hunters that class themselves as professional WONT know this that follows. I use this when I hunt alone, as I before never wanted to give my secrets away.

After I had called a few times at farms and later walking in the bush I saw a jackal a way away coming in long after I called or saw him looking at us from a distance got me thinking, or after we packed up we shine fast and a dog sits near us!.

So, how many of you have after you called and got nothing, got down and started packing up, then you shine a light and see a dog sitting near you or closer! YES! It happens often. So, here is a secret I EMPLOY ALL THE TIME.

After you have called a place and shot nothing, stop your sounds, be quiet and don’t move, just sit still, and wait for 5 minutes longer, scan with red light now and again or use night vision. Often a dog will walk through your area.

A JACKAL HAS A GPS in his HEAD! It is mounted in his brain! He can upon hearing your calling sound, he can from a distance pin point your location and move in to you at long range and after you have stopped calling he can still find your exact location you called from, I have proven this many times, he can use his GPS in his brain and find you easily! I am not talking rubbish here it’s a fact.

After you stop calling, sit tight, wait another 5 minutes and just watch! This works especially well with night vision.

Many guys pack up and leave – NO DON’T!!! Rather wait 5 minutes.

Here is a cat calling secret that I use

Now you may not believe this but TRY it! You call and a cat comes in ( low to ground, move slow, blinks far apart, looks around often etc) now he sites behind a bush, tree, rock or un level ground, he wont come into an opening or offers you no shot. Or he just sits and looks at you, he is about 30-80 metres away etc, but you can’t shoot, so what now???????????????? What the heck do you do??

Well, the answer is ALWAYS have a RED laser pointer with you, and then simply shine that dot on the ground about 5m from him, move it slowly, he will go after it straight away and clear cover, then you can shoot him. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Here are a few things that may interest you if you use or want to buy night vision. Firstly one of the very best night vision night monocular made is a Night Owl 5 power zoom, model NOCX 5M, it is easily Night Owls best model ever made and together with infra red you can see far at night. ( I have one of these models.)

Here are a few specs on the model

Infrared Illuminator : Yes
Magnification : 5x
Intensifier Tube : Gen 1
Range of View : 200m
Lens System : F1:1.7, F80mm
Field of View @ 1000m : 160m
Diopter Adjustment : +/- 4
Resolution : 24 lp/mm
Power Supply : 3V Lithium
Range of Focus : 3m to Infinity
Dimensions : 202mm x 61mm x 81mm
Weight :

Cost : R3500-00 + VAT

The powerful Marine Pro is the ultimate, premium performing monocular that combines the exceptional engineering advancements of a 100% waterproof body structure with features such as an 80mm high grade camera quality lens with 5x magnification. The solid construction and rubber-coated night blue finish combined with ergonomic soft-touch control buttons and indicator lights make the NOCX5M a top performer.


Now, here is a tip if you want second generation, but cant afford it, a unit of 1 Generation will lets say cost R3500-00 plus VAT and a second generation will cost R20,000. Don’t be fooled by a salesman, believe in what I am saying here, it will save you a lot of money.

If you look at a 2,5 power night vision unit at R2800-00 and the same model in 5 power, that will cost about R3500-00, buy that 5 power, because in 2nd generation that extra 3 power lens is equal to you paying R18,000 more for a second generation, in other words, buy buying a larger power unit will save you that extra on a second generation, the difference in quality is not that much better and it’s the zoom that’s important, so get a 5 power and forget 2nd generation, only when we talk 3rd generation is it worth preps buying at a HIGH COST!!!

Binocular or Monocular???

Then using a Binocular also has its drawbacks, in some ways a Monocular is better, when you look through a Binocular NV for a long period, and take it away afterwards to shoot you will be blinded, as you are seeing daylight style vision then suddenly you look in the dark, you will be blinded, its like being in the dark and then switching on a light, it blinds you, or the other way around. BUT with a monocular you have one eye open, so it adjusts better if you want to take it away after scanning, it helps you to stop getting blinded by that sudden light loss. So, they both have ups and downs.


Also, the infra red lens, if you try this, you will see it’s a better option. You can use like normal the Infra red lens and use it with the night vision unit like that Night Owl,  and achieve better vision, OR try this!

Put various red lenses on your spotlight that you use at night, put them on till it no longer throws a red beam, then use that night vision unit and you will see you see 50 times better than when you used the infra red lens. Yes the infra red works, But using a lot of red lenses works better with night vision.

Here is my light. 1,5 Million candle power with 100W Halogen bulb

This photo is of the light fitted with an infra red lens, this with a night vision Night Owl monocular or Binocular allows you to see so much more at night, until you try this you wont know what you are missing out on. The night belongs to you as

much as it does to the predators.

This photo is while I was building my light, you can see the 3 bolts holding the infra red lens in place and the round hardboard shield, this gets fixed to the outside of the light face. That lens has a white cover to protect it while I was working.

This photo shows the top of the bracket and as you can see at the right, I have just shown a little of that black infra red lens under that protective cover. I use large thick rubber washers to stop any cracking if bolts are under stress from warmth of lens from the light, can’t afford that lens to crack. The binoculars in photo are NOT night vision, just a normal low light binos.

I designed my own night vision torch with an infra red lens, I used a 100W Halogen bulb with a 1,5 million power candle power torch, and a LARGE front to allow maximum light out of it. It throws a neat beam, but to the naked eye you can see nothing, just the darkest of night. I fitted a round circle of hardboard and fixed the infra red lens to that, I use a bonding solution to keep it fixed to the front of the light. If I need to open the light it is easily done. I also polished the inside of the lens housing to get MAXIMUM effect from the reflective sides. This is a small thing I also do to the red lights we sell.


The lens is just black, and if you switch the light on you will see no beam or anything, you must use night vision with it to see how you can see at night, it is amazing!

If you are waiting for sufficient darkness to call, you can scan with night vision in case something is close, or on a moon night, climb a windmill , sit still at the top, put Foxpro about 100m away and call, look with night vision and shoot jackals! Night vision helps you to hunt more!

This topic of NIGHT VISION is a very technical issue, and a person can discuss it for hours, it’s no doubt very interesting.


Do you own a Foxpro? Well if you do read this, here is another small secret.

Do you have a sound called LIGHTNING JACK on your machine? When I promote them I always say to load that sound, listen up!

Do you know that the sound LIGHTNING JACK is the VERY BEST jackal calling sound used in Africa if you have a Foxpro, ask any guy who has that sound on his machine, it attracts jackal like no tomorrow, it is an extremely good sound, and it’s a food sound and works! This sound cannot be bought on a cd or got from the internet; you can buy it at Foxpro if you don’t have it for your Foxpro. I know many people who have killed many with that sound ( me also!).

Here are other sounds that work VERY WELL.

FLYING SQUIRREL     - A GREAT sound for both jackal and Rooikatte

LUSCIOUS LIPS           - Just in general a KILLER sound!

SCRUB HARE    - Another predator killer supreme!

CRAZY CRITTER         - A jackal killer!

JACKRABBIT DISTRESS     - A predator killer!


This is but just an idea, these are very good sounds, I think that the Lightning Jack has killed hundreds of jackal in Africa. There is just something in that sound that attracts jackal!

I have hunted predators for years now, and after these years have learnt things from being in the bush and calling, spent many hours blowing hand calls, many hours freezing my behind off and hunting, BUT it has taught me many secrets, do these things here – they work!

I wanted to share a few secrets with you; here they are so USE THEM!!!!

In S Africa we have jackals, BUT they are not all the same in intelligence as I have proven, you cannot compare a jackal of Natal or Vrystaat to the jackal of the Karoo, this customer is far more SLY, INTELLEGENT, WARY, SHY and just simply put he is CLEVER!  So, don’t expect the same results in different areas, generally it will NOT happen. Cats are all pretty much the same

 (Caracal and African Wildcat) they are pretty stupid, that’s why you get them in cages. I have caged 1 jackal in many years.

NEW Foxpro prices as at 15-9-2008

To purchase any Foxpro electronic callers is safe and fast, takes about 5 days to you, just supply street address for UPS courier and a credit card number to Joe at and tell him what model you want. See all machines on my site under FOXPRO. You can also load your own sounds on any of these units. But they come with Jackal sounds and cat sounds already when you order them.

Here are new prices depending upon the currency ever changing in SA! But this is an idea for you;

Foxpro Fury with 500 sound capacity and remote +- R4500-00

Foxpro FX5 with 200 sound capacity and remote +- R4300-00

Foxpro Scorpion with 200 sound capacity and remote R3500-00

Foxpro FX3 with 32 sound capacity and remote +- R3500-00

Foxpro XR6 with remote and 16 sound capacity +- R2700-00

Foxpro ZR2 with 12 sounds NO remote but has a delay switch +- R2000-00

LATEST EDITION; FoxPro FURY is the latest edition, top of the range and the BEST electronic caller in the world, see it on my site. Can take up to 500 sounds, with remote and you can load all your own sounds also on it. See more on it here  Orders are totally safe and this unit is available from October 2008.

I will never state what is not true or what I have not personally tested, what I mention in this article is all 100% fact and facts proven. These secrets are secrets of many professional predator callers, use them and you too will see they do work.

I have spent over 20 years in the bush and spent many hours calling predators, both with hand calls and electronics, I spent over 15 years calling cats with a hand call, calling at one place for a HOUR with a hand call, NO JOKES, I am totally committed to success, I have many witnesses that can stand by my claims, I put everything into this hunting and by doing this I got good results.

I have spent much time in the field and from this have learnt secrets, and this is a few of them. I am offering this article to help you and show you ways to be more successful.

G Laubscher


All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.