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Jackal Hunters that come recommended

I am asked every year if I know other hunters from other areas that I can give strong reference to, as sometimes the farmer lives far from me and they need other good callers closer by. The truth is firstly that many of these guys the money some of them charge won’t allow you to get them toooo often as you will barely have money in the profit kitty to still farm with, especially now that you will need to pay his permit money also – but yes I do know a few good guys.

But that said, I will say this, and then tell you about myself and how I feel regarding service. Personally I cannot tolerate people who are arrogant, think they are the best thing since sliced bread, know everything and know better than everybody else, and when questioned feel threatened and are just plain insecure, I have been around a while and met all kinds of people in this line of work- good guys, big talkers, arrogant individuals, know all kinds of guys and met people just plainly full of crap – I try to keep a click of a few good guys, who are down to earth and don’t have a chip on the shoulder, generally the more quiet the better - as they don’t have anything to prove.

I knew a specific individual who fitted that bill completely as I mentioned above, (he is now deceased) - he thought it necessary that he tells everybody he met or wrote too all about himself and try impress others, and after that was done he spent hardly much on the actual topic. After he passed on I heard many things about him from other people, many of them not good -he was from the Eastern Cape. He was very insecure as generally is the case with most people who have to try impress others all the time and it was actually quite embarrassing to have been in his company.

One jackal hunter I was told about in the Willowmore / George district was removed from a property and told to never come back because he littered the Karoo with his litter, he would after each stand decide that throwing his rubbish in the bush after he ate and drank was better than taking it with him. So, I will give you names of guys I can recommend BUT I AM VERY CAREFUL.

For me to recommend a person I am very careful as it’s sort of like me wanting to market somebody else’s equipment they make, because if it breaks then the client tells his friend, “ naa, man I bought it from Gary” then although it is not my product I get a BAD NAME, so I am very careful, the ONLY electronic caller merchandise NOT MANUFACTURED BY ME I promote or market is Foxpro callers, as the quality is tops, and if I need after sales - that is also tops just see their website – they have excellent service, BUT as I say referring a farmer to a hunter, well I must be very careful as it could damage my name indirectly. I have had many clients over the years that have complained about some  locally made equipment of bad quality and also that persons sales service, so again I am very careful who I refer to come hunt your place. I do have a second hand division that we restore various implements for resale, But this is a second hand service, not new and it carries no warranty at all. See on my site.

Some of my clients and farmers I have had or hunted on their farm since 1987, yes a long time – 21 years plus, I am by no means new to calling predators, and because of good service I keep clients.

In my retail business I have excellent service, if this was a phone in service nobody can complain about my service as I never have unhappy customers, I think in over 10 years all those clients I sold products to I think 2 had a problem and it was sorted out. With every sale NO MATTER what value of the sale I put in a free gift of interest, I go the extra mile and keep a customer happy, if he is willing to spend his hard earned money with me, I deliver service, and that is my policy.

If a product carries no warranty I state so on the prices page – I try not fall into the bad service found in many areas of business in South Africa, as generally the service sector in much business in SA is very bad – service or after sales is none existent in many places. I am sure you have called many places about things and nobody ever called you back, this is just an example

About 3 years ago a person had a hand caller in Pretoria for sale, and I wanted to get it as a gift for a family member, after I called and paid the money, I heard nothing, after 3 days I was able to contact this guy, he then gave me a tracking number, and after 7 days I got my caller. This was after I left messages for him, he never even called back. If you order from me, I post the same day and give you a tracking number that instant. I even have tracking numbers in my bakkie so if you call me on the road I can still supply you a number that instant. However some guys have no idea what service really is.

So to refer customers to another hunter I must be sure it wont damage my name, as I have a reputation and I try keep it the way it is.

This is just a few references from my ref page; one is dated 2001 – these are not false references - all these people can be contacted. If you want his correct details call me.


November 2007

Hi Gary.

Just to tell you that I received the package and all was intact.

Man, am I impressed !

I can tell you honestly that what I expected was a text or .doc file with some technical drawings or scribblings, finish en klaar.

What I did not expect was hordes of detailed full colour fotos, a few demo movie files and the most informative and interesting document on calling I’d ever stumbled upon !

It is clear to me by your work, the way you present the demo’s and especially the personal comments you make in the book that you are a dedicated Professional. I like that, it is somewhat rare in this country lately.  Your knowledge and sharing of knowledge is on par if not better than the likes of ‘ Varmint Al ’ as the info pertains to local conditions and animals. 

Makes me want to book a course with you asap, even if I never plan to do pest control the experience must be great. J

If I may make one suggestion to the dvd content:

It would do no damage to add a ‘general’ hardware list for building a cage. For example a .doc or text file that reads  ‘To build the cage you need : 10 x M10 nuts, 6m of 10mm roundbar, 400mm of 20mm steel pype,1x 500x500 2mm steel plate, etc.’  This will enable pleps like me to print a shopping list and do only one trip to the hardware store.

Just a thought.

Thanks for a great deal for my money. Oh, and kudos for the chocolates, it’s my wive’s favorite!




Mens is deesdae so gewoont aan swak diens dat ons dit maar so
aanvaar....maar hier kom Gary en wys ons wat is diens!

Ek het hom onlangs gekontak oor die roep van ongediertes en die groot probleem wat ons het hier in die karoo (cradock destrik),Gary het my vriendelik en professionele raad gehelp en sy kennis met my gedeel, het my raad gegee oor wat om vir my aan te skaf vir nagjag wat dit vir my makliker gaan maak en wanneer om watter geluide ,watter tyd van die jaar te gebruik.

Ek besluit toe wat om te koop en kontak hom weer om dit te bestel, 5min later, is my produkte oppad na my toe, en ekt klaar my " tracking number " en nog nie betaal nie! Toe ek klaar betaal het toe kontak ek net vir Gary en s๊ die geld is in! 'n Dag later gebruik ek my nuwe produkte, en met groot sukses! na 25 minute se roep ,skiet ek 'n groot rooijakkals teef! Die volgende dag moes ek net vir Gary kontak en hom komplimenteer op sy super diens!

Ek kan vir enige iemand s๊ wat hierdie reference lees dat ,Gary is 'n waremens en dat hy nie huiwer om jou te help nie, dat sy kennis van jare lange ondervinding en harde werk is! Ondersteun  vir Gary dan sal jy ook die superdiens ondervind soos ek! Ja, met so man kan mens mos boer!
I am a happy customer

Thanks Gary!

Wentzel Cotzer!



1 December 2005

Controlling predation in Namibia is not an easy task. Especially if you are a livestock and small game farmer.

Fighting jackal and lynx on our old traditional ways just didn't pay dividends anymore, so I had to find a solution for my problem. My solution turned out to be Gary Laubscher.

After some communication and excellent service, my first batch of Feather & Fur products arrived in Namibia. Tested most of the jackal and lynx CD's and callers, I came to the following conclusion:

The CD's worked exceptionally well, provided that you have proper sound equipment and that it is used as indicated by Gary. Getting used to this sort of calling, I went on to the next level, Hand Callers. This turned out to be an adrenaline cracker.

The caller that stood out amongst the rest was the Feather & Fur Open Reeded Call. It has a brown rubber texture to create a squeaky to rough sound, brass band for appeal, and is made of injected resin and rubber. This call just speeds up the time for predators to come in. Fastest time was about four minutes. Its sound travels quite far, which makes it highly effective in large fenced areas. It seems that, especially jackal, are more eager to come in on this sound. They simply can't resist it. 

I can recommend this call with great assurance.


Stephan Botes

Windhoek  Namibia +264 811285921 Stephan Bote

Project Accountant FNB Namibia Holdings

Tel:(+26461) 2992123 Fax:(+26461)2346192


Open Reeded caller – Made in South Africa 

I bought an open reed predator call made by Gary at Feather & Fur. I went out and was amazed at how well it worked, I called 3 buck to within 20 m of the truck at night. I called in cats and jackal with this call. I found it really good, I then ordered more stuff from Gary and he sent me another open reeded call, his latest one with a brass insert was sent for free.

Thanks for the excellent service!


Mr Swanopoel



8th November 2001

I have met Gary a few weeks ago through the Magnum magazine.

Following this he sent me a splendid tape about hunting at night of jackal, namely lynx and jackal. What a pleasure as all I ever wanted to know about this topic was covered. The video is made by Gary and is 3 hours long.

I then booked myself on a course about calling and hunting with Gary. After a delightful weekend full of excitement and hunting -together with Gary’s personal attention I was able to shoot my first predator called in by Gary.

There are no words to describe the feeling you get during such a hunt, all I can say is that I am hooked for life.

If you are a farmer battling with these predators such as jackal and lynx or want to learn how to finally become successful in hunting these problem animals trust Gary Laubscher.

Believe me; it’s worth your while.

Johann Terblanch
044 8714881
PO Box 1912, George. 6530



Myself - I am a very private guy, do my own thing and part of the month busy with manufacturing a variety of implements for hunting and then for some of the month try get away to hunt and then also enjoy the feel of a good fish on my line, I actually like it MOER BAIE. Galjoen (sea water fighter fish), Bass & Rainbows are fun – Carp fishing is a lazy day fishing, I miss Tiger fishing, I last did that during my army career in Namibia.

I have also had my share of close escapes, here is one. I was mighty young when this happened, but as all or most small little boys do - ons vang kak aan!

I was lucky here, very lucky, however my cousin died in 1995 in a car accident - he fell asleep while going to trout fish, and since then my fishing days have slowed down a lot, we did a lot together, practically grew up together, when we were young we lived on the sea. When I went to the border in the defence force I volunteered to go to Mpatcha, as that was his base also. I miss him today, we shared a lot together. Here we are at an age of 15 !

I am on the right in this picture – my cousin is in the centre. Yes I know I went away from the topic a little, BUT hey it was at least interesting ;-)) this is the boat we used that day!


I will be honest in these last three years I have had to give much time to family life and unfortunately we have had 7 deaths in our family, so time had to be devoted around family - also with new developments in this predator business and another business I have interests in – it takes up my time, it don’t leave much time for fun! Most times I have not enough hours in a day, from pushing out call parts with the injection moulder to building lights and welding steel stuff and customizing chairs takes much time, I used to contract out with swivel chairs and cages but that works out to expensive.

Also I am now training harder than ever with personal fitness and this I must also fit in 6 days a week 3 times a day except Sunday. I take personal fitness very seriously and train as much as I can; I suffer many injuries but that all comes as part of the package. But to feel good, fit and able to do what most men half your age cannot do is an amazing feeling.

My calling business is mostly Northern Cape these last years, the crow eradication is early in the year mostly Jan-Feb. But with new laws now it is impossible to hunt them, as it will cost far tooooooooooooo much. We had a family farm in the Karoo, and then a small holding near Saldanha. Now the family are thinking about getting a place near the Orange River, my one Uncle wants to get back into his passion. I am planning to retire within a few years, settle down and then hunt for fun, and carry on with another interest – model ship building (built from scratch).

But in general 2008 was actually not so bad a year for vermin calling, I did pretty well and was able to get away more than I originally envisaged. But whatever the amount you klap you are never happy, the more rooi bliksems you klap the better some say!

To be out late afternoon, at twilight- waiting on your first and most important calling stand, seeing the sun go down and witnessing your vision change from colour to black and white is that time that ends the day, and to witness that and gods great work is amazing. To me witnessing the end of yet another perfect day is awesome.


But yes sir, I do in fact know of a few good guys I can refer you to, guys with good attitude and down to earth kind of guys, most of them Western and Northern Cape, and as far as Prieska, then overseas in Namibia if you want to go that far. I can give you some names. Simply call me and ask, no problem – Gooi!!!

The one guy I can recommend to call predators well - we tracked a wounded Oryx that was shot by a client from America, we tracked this animal through bush in Namibia, in very wild country, while we walked through the bush he had barely nothing to guide him, I think in about 45 minutes of tracking the only thing I saw ( that he showed me ) was a blood blotch on a twig, but he found that Oryx.  He is an amazing tracker, needless to say I was shitting myself every step I took, we heard a leopard close by and saw a cheetah jump out in front of us, it was an amazing hunt and one that a guy will remember forever, we today are able to watch it on DVD, if you want a copy just call me.

But you want a local hunter closer, well depending upon your location I could possibly help you out – call me.



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