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“Camouflage – the best for day and night hunts!” I have not found the second best yet!

For the Karoo you will get no finer, it does not get better than this, and it is cheap also, just know how to find it. Want a good camo, a camo that blends in the Karoo day or night? Well to be a successful jackal hunter you should get the proper camo.

I always advocate that if you use a good caller at night, with good sounds, have a good location, know the moon, sound cycle of a jackal, have an accurate rifle, good bakkie, and DRESS PROPERLY you will automatically feel more confident knowing all is better than right, and you will then have success, well camo is important day or night.

This is German Flectarn camouflage, it was worn in the German army and had much use in world war 2, today it is easily found, it is the very best for the Karoo, it has the exact colours that the Karoo has, even orange that the koppies have, this camo melts into the Karoo and you will never be seen from a distance. Many camo designs or patterns are black from a distance, not good, this stuff is as good as it gets.

You can buy a jacket with a liner and it will cost about $16-00 - an overall called a TANKER OVERALL will set you back about $18-00. And this stuff is VERY strong, and has many pockets etc, its good, genuine, strong camo that’s best for the Karoo

The colours on this German Flectarn match the Karoo 100%, and I wear this often, in the day if you hunt on foot it is also good as you can crawl with it and it won’t tear, it is very strong and has robust materials. Search the internet you will see tons of it, look at they also stock it.

In my opinion this is the finest camo a hunter can use in the Karoo, its 100% correct for our conditions.

A search on the internet will reveal many places to find it, just punch in German Flectarn camo + sale on a search, you will be amazed as to how much stuff will pop up!

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I also mention it.


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