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Ever wanted a general light that you can use, on your bakkie or to walk in the bush with or a light at home when the power runs out? Yes? Well if so read on. Here is a package we are now marketing for sale to hunters etc – on special order only. NOTE ; This is not a hunting light, it’s a general light that replaces a standard torch you use at night and lasts long!!!!!!. We do sell hunting lights if you need them.


Shown in photo is a light bulb with long lead, ideal to hook up to the back of the bakkie like this  or to use at home, the other is a short lead for putting on battery terminal to walk in the bush with. It stays running for easily 2 hours before the battery starts to die, then you recharge again!. The concept is very nice, and you can use it for so many things, it’s a versatile light for sure!

Here are some pointers!

        12V – YES!!!! That’s correct, not 240 V, it’s a 12V.

        Can be used with bakkie battery or the small battery it comes with.

        Can be fitted to the back of the bakkie

        Can be used to walk in bush with or pack up at night after a hunt

        Takes about 2 hours or more to die after its charged

        Can fit a red lens to it if you want to use it on bakkie at night ( see pic)

        Can be used at home in power failures

        It can fit in glove box or stored away, it is a very small package

        Locally made and all parts easily located

I have one on my bakkie at night; it is permanently mounted and serves me very well. G Laubscher

See it above.


Here is a test I did, I took the small 12V battery ( in photo) and connected up the light saver bulb, and let it burn, it was at 3.22 in afternoon, the charge on the battery was digitally checked at a reading of 13,10 ( this is not full charge the small 12V in almost fully charged at 13,97) so I took it out of cupboard and its reading was 13,10 -- I started it burning at 3.22 and at 5.25 ( two hours later) it started to flicker and suddenly stopped. I checked that reading and it was 06,10 ( VERY LOW). So you can say with a battery quarter charged it easily runs for 2 hours, if fully charged it will give you 3 hours “maklik”.




The package we can possibly make up is as follows;

1.  Long wire for mounting to the bakkie at the back with terminal connector

2.  Short wire with terminal connector and switch –  (  to be used as a torch )

3.  Energy Saver 12V globe 9W

4.  Small battery 12V with open terminals that matches the two leads above

5.   Two female connectors that match the Energy Saver

If you want extra Energy Saver 12V globes you will look at R95-00 each.


PLEASE NOTE ; This is not a hunting light, its just something we can possibly offer that you can use that replaces your torch, its great for many tasks, especially walking in the bush with or packing up the bakkie, and with that energy saver globe that battery lasts a long time, then you simply recharge that battery again, it’s a good concept.

The price on the package is R320-00 excluding postage.  Extra globes are R95-00 each.

If you want hunting red lights we do sell those also.

I put a red lens over the globe, this way I can use it after a hunt while packing up


Generally speaking, I use these myself, and it is nice to have a torch that can run a long time before it starts fading, I have two batteries on my bakkie, so I can change if needed, BUT a single battery will see my through a night of hunting easily, the energy saver 12V globe in 9W lasts a long time, and draws hardly much current at all, I got tired of normal torches, this is the best option you can get. Just recharge it when you get home. What I like is that the element does not get hot, you can touch it after an hour and it’s still cool!

SPECS are as follows;




6000 HR

800 mA

420 Im

It has a life span of 6000 hours on the wear and tear

You can try buying them - but chances are you won’t get them easily at your local shop; they are special order items, if you need some I can possibly help you. I even met a few salesmen who claimed that you DON’T get a 12V, so I had to show him the globe to educate him. 

PLEASE NOTE; This item we can possibly make up for you if required, it is NOT one of our standard items we carry in stock to sell, it is an order by availability only item, as sometimes it is hard to get 12V Energy Saver globes. If you contact us to order – it all depends upon the availability to supply.

Here is the globe in its original package; here all the markings are clearly visible.


Happy calling! If you are out at night between hunts or packing up etc you can go a complete night on a single battery, it will last a long long time.




All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.