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These calls are an awesome addition to anybody’s call collection, so collecting or calling they are awesome!

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Mouth Predator Calls

This is a topic covered by hundreds of people, and we all have our theories. After calling for many years I would have the following to say regarding game calls.

I am not paid or given reward of any kind to mention or comment on the following. In my opinion the best game calls are those with stainless steel reeds, and if the call has a plastic reed then the call must be able to close up in front to give me a squeaky sound ideal for cats as well as dogs. Open reeded calls would however be different.

For closed reeds this would be a Wileys cottontail caller it can close up in front if squeezed and offers fantastic sounds- great sounds!

For a wooden call with a plastic reed my choice is without doubt a Lohman 210, these calls are strong and very loud if needed to be. . For stainless steel reeded calls I would rate a Lohman MVP-4 by far the very best call around, also a Circe P-1. Then the Haydels cottontail is excellent and makes amazing sounds that really calls predators no question about it. This caller has a double stainless steel reed. For quality custom calls I would go for Rhino calls they have stainless reeds as well, also LeMarr game calls are very nice .

If you want really exotic calls with a touch of personal attention go for TNT game calls ( stainless steel reeds) these are deadly, made by Lynn Jacobson, and they look very good as well - e mail . Another great product is a Yellerdog predator caller, made by Lee Smith from Michigan, e mail him at I would rate these calls as some of the very best you can buy. What I really like about that Yellerdog call is the one open reed I have has a double reed, this offers you a really unique sound.

I have many calls in my collection, collected over many years of calling, many in a showcase, but when we talk working calls, calls that are made to be taken on a hunt, to be used and results seen then these calls are in my arsenal.

This is my opinion, I have also had other calls that I did not like very much, calls that I have used and I think I scared away the predators rather than lure them in. But these I can honestly say are very nice and result getters, and that’s what matters- having fur on the truck after a hunt.

Give these guys a call, believe me, its worth the trouble, if you have a call now that works, that’s good, you would not be using it if it didn’t , but try one of these calls, you will be surprised!

Gary Laubscher
South Africa 0824853885
International; 27824853885



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