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NIGHT VISION ASSISTANCE – SUREFIRE G2 and 9P – Amazing additions.

I was introduced to another amazing feature, this happened about 6 months ago, little did I know how much I was actually missing, I had seen these American dudes with their Heckler & Koch semi autos in movies, with small lights on the guns, BUT I never realized just how damn powerful these small torches are – NOW I DO – and a few dead predators also!

Sure-fire G2 with my photographic red lens.

I got myself a bargain at a shop, I bought a Sure-fire with holster, the salesman never knew what it was, he thought it was some China copy, so I bought it for R99-00. It sells with the holster and charger at over R2000-00 in a shop. BUT import it, and you will pay MOER BAIE.

I attached it to my rifle and shot a few critters, at 85m I can see the complete animal, this small Sure-fire is SIMPY AMAZING!! It is great to have in case your big light blows, fuses or just stops working, then you have a back up.

I wanted to improve my night vision

I have a set of Night Vision I leave at a farm in the Northern Cape, and wanted the Sure-Fire to be fitted to the nightvision binocular; the binos have a built in IR, (infrared) BUT by putting on a thin infrared filter on a Sure-fire gives that night vision new life. Man you can see so much better. Try it, you will be amazed.

If you are involved with the new generation with night vision and not using lights then try this, man it’s a dream to use. The Sure-fire can be kept securely in a holster also on your dash or on your belt. This model has 165 lumens, a lumen is basically equivalent to 1m in length, and so, 165 lumen will give you 165m. With the red filter it cuts your range by a lot, but out to 85m it is great on a dark night. I have another model, a Sure-fire 9P with over 200 lumen, and that’s a totally different story, I also am now going to put that on the night vision binocular and use this G2 on the rifle only.

Many guys have said to me, “ agggg kak man “ that’s a toy!, until it was dark skies, no moon and I put it on, well as an example at 60 metres, on a half moon it lights up the wall of a garage NO PROBLEM. And this is with a RED LENS, so imagine what it can do with a white beam. I was on a course and I challenged a hunter in the group after he insulted the Sure-fire, I said I will shoot a cool drink can off the post at 85m with this on my gun, no other lights, and he said we have a bet. He lost. I also had some fun by putting reflective stickers on cans like animal eyes and putting them at 140m, we all had opportunities, and it was sure a lot of fun. It lights up animal eyes easily to 150m with a red photographic filter. A photographic red filter is so much better than a normal red filter, you can see so much better. I have been using them on lights I have sold for over 10 years; I have never had a problem or a single complaint, and I think that is an amazing reference on its own.

The Sure-fire has 3 settings, you can turn it on at the back to stay on, OR push the rear switch for a quick burst of light OR it has a pressure switch that you just touch when you want to shoot, and it is quick operating.

For an idea you follow a critter with night vision, then when close just give it a quick burst of red and kill it. You don’t need massive battery packs under your chair etc, this is easier, faster and LIGHTER to carry, and you don’t have a huge light on your gun!

The other models in this photo is - middle a DORCY, an amazing light for general work, the battery will last forever its so light on “fuel”. The other one is a WOLF EYES, called an EXPLORER, it has much less Lumen, and is not in the class of a Sure-fire, but is a good general working torch. It has a LED at the back to give you more light, so you have a long and short range light.


I love to windmill hunt, shoot and call from a windmill, and this is ideal, all I can say is try this style, in my career so far I think the furthest I have ever shot a jackal was about 120-150m at night, ( I have seen guys bragging about 350 metres plus at night ) anything further and you can miss and then educate a dog, so it is pretty unethical in my book, you can also wound the animal, but generally at normal jackal ranges, I can kill both dogs and cats easily with this small Sure-fire.

See article here on WINDMILL jag, I use a small hand held torch as sometimes a friend wants to light up, then I can just take the big light off, but the Sure Fire has a place with me on hunts for sure.


I use another smaller LED torch in the bakkie; it is mounted within easy reach and can be seen in the photo here. A torch can be called for often and at night, it is good to know you have one close by when on the road or so.

This particular torch has 4 LED’s they claim the battery’s life span is 200 hours, that’s plenty light, in Namibia we tested a Dorcy, and that torch never died, it is amazing technology indeed. If you want a LED torch I retail these at R350-00.




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