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Travel light, this is what I pack in when I go away on a trip, I always take an extra light etc. Just in case my bigger one on my chair breaks, then I have a back up. Those people who know me are aware I am a perfectionist, so having a backup is my style.

I sold a light that we manufacture to a customer, and he commented that he is gatvol with Lightforce and that the light he has don’t work, so I offered to buy his broken light and use as spares. Upon opening it found the wires all melted so I simply bypassed them all. Now I have a straight in line spare torch. It is a small 140 diameter version and is just right to take as a backup. It lights up an area nicely at night also!

I thought I would just show you what I have in my kit that serves as a backup torch. I made a few power leads with different endings to match ANY situation I could find myself in. NOTE; I have a small 12V battery that this connects to, its inside the side pocket of that lady’s hand bag

Here is an explanation of the extras I have in my bag.

The torch has a plant pot holder cut off and taped to the front to allow the light from the torch to travel forwards and not to light up the bakkie, me and whatever else.

No1 in photo is a lead I made up with two ends that connect to the light and the other two that connect to the battery I have in the bag, the ends are different.

No 2 in photo is another lead that has a cigarette lighter socket connector with a short lead, this short lead fits my chair

No 3 in photo is another lead with a LONG lead with cigarette lighter socket – all 3 leads have switches, the first one is slightly obscured.

I then have a roll of tape, spare bulbs and a twin socket connector.

All other hunting extras like dimmers and night vision infra red is on the light on my chair etc, this is just an idea of an emergency kit.


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