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These calls are an awesome addition to anybody’s call collection, so collecting or calling they are awesome!

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This is written to give my opinion on battery’s and exactly how good some really are! Some are top class and some are not even worthy of naming! Here is my opinion and what you should buy, especially if you are going to a farm and they don’t have power or you can’t recharge your rechargeable makes, so then you need a battery that will last a long time,

here is the answer. PLEASE NOTE; I don’t get paid by Energizer for this!!!!

I went to a farm in Touwsriver a month ago, it was in the mountains and DID NOT have power, just candles etc. So, I planned to run my Scorpion Foxpro, and also take my Foxpro FX5 to give it a run, as I use my Scorpion a lot, more than the FX5.

I loaded my FX5 Foxpro with 8 of these battery’s,  ENERGIZER +AA  Stock number LDO415. I called two nights; each night I stood at no less than 8 places for 25 minutes each calling with the Foxpro. When I came back home, I left them in my cabinet, then after 25 days I went calling again, and stood at two places calling cats and stood at both places for 50 minutes. (The reading after all this is 1, 35 amazing!) I have used many other brands of penlights, and NONE will offer you what this will, these are simply the best. The worst battery I have tried was Ever Ready the black ones, man what crap, they lasted 2 stands of 20 minutes each. I used many and believe me this brand is by far better than any other. I check the new battery readings before using them, so I know they were fully charged before I EXPERIMENTED.

Below is a photo of the reading now, my battery’s are all between 1,35 and 1, 37 – This is after 16 places of 25 minutes each calling with the Foxpro and two places of 50 minutes. That reading is still above 1, 34 in other words EXCELLENT!

Some battery’s I used dropped below 0, 91 after 3 hunts of 20 minutes. The reader says BATTERY DEPLETED! It’s so dead - but these are amazing!!!!!

So, if you need to go away and need to take battery’s get this make, you wont be sorry, another angle to my story is I have a small torch that I carry all over with me, at home and at night etc.


I went to Namibia, we walked often at night, did many hunts and walked to fetch jackals etc, I was here and did many hunts also, I think it would all work out to easily over 40 stands and using that torch on them all, from walking to packing up bakkie etc, it takes 3 AAA size. After all that the torch is still bright and I can see perfectly with it.

I am very impressed with this make of battery, I have a spare set in my bakkie, in case needed, but so far they are still un opened! I have rechargables, BUT in some instances I need to use others as some farms don’t have power, and Energizer is the ONLY one I will choose.

I went to Montagu a while back, I called with my model 416B Foxpro, it takes 4 batteries. It is much lighter and has one speaker, I used 4 Eveready batteries and the life on the batteries was 2 stands at 20 minutes this shows you the difference in quality.

I bought my pack of Energizers at a local shopping centre as they had a special of 8 in a pack, so I thought I would try them, and was I NOT disappointed, so now you know, if you are going away or camping and have no electricity buy ENERGIZERS they will keep you in the light! I was not paid to do this article - This is my personal opinion.

I see that Energizer has brought out a new battery, they claim that it will give the user over 600 digital camera shots etc, now imagine how long this battery will last, if this standard Energizer gave me the service it just

has done. Here is the package.



Here is an idea of what you can buy and use with these batteries, the Foxpro range is great and if you order from Joe at he will ask a street address and credit card number, it takes 4 days with express courier to your area. The best models are as follows;

Foxpro Fury & Remote with space for 500 sounds.

Foxpro FX3 & Remote with 32 sounds

These are the very best game calls for jackal and cats, they come with all the correct sounds you will need, they have NO wires en los speakers’ en kak, also jackal genuine sounds. See my site here for more info – you won’t be sorry buying these choices-

You know Murphy’s Law, well you cannot afford a caller to go dead on you while calling, chances are it will die at the wrong time when eyes are approaching, so buy good stuff and stay powered! BUY ENERGIZERS!!!!!



All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.