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I am looking for this guy. We spent a lot of time together; today I want to thank him. I spent a good few years fighting in the bush war and still today everyday have thoughts of what I did and observed, BUT also I miss this man! We shared a lot and I want to track him down. All the medals can’t make up for a lost friend – I miss you brother!

Can you identify this chap?

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I am looking for this old friend, we spent many months, years together, and today all these years later I want to say thanks. READ ON

He was a loner and played country music. He was a knife man. He left snakes in his guitar to frighten others. His mother stayed in Durban when we were on the border. He was with TRANSPORT. He had not many friends but he and I were like glue. We often were in conversation with an individual called PAPPAS PAPBEK, he had no teeth just false teeth. Also in our corner was Du Toit a driver and Nippy another driver. At that time we were based in Mpatcha the year was 1981-1983.

My name is Gary Laubscher; I was one of the millions of white males that wasted 2 years of our lives during the "call up" era. (1981-1983). I was originally called up to Voortrekkerhoogte and enlisted into the "Tiffy" corps. After 4 weeks the other company’s came around asking who would like to volunteer for Recce, Police or Intelligence. I saw this as a gap to escape this base as my hand was held high everyday, as so much rank was about. I joined up with Intelligence and did my basics, also attending 11 Commando in Kimberley. ( 1981).

After this we were drafted to bases and I found myself in Kimberly at a neighbour called Maintenance. Then I was drafted to the border, my destination was SECTOR 70. Here I stayed from 1981-1983. Out of two years I was 19 months on the border, (and then did many border camps also)

It was here that I met an individual who became a good friend. I knew him as "Amigo". We spent 2 years together, he was deployed as a driver, our base was called M’Patcha. This is near Rundu, Fort ( Recce) Doppies, and Katima Mulilo. We spend time together and he even taught me to drive, we used to take a bread truck once a week on a road from M’Patcha to Katima ( 30 kilos) to get bread for the base etc.

During the day we had different job descriptions but weekends and after hours we stuck like glue, even on guard duties we would bring each other food. We would trap together and hunt snakes etc.

One night our camp was targeted from over the airport and I was in a bungalow sleeping, my bomb doors were open. Amigo pulled me from the bed and a few minutes later my area received a solid hit. Today I want to say thank you for what he he did and also shake his hand. I think about Amigo everyday wondering what he is up to 25 years later. In our tent/bungalow we had Pappas, Du Toit and another individual called Nippy. Maybe that will help.

If anybody could shed some light on him, his name was Anthony. Maybe you recognise his face. It will mean a great deal to me. This photo is of Amigo, taken in M’Patcha in 1983.

When I think back to this day and others I end up in tears as we experienced so much as did the others with us, all the medals etc cant remove the damage done, maybe one day I will meet him again.

If you know him please let me know AS I WANT TO CONTACT HIM.

Gary Laubscher

Phone; 0824853885

AMIGO  in 1981-1983

Here are a few photos that Amigo took of me back in 1980-83. Amoungst them a few blown up rigs.

Do you remember taking these pictures?

Myself and DU TOIT on the border.

The final picture is me today holding up a bank note taken in the bush war, it is a KWANZAS 20. This was one of two notes that Amigo and I had, we planned to one day re unite and once again put them together, this is my note, how I would love to be able to shake his hand and join notes again! Amigo I only hope that one day you will see this site or get told about it! We went through a lot and I would like to meet you again brother!


I think about you everyday, what we shared and what we will never forget, I last saw you in 1983, and today I wish I could shake your hand, I miss you.



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