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I recently gave predator calling courses in the FREE STATE and a few people were inspired about training and how I achieved various training methods – I was asked for a program to get in shape for a general hunter and a guy who wants to get in shape and rid himself of extra weight.

WELL REMEMBER there is no easy method, despite what most TV adverts will tell you, if you want to get in shape you must train! NO TRAIN – NO STRAIN – NO PAIN - NO GAIN!


Ok, here is a program I used myself for a few years in the morning, be advised to change routine to stop getting bored etc. So, this is the morning training method, in the afternoon those days I did a different style and workout.

This is a good one, and pretty cool to do with another person, training with another guy or gal is fun, and together you are working towards the same goal.

REMEMBER THIS- When you work out, and that body is being put through its paces, and you feel sore the next day after trying out new tactics, this is a sore to feel proud of, when your muscles are sore, your sweat burns your eyes, this is something to feel great about, that feeling you get after working out a time after time and what you feel then is amazing, it’s a great feeling, a feeling to be proud of!

When you walk into a shopping centre and various people stare at you - you know you look good, and the day somebody passes a comment like “hey, do you work out? Yes why?, “ well, I can tell”! When you hear that it’s like music to the ears! 

Myself personally I recall when I was younger and out of shape, I felt blubby, bloated, uncomfortable, slept badly, snored a lot, was constipated and just was not in a good space. Then I had a wake up call, I met a man who inspired me BIG TIME - I started running, doing weights, cycling and doing stress training and listened to other guys and today I am in top shape, in better shape than a general guy of 30 years old (I am now 45). I have my blood checked 4 times a year and constant check ups of blood pressure etc.

I do not eat any red meat, full cream milk, no eggs, no cheese, no cheese hamburgers and crap food, no oily stuff, no fizzy junk cool drinks and no food at all that has any animal fat. I am in the best shape of my life with a pulse of 51.

I eat a box of Weetbix in 2 days – it draws out cholesterol and I love tea with no milk.  I eat plenty carrots, tons of watermelon, drink 4 litres of water a day in summer, and train 2 times a day in summer and once a day in winter. I also do not shower afterwards with cold water, but rather luke warm to keep open all pores so the rubbish can escape.

Here is a general workout a person can do once a day or twice a day to achieve a flat stomach and with a diet drop weight. Lets say you are 1,65 tall and weigh in at 88 kilos. (Out of shape) You need to bring your weight down to 73 to be in a good weight average for that height. So, you are let’s say on a diet and now training, here is a good idea what you can do to work out.

To diet will help reduce weight, and good will power needed to stop putting it all back again, BUT you will need training to look good, no diet will make you look good and stand out with a FIRM BODY. You won’t look ripped by going on a diet, you will need to train.

The rewards are promising, and when you start to firm up and your body starts feeling tighter like a new car with new shocks, you will feel great I promise you that! It is like an engine overhaul, when you feel and look great you also give off inspiration to other people.


This is an example of a training program I did for over 5 years, EVERY DAY except Sundays. You can work out all the work I did here and how much crap I burned out of my body.


       Get out of bed in the morning and wash your face in cold water.

       Do a few general stretch movements

       Cycle for 20 minutes at a tension that makes your legs work

       Lift weights of 10 kilos on each arm  -150 lifts on each side

       Run 2 kilometres while holding a 1 kilo dumbbell in each hand

       Lift 10 kilo weight behind your head all way down and up above your head,
        hold with two hands centre of body, 80 times.

       Drink water, breathe deeply often. DON’T BREATHE DEEPLY WHILE LIFTING

       Lay on a bed, arms behind your head, lift legs all the way up straight
        towards the ceiling, come down and keep them 2 inches off the bed and up
        again and again, in total 50 times. Careful to not tear stomach muscles in
        the beginning until you have stronger muscles and watch the groin for same
        possible damages.

       Drink water – breather deeply often

       Relax and shower in luke warm water.


After this training in the start you will feel mighty sore, but take it in stages, and as you feel better up the amounts of  lifting you do etc, start at the beginning and increase weekly.


This training program will up your heart beat, the lifting of the weights will strengthen your heart muscles and you will after a month start feeling great and you will notice you will start sleeping better and easier. REMEMBER your body will tell you if you are overdoing things, if your hips are sore the next morning back off slightly.


If you do not eat fat to build muscle you will become lean and trim and when you go run always have a family contact phone number in your pocket in case you faint etc, it’s a good idea to just be prepared.

KEEP a personal file on yourself with blood pressure, pulse, weight and cholesterol etc, and it will give you an idea if you are getting better.

        NO TRAIN

        NO PAIN

        NO STRAIN

        NO GAIN!


Thank you so much for these exercises!! I did tell you how much did you inspire me!! Well one day I was looking for something on jackal hunting and come across your site, ( that was a few months ago) and read your article on your fitness program. Boy, did that give me a wakeup call!! And since then, I watch my diet and work out. Still got a long way to go, but feel and look better every day!! Thanks for that!! You saved my life!!

From: JBL Cornus Du Plooy
Sent: 31 October 2009 05:44 PM
To: cornus
Subject: Training

WARNING ; DO NOT use slimming tablets or fat reducing tablets, these are bad for you and can cause problems, not to mention you can become hooked on these tablets. AVOID THEM AT ALL COST- if you want to get trimmer then - Diet naturally and train to work away excess fat.






This photo was taken the next month outside the farmhouse!

I wrote this to illustrate what it means to have good health as most guys looking at my site will be guides etc, and you need to be fit so this will help you all who cannot understand blood counts etc

How’s your health, are you a smoker, drinker or both, are you overweight? Or slender? These are questions you should ask your self, especially if you reach the age from 38 onwards. How’s your cholesterol reading??? How about your blood pressure or heart rate? All these things most of us never worried about in our twenties and late 30’s, hell even some of us in our 40’s don’t bother!

If you like to party and put the beers away what do you do to keep in shape? Do you look after yourself or just carry on day by day? Remember your life can change within a few seconds, one minute you may be working on the lands on the tractor, and then you may awake to find yourself in a hospital with pipes coming out of you all over the place!

Avoid heart attacks, strokes and other terrible health issues, look after yourself!

When we are young to many of us think it’s all a great party, drinking, having a braai or smoking and overeating and trying to out do a friend at what he does etc, we don’t think about what’s to come!

I was checked at the doctor after I felt tired and exhausted, I was 41 years old, I am 5 foot 8, and weighed in at 85 kilos, the doctor went into panic mode at my cholesterol reading of 6,7 and handed me the verdict. I had to lose weight, and get my reading down. It should be below 5. It took me 2 months to get my weight down to 68 kilos and my reading was 4,3 in blood count.

This is an excellent reading. Today I am between 4, 3 and 4, 7 and my weight is a steady 72 kilogram. I have my blood checked 4 times a year and watch my readings, and my pulse is a 58 (super fit). I class it as eat well, feel well and look well.

I come from a family with cholesterol troubles, so I must be careful, for years now I don’t eat red meat, milk, cheese, cakes, eggs, animal fats, shell fish, no hamburgers or oily chips, and not even pancakes or waffles. Even fizzy drinks are out! I cannot eat these things as they contain HIGH cholesterol and it will kill me! If I have to eat a piece of red meat an inch in size I will feel it and know I digested something that’s not good for me.

I do want to say I CAN take a pill, and bypass all this, BUT rather not, I want to live a good healthy life, so take no pill and have found that we can find many alternative foods to eat other than danger foods found in some stores.

Good foods to eat are watermelon, Avocado; chicken grilled without the skin, NOT done in oil, Ostrich meat is excellent. Almond nuts are good and fish grilled but NOT shellfish. A Snoek thrown on the coals with lemon is about as good as you can get!

Simply avoid all products with animal fats and stay away from junk food, the worst food you can eat, I call it a cholesterol bomb is a cheese hamburger and hot chips with a milkshake. EVERYTHING you eat in this combination has cholesterol. This is killer food.


I often hunt with a team of guys, 3 others and all of them also do heavy workouts and lift weights, just looking at them tells you that they are very healthy, and if you are out of shape you will no doubt be intimidated.

I recall on one hunt, we entertained a client and his friends, he was a big mouth, a no all, and you could tell him nothing, we all sat at the lunch table. The client spoke about some topic and the one member of my crew said something and the client never really liked it to much, so he said and I quote “ Well that kind of talk could require a person to put you in your place” My partner was not wrong in what he said to start with, so he just looked at the client who was about 5 foot 6 and weighed about 130 kilos, (very sad case) and said to him, “ friend rather sit down you are out of shape, when you eat shit you look like that, and when you look after yourself you look like this”. I will never forget that day, it hurt him to be told that, but it’s a fact. EAT WELL, FEEL WELL AND LOOK WELL!

You know that saying “ Rather have a gun and not need it than need it and not have it” you heard that before, well rather have a good body and not need medical aid than have an abused body and need medical aid!

Here follows my daily work out.

I do this everyday either at the farm or in town in the office etc. I do this 6 days a week and on Sunday I rest – but still do a small workout, just a tiny one. It’s hard to explain but after you do this and you miss a day you feel GUILTY! No, it is a fact. I have been working out now for a good few years, and TAKE NO STEROIDS! I am totally natural, and how I look today is due to me, my own natural self and body workout process.


Indoor bicycle for 15-20 minutes with 65% tension.

Go for a 2 kilometre run (holding extra 3 kilogram – 1, 5 in each hand)

Do weight training for 30 minutes. Total of 8 kilogram weights.

Drink a lot of water.


Bicycle 15 minutes and do 30 minutes weights. 8 Kilogram weight.

On Sunday I do 10 minutes bicycle and 30 minute weights, I don’t run on Sundays. In the afternoon I just do 30 minutes weights.

If you want to workout what weight you should lift, for lifting weights for biceps lift a weight you can just easily lift without to much stress, this is a good beginner, work 10 lifts on one side and then rotate. Do that for 5 sets and rest, drink water. Then exercise chest and stomach etc.

Work out different styles you will lift the weights and write them down, then as you train go through the list so everyday you won’t forget to do a specific style. 

Use two different weights while exercising also by changing weights helps all the exercise to not become boring.

If you are concerned about over working yourself or to much training, your body will tell you if you are overdoing things, if you find you are developing stiff or sore joints etc, then cut back a little.

I run about 380 kilometres a year. I don’t really fancy running and I also DON’T have the correct body shape for running, so I never really got into it, I do carry extra 3 kilo weight when I run and keep them at chest height.

All this keeps me in shape, and I am proud with the body that I have got, I used to do about 200 push ups everyday as well but it damaged my back, so I just do weights now.

If you are concerned then consult a physical trainer, but start in getting your blood pressure and blood checked, then decide on an exercise for you and make it interesting, play the radio or watch TV while doing training, it’s less boring. Hope this helps. Don’t wait till it’s to late, look after your body!

One final point; after you work out and sweat, DON’T have a cold shower, it will close up your sweat pores and you wont be able to release all the bad toxins in your body, get into a warm shower, then after a minute cool it down and end with a cool shower. You will find you won’t have much body odour if you generally suffer from this.

Don’t wait till its to late ; staying fit, slim and healthy is far better and easier than having to go on diet to lose a lot of fat, so look after yourself and you will see you will feel far better!

I feel strong and fit, I am in my early 40’s but I tell you this I am in far better shape than many people in late 20’s!


1.    Have a medical and a check up

2.    Check cholesterol reading / blood pressure.

3.    Run 1 kilometre every second day or walk 2 kilos.

4.    Do a 10 minute cycle every 2nd day

5.    Get light weights and work out for 10 minutes every 2nd day

6.    Every 6 months check your medical readings


I am not responsible for any reactions you may experience if you go by what I claim here


I take no responsibility if a person or people want to copy this style of training I do to keep in shape.

Lysine for mouth ulcers, Iron for iron deficiency and Rychol for Cholesterol.

I am often used as a guide and must be in top shape when taking clients out, but besides this - generally I love keeping fit and being in shape, I train to achieve an above average fitness level for what my age requires.

Changed my style

As the years go by in training you become more and more fit and able, so I also have had to change my styles and workouts. My heart rate is now at 57, and this for a 45 year old male is better than average.

These last years I have changed my training dramatically during winter and summer, simply because it gets darker and rains and in summer stays light and is hotter in the middle of the day to about 3-30. So I do my training to suit the seasons and try to make use of warmer days, if the weather forecast says tomorrow it will be 34 then I know at 2 in the afternoon I will do a severe training session in the one garage as its really warm in it, then I will sweat and be able to achieve better results, if I sweat I sort of get a second breath and can perform better.

So, it calls for a change of training schedule, but is easily handled, as long as you have the working time frame that allows it.


From 2005 I have changed my diet plan and try to keep body fat down to 25%. I am 1,80m tall just about, and have just about zero body fat not needed, the fat I have I need. I have a VERY STRICT diet, and because of cholesterol I don’t eat shit!

WARNING; When a male gets to an age of 35 plus, or even younger for some, it is better to go to your doctor, have your cholesterol checked and from then on every 6 months have it checked. Some people ( like me) need control, so I can take a pill, But I choose to train hard. However one day I will need to take it, but till then I will train hard every day. I have my blood checked now 3 times a year.

Here is what I DON’T EAT AT ALL;

I don’t eat;

Red meat

Milk – only cholesterol free and fat free milk for calcium



Shell Fish  –I only eat hake, snoek, normal fish GRILLED not fried

Salad without sauces, as most sauces are full of crap ingredients




Anything else with ANY animal fat I DO NOT EAT.

If you like to have some naughty stuff, and want a cholesterol free diet you will be amazed at what is available, from the nougat bars at Spar  ( Barry’s) and various cholesterol free chips at Pick N Pay and Woolworth’s, many are available, so to have some naughty cholesterol free food is not hard to find, you also get nice biscuits all cholesterol free. These shops sell a nice variety of good stuff. Just check the label.

Here are a few NICE cholesterol free products available to have with coffee or tea. Note they are also Tran’s fat free.

Cholesterol and Trans fat free. Both these biscuits are yummy!!!! mmmmmm

Once every two months I go to the Wimpy, and have a hamburger and chips, I know I say I don’t eat this, BUT the Wimpy has nice food and not fatty, I do this once every 2 months, and treat myself, I then do harder workouts after that for 3 days. But one hamburger at Wimpy in 2 months is fine – heck a guy must have some fun!


Here is what I do eat, and it is very nice if prepared correctly.

Ostrich meat (steak or sausage versions) NOT IN OIL!!!!

Chicken without skin – not fried, only grilled or braaied.

Plenty watermelon

Plenty fruit

Plenty tuna salads

Be very aware of products with TRANS FATTY ingredients, also saturated fats. The more you watch what you eat the better it will be for you. If it says Cholesterol free that’s a good start!

Tablets and blood count

I am on NO cholesterol tablets and keep my reading naturally; here is my blood count since 2005. HOWEVER if I go away to farms and cannot eat only good food, as being away from home is harder to watch what we eat, then I take this tablet. RYCHOL MNi -- it is not on a prescription.

My blood is consistent and in 2008 I have really been pushing training at a higher level so, the reading is the best so far, but generally it must be below 5,5 at a maximum.


December          4,6


February            4,3

March                4,8

May                  4,3

September         4,9


March                4,6

July                   5,4

September         4,8

December          5,2


April                    4,25

August                4.31

December           4,48






Pity about the veins from all the working out as they tend to pop out all over the place, and some in areas you don’t want them to LOL , some of my friends like the veins and say that’s cool, but I don’t really like them much, I used to but not anymore. When I started training I never had much visible at all, now I have far to many that I actually would like, they get more visible when you have no more fat to hide them and the more ripped you get the more they show.


1) - One exercise I like is I take a 10 kilo Dumbbell, and stand with my legs apart about 60cm. I then rest the weight upside down on my flat hand so it lays with most of the weight facing down, then I hold it behind my head and lift it up as far as I can go and down again as low as it goes. I do this for a count of 80, every time it goes up is a count of one.

I then rest a minute and breathe correctly, and then I hold a 30 kilo weight and do lift ups to count of 45. After that is my conclusion of an exercise and I take a warm shower to allow pores to remain open and wash out all the crap in my system. After that I cool off in front of a fan. Don’t get into a cold shower after a training session; you will stop the pores from allowing all the bad toxins to escape. Allow them to stay open, get in a warm shower and slowly cool down, after at least 2 minutes.

2) - Another method I like is, lay on a bed like surface, legs straight and arms behind your head and grip the beck of bed or table. Now while legs are straight pull them up so that your body is at a 9 o clock position, (legs facing the ceiling) your stomach will feel muscles working and especially at the bottom below your belly button you will feel tension. This is great to get rid of belly fat, it burns that area well.

If you do training and it is a new exercise you will feel sore the next day or two, But hey!!!!!!! That is a pain you can feel proud of, an honourable pain, and you can be proud of yourself. No pain no gain!

I am also asked about sweat, well some guys are heavy sweaters and some not, some have bad body odour and some not, I am a medium sweater and have no body odour, I am lucky. But, I induce sweating, and the more I sweat the better in training, so I besides drinking water while training I drink tea, this makes me sweat a lot more.


REMEMBER to check your iron levels, to have a good level is important, the easiest way to check your iron level is look behind the skin below your eye, pull it back and look, is it red in colour? Yes that’s great, no!, if pale in colour - well then take a supplement to bring you right, if your iron is low, you will feel tired and want to sleep late, so check that level, if I take this tablet I feel like a bull on steroids, it makes you awake and feeling strong, it is not steroids, just a supplement.


I am at this present time doing the following 3 times a day and 6 days a week, I allow Sundays to rest – BUT most times I feel guilty and Sundays  I just cycle for 15 minutes and do weights for 15 minutes.

But this is my recent action plan, please remember I am now 45 years of age and not a 20 year old.

Morning – (Summer) Get up at 5 Bells – Sun just shining.

Do a 15 minute cycle indoors.

Do a 10 minute stint on the weights, just 20 kilos and do about 100 on each arm.

Go for a 2 kilometre run ( jog) – ( I am not a runner and don’t like it)

Come back and do 5 minutes on cycle.

Afternoon at 12 Bells

Do a 30 minute cycle

Do 30 minutes of weights

Do 5 minutes on cycle

Do the 10 kilo weight behind my head up and down for count of 80

Pull ups to count of 45.

Late Afternoon

Do a brief 15 minutes of weights, just to allow the blood to flow.


This is a personal reflection on myself, training, stress and working out. Before when I was not into training, I suffered a lot from headaches, and due to stress at work etc, this was even more evident on headaches, and stress in general gets you down, also you feel drained out, tired and just moeg! I was also slightly overweight and not fit.

Today after years of training I feel like a man of 25, I am fit, strong and have an amazing willpower, I am in great shape and hope that I can carry this through for many more years. To feel great and be in good shape is a good feeling, you are what you eat, and as a partner in my hunting party told a client once after the client who was very overweight commented on fitness in a bad way, he said “ if you eat shit you look like that, if you eat and train you look like this”.


I take guys hunting, and walk miles in the bush on trapping excursions, once a year I operate in wide open places near Namibia, and walk miles, and also mapping out active places jackal travel calls for walking miles in the bush, and seeking out jackal dens, active or dead ones, also calls for walking miles in the Karoo, my longest route I walked in a day was 32 kilos, simply looking for jackal breeding dens, you cant drive, walking is the only option, without training I can never do this type of physical abuse.

I map out areas with active places of predation, and keep records of places and farms; jackals move the young often, so you must keep track of farms to monitor movements. This means miles on foot.

I also enjoy hiking, Cederburg and Otter Trail Wilderness etc, and these trails demand good fitness also, so I am glad to be in good shape.

Here are a few pics of a jackal run, here we are tracking jackals and seeking dens, the one pic we found a jackal den, you can see the sand is raised, and a sort of mound, it housed 4 entry tunnels.


In the centre of the photo you can see a sandy open flat area, you can see a dark object just left of a silver bush, that’s a dead piece of tree, next to it is the one entrance. This location had no fresh sign. From this place till the next photo is about 4 kilos.

This is wide open spaces walked, seeking jackal dens. Massive country, in the middle of nowhere. You can use a quad, BUT at the end of the day its better to be on foot, you miss far tooooo much when you are on a bakkie or other means of transport.

Equipment I carry is; two way radios, cellphone, food, TONS of water, first aid kit, matches, jersey, hat, toilet paper, knife, small mirror, and the rifle. Always carry survival gear.



All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.